Houston teacher beats student and gets caught on tape

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The teacher who was caught on tape beating a student has not been arrested - but she is under investigation. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Houston, Texas, students thought they were seeing a joke, at first – but when a teacher beats a student, it’s no joke. The teacher beating a student was caught on tape with a student’s cell phone, and it has caused outrage as well as school district and police department investigations. The teacher has been fired and will have to use quick personal loans for her legal representation, if she is charged. Either way, the “teacher beats student” question is raising blood pressures across the nation.

Teacher beating caught on tape

The so-called “teacher beating” caught on tape by a cell phone shows an incident where a teacher beats a student. In the video, the teacher beating shows a young adolescent being backed into a corner, then hit, slapped and kicked by an adult woman. The teacher is allegedly Sherri Davis, a science teacher at a Houston charter school. The entire teacher beating caught on tape started, apparently, because the 13-year old boy had teased another student. While students in the classroom admit that Isaiah Johnson was misbehaving, there is no justification for a teacher beating up a student.

See the teacher beats student incident video — Warning: this video contains disturbing violence

Fallout when a teacher beats a student

When the school first heard about the teacher beats student incident, Sherri Davis was placed on leave. Now teacher beating has been caught on video, she has been fired. Some students in the classroom at the time of the beating have told investigators that there were other teachers and school employees in the room, and they did not step in. Given the fact that teachers tend to be overworked and underpaid, one might wonder why more teachers don’t “just snap.” Both the school and the Harris County Sheriff’s Department are looking into the allegations. It is possible that Sherri Davis will be charged with assault, among other things, for her treatment of Isaiah Johnson. The fine for assault, in Texas, can be as much as $10,000 – about 25% of the average teacher’s salary.


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