Houston teacher beats student and gets caught on tape

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The teacher who was caught on tape beating a student has not been arrested - but she is under investigation. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Houston, Texas, students thought they were seeing a joke, at first – but when a teacher beats a student, it’s no joke. The teacher beating a student was caught on tape with a student’s cell phone, and it has caused outrage as well as school district and police department investigations. The teacher has been fired and will have to use quick personal loans for her legal representation, if she is charged. Either way, the “teacher beats student” question is raising blood pressures across the nation.

Teacher beating caught on tape

The so-called “teacher beating” caught on tape by a cell phone shows an incident where a teacher beats a student. In the video, the teacher beating shows a young adolescent being backed into a corner, then hit, slapped and kicked by an adult woman. The teacher is allegedly Sherri Davis, a science teacher at a Houston charter school. The entire teacher beating caught on tape started, apparently, because the 13-year old boy had teased another student. While students in the classroom admit that Isaiah Johnson was misbehaving, there is no justification for a teacher beating up a student.

See the teacher beats student incident video — Warning: this video contains disturbing violence

Fallout when a teacher beats a student

When the school first heard about the teacher beats student incident, Sherri Davis was placed on leave. Now teacher beating has been caught on video, she has been fired. Some students in the classroom at the time of the beating have told investigators that there were other teachers and school employees in the room, and they did not step in. Given the fact that teachers tend to be overworked and underpaid, one might wonder why more teachers don’t “just snap.” Both the school and the Harris County Sheriff’s Department are looking into the allegations. It is possible that Sherri Davis will be charged with assault, among other things, for her treatment of Isaiah Johnson. The fine for assault, in Texas, can be as much as $10,000 – about 25% of the average teacher’s salary.


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  1. ApeLadyTeacherThing says:

    Is it just me… or does anyone else notice she whips the whole &%$#ing desk at the start of the video and approaches this special kid… like an ape.. I think she is mentally challenged..

  2. Casey says:

    Another sad aspect is how the other children seemed to be amused by what was happening. What is happening to America's schools? I will not send my child to public school!

  3. LittleMonster! says:

    This lady should be imprisoned! What the heck! You can not just fire her and leave it at that. she beat up a kid as others stood around and watched!!!! I am very outraged at the whole contraversey. It is completely ridiculous for her to even but her hands on that little boy! What I do not understand is how other students and teachers just sat by and watched this happen! They should all be severly punished beacause they were some what apart of it! She gets whatever she desearves!!!

  4. donna says:

    I am so sick and tired of these parents who refuse to discipline their little darlings. Spec. Ed or not, I’ll be he will never do that again. God bless the teacher. She will find another job.

    • LittleMonster! says:


    • Donna is an idiot says:

      Hey I would like to send you to a school full of criminal teachers that commit murder and see all of them punish your a$* then.. see how you feel in this kids position.. then after you’re beat half to death i would love to give you aids and cancer. prick.

  5. jv says:

    that looks really bad for jamies house because that show they dont check the teachers back grounds or evan attemp to!

  6. Elizabeth McBeth says:

    I hope that everyone learns something from this sometimes when you push someone over there limits stuff happens for the parent of this black male child i hope that you would become more involve in your son's life Looks like he's going to need alot of surport please don't take this thing lightly you son needs help and just because you may get alot off money out of this does not negat the fact that your son can grow up and become a nothing please take the time to install in your son the values and morals that he needs and order to survive if not your son my not live to grow up becuse the streets are hard

    To the teacher that did this i do understand your postion however i hope that you actions on that day wont take away from the work that you have done I also hope that with the correct training your skills will once again be use in a class from setting to be honest we needs more people like you to show students the way to go then maybe somemany of our children will stay away from jail drugs or even an untimely death

    • channce says:

      alright elizabeth macbeth ur a b*tch for sayin that for one ur racist and 2 hes special ed and he didnt do nothing wrong he cant help it if u did not hear right shes on drugs and she drank the night before so listen hear b*tch how bout someone beats u down and see what it feels like to b e in his shoes ps track me on youtube love u

  7. b.j.hartman says:

    I hope someone will read this and maybe can help.i know a woman who lost her 3 children and can never be in contact in way and still got 6 years in prison for giving the 2 boys 10 licks each for setting a fire in her garage ,and yet this teacher was caught on video phone is not in jail that is outrageous this woman is my daughter-n-law

    • malika says:

      This Teacher should definately be put in jail and not be allowed to teach or be around children ever again. I am appauld. Also, the staff who were watching this and did nothing are equally as responsible as this teacher.

    • malika says:

      I can’t believe that your daugther-in-law received 6 years in jail and her 3 children removed from her custody for 10 licks for starting a fire in her garage. This is outrageous…Did this happen in CA. I am a Social Worker for CPS and I know for a fact that the actions that you described was too extreme. Where did she hit the boys? Did she leave bruises? Did she hit them with something other than an open hand on their bottom? FYI… spankings is not against the law in CA. Your family needs an attorney that will fight for you because what you described sounds unjust.

  8. Leah Laughter says:

    YOU KNOW WHAT? This kid getting a taste of his own medicine might just have saved someone else's life. These mis-behaved kids grow up bullying others, which if not punished usually turns into them harming other citizens in their community. I feel like this kid finally got picked (back) on by someone his own size!

    I would never say that physically abusing a child is justified in any way BUT in this case it looks like he just learned the old saying, "AN EYE FOR AN EYE".

    Teachers would not have to put up with such problems and behavioral issues if the parents of these kids would take the responsibility of raising their own kids! Nowadays parents just send their bad-ass kids off to school so someone else can deal with it… AND SHE SURE DID! His mother probably wants to thank the teacher for showing him who IS boss but of course she will ride this out and try to get a pay off from her own lack of parenting!

    I agree with the earlier post that mentioned, after getting whooped at school I would’ve had to come home to a worse ass-whooping from my parents for causing the teacher to react this way. And I’m only 26, it’s not like I grew up back when we didn’t have running water, I am this generation. My parents took care of business when they had to and for that I am a thankful, law-abiding, respectful, tax paying, hard-working citizen…DID YOU REALLY THINK HE WAS GOING TO TURN OUT LIKE THAT??

    I bet most of the kids in his class who witnessed the situation, A)- are glad he got what was coming to him and/or B)- won’t be disrespecting their teachers for a while.

    • zac says:

      for you saying the kid got what he deserved, i hope you have a kid that gets his/her a!@ kicked and see how you like it. There is no justification for what that teacher did. That kid did nothing to no one else.. i got teased on all the time when i was a kid. you know who took care of it… me. Its people like you that hold American society back. People like you are ignorant and should die out very quickly so the rest of us can move forward as a greater society.

      • Inez says:

        Correction listen to the news the boy was picking on a special ed girl. A child with special needs. Teacher may have gone a little to far but I am sure he will think twice before he trys to pick on a any child again.

    • Nataly says:

      WOW. I cannot believe you really feel that way.. Yes, the boy was picking on the girl, and we all know that's not right. But seriously? He's SpecialEd. Open your eyes and realize that his mind is not as mature as a regular 13 year old boy is..not that they're are oh so mature but any boy with special needs doesn't know any better..yes, they need to know it's wrong but they will learn it on their own. A child should never get that kind of beating no matter what they've done..there is other ways to punish. Yelling at him atleast, would have made him realize "who is boss" as you would say, not a beating. Also, are you right in the mind because "an eye for an eye" is recieving the punishment of the exact same thing you did..say I break your arm; you break mines and we are even. He picked on a little girl, and yet got himself kicked, bruised, slapped, hit, ect. by an ADULT woman, he had no chance against her. Do you honestly think that this is an "an eye for an eye" kind of situation? Think twice. And for the record, if I were that boy's mother I'd kick that teachers ass, this is completely ridiculous, she deserves to be in jail. Students all over hear about this, and what are they going to think? A student should feel safe going to school..how will they learn in an unsafe environment? And for the teachers that were standing around just staring, are ya'll crazy? What if that were ya'lls child? I strongly believe they should find out the teachers who were a part of it and didn't stop it, and they should also get jail time. Hypothetically speaking, if i knew someone was going to do something illegal, and yet didn't stop it..I am just as guilty as them. I am a student speaking, and with all do respect I cannot believe I'm looking at this situation with a more mature mind than you. That "eye for an eye" B.S is childish. It's just like saying "oh well that's what you get :P" but no. It's not what he deserved. Everyone needs to open their eyes, and actually do something about this situation.


    • Donna is an idiot says:

      An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  9. seobhan says:

    the bible states it takes a village to raise a child. this is something truly believe, some of these kids is out of control but again charity starts at home, bad kids no home training. I remember when i was n school we got whuppings by teachers then it was reported to our parents then got another whupping. These teachers has all day with your kids. and when they get home some parents only spend a couple of hours with them if that long. im not sayn she didnt take it to the extreme but some of these kids they ass whup.

    • Donna is an idiot says:

      So are you saying teacher's should be paid for beating kids up? ..they wanted to teach… why? because they love kids (hopefully) NOT so they can kick some kids a**.. dumb*&%$

  10. critter says:

    Franrose- your acting like all kids are the same, no not the case i have never ever got a spanking before i was sent to my room that about it, anyways the spanking its not the answer its the right punishemnt its the right way to teach teh child what he or she doing is wrong. do we know fully what he has done NO. all of these other people are only assuming things.

    problems with adults and kids.

    1. audlts don't think kids have rights

    2. adults don't listen to kids cause they don't know what there talking about cause of "expreince"

    3. you got to respect a child just as much as a person you got to be able to talk to a child. you got to be able to have fun and no try to hit when he or she does something wrong.

    4. there more than one option to teach a child wrong and right its not also the parents fault.

    Be a smart parent try other things other than tring to get punishment over

    • Franrose says:

      I never once said spanking is the answer to the problem, but sometimes a little spanking IS necessary. How the teacher went about it was totally out of line. Like I said, if the kid truly deserved to be taught a lesson that way, he should have been sent home for a good butt-whopping from mama, who apparently isn't really involved in her son's education as it turns out. But no, I agree with you that spanking is not the answer, but there are times it is.

  11. critter says:

    teacher had no right to beat on a child teacher have no right to beat on child if that teh case. than i can go beat you up now and get away with it no i wouldn't i be charge with assault.

  12. critter says:

    maggie – are you kidding me? what old women 40 years old would get respec for beating a child? he has beahovir problems this is a speical school. this to help work with them.

    this has nothing to do with respect maybe if teachers had more respect for students everyone would get along well. another moron parent in here. lovey…

    blame the person who did nothing wrong for the teachers action…. did you get hit in the head when you were a kid?

  13. critter says:

    old school- you should be arrested just for that sicking comment

  14. critter says:

    I don't understand some of these comments with the teacher had hte right to hit and beat a student? no you don't have a right. There are better ways to handle things. this has nothing to do with race. though its a know fact that more black students are punish in school than white.

    Note: if you like for the fact take with grain of salt i prove i got was from tru tv.

    well said Franrose, Carla, sherrell, Angel, ohio mom,

    Thomas Sherman -shameful you are calling a 13 year old a whip you don't go around beating anyone you male or female. its wrong. and this promotes bullying. Enough is enough we need teachers to teach kid and learn to help them. She fail to do it so have you if your a parent you should be ashamed if you are one.

    For you parents who support spanking you can spank your own child but a teacher or someon else othe rthan parents no right I do not support spanking a child for a couple reasons

    1. there other ways to teach a child without hitting them

    2. the spanking is the quickets way to get the punishment over with parents.

    you take something away you ground them. you talk to them these things can work if parents do this. you guys who supporting hitting should be ashemd of yourself.

    • malika says:

      Critter: I agree with some of the things you have said in your posts but the majority of your comments are absolutely ridiculous. Obviously, you must not have children, or if you have children they may end up being like the kids who killed all of the students at Columbine or the Menedez brothers. You are right in that children have rights and should not be bullied by parents or hit/spanked because a parent is angry. However, every child is different and depending on that child a parent has to use the discipline method that works best for that child. Talking and grounding doesn't always work for certain children. Some children need to be talked too, grounded and spanked on the bottom to get the picture. Parents and children are not equals. It is the parents responsibility to raise honest, productive, law abiding, respectful citizens not obnoxious, entitled brats. Think about it. Again, in no way do I think this teachers actions were justified. It is never o.k. for a teacher to put his/her hands on a child.

  15. mia says:

    it's sad that this teacher probaby went into teaching because she loved children and wanted to make a positive difference in their lives but she was obviously pushed over the edge and snapped and will pay dearly for the rest of her life for her actions. Obviously the boys parents failed this child first….and now they can blame it on this poor teacher who snapped out of extreme frustration. I was horrified when I first saw the tape but after hearing the teacher's speak, I feel very sorry for her and other teahers who have to deal with little brats like him all day long!

  16. old school says:

    If you watch the interview with the teacher, this kid got what he deserved. He and others had lacked the door to the room and according to the teacher several had her surounded he was making threatening gestures to the girl.The other students were all black. This kid has a record and has threatened teachers prior. Back in my day my mother would have been the next a!* kicking I got and it would have been a whole lot worse tha what she gave him. But she wants to sue. She needs her a!*kicked too. Where Daddy at anyway.

  17. Don Cirtes says:

    Teachers are not given the respect that they deserve from society. teachers should be given a raise. I am a teacher and I have to be everything to every child. The kid who filmed the incident on his or her cell phone needs to be reprimanded for having a cell phone in class. This item is prohibited and the student and the parent should be fined for having a cell phone in the classroom. The kid looks like a future criminal which we will have to support in the future. It doesn't surprise me how people are quick to sue anyone nowadays. The teacher should counter sue the mother for raising a hoodlum and a bad seed. Students who harm other students and mistreat them do this because.

    I applaud what the teacher did. That monster needed to be taught a lesson and hopefully he doesn't forget it. He deserves no money for the teacher. He deserves another good whopping because the mother isn't doing her job somebody needs to.

  18. maggie says:

    The bad thing now is the kids mother is using his bad behavior to get a pay off. And is givng the kid the message that its ok to pick on other children and its ok to be a bully cause we can get paid.His mother should have been at home teaching him some respect for his elders and how to treat other human beings.Im so sick of these kids treating other children like crap and getting away with it.

  19. cheyenne says:

    some kids need to be taught some manners and if they want to be a bully they need to be shown THEY, can be bullied also.plus WHY WAS the BLACK KID BEING ALLOWED TO BULLY THE WHITE GIRL ANYWAY i think the teacher did the right thing but should have beat his a..s to teach the BULLY a lesson.HE BETTER BE GLAD i WAS NOT HIS TEACHER!!!

    • Lemons says:

      I'm just curious, what does white and black have anything to do with it? The child was wrong and he got it. Wrong is wrong, Right is Right not White. Why do we always have to turn this into a race thing. If he was white and picked on a black, he was still wrong. The teacher went over board, and many other factors to consider in that. But lets deal with right and wrong not race, thats how we become judgemental.

    • Donna is an idiot says:


  20. sguer says:

    Where do the students’ rights end and the teachers’ rights begin? Teachers get hit, cursed at, flipped off, and many other things by students AND parents… very regularly. It may or may not be in the media, but it happens far more often than not… I’m sure that student was not a model citizen, he was at an ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL for crying out loud, meaning he was at his last chance! He had to have been a constant thorn in the teacher’s side for her to just break like that. Teachers are not respected in today’s society and I think we will be seeing more and more teachers snap sooner than you think… On that note… where does one student’s rights end and another begins? Disruptive students also violate other students’ rights to learn in a safe environment. I’m not condoning the full beat down that this kid got, but I’m glad someone is finally standing up!!

    • brian says:

      are you crazy?? teacher's rights?? as somone who is in the process of becoming a teacher, i fully sympathize with the teacher's who have to deal with troubled students but that is part of the territory. nothing gives this teacher the right to punish the student in any way other than what the school allows for. and as you stated, it was an alternative school so seriously what kind of students did this teacher expect to be dealing with???

      • Steven Tarlow says:

        Very interesting stuff about discipline in public schools: specifically, CALM, RUDE and MEDIAN school types. Check it out and see what you all think…

      • Intherealworld says:

        Brian wait and see if you still have that attitude AFTER you have your first REAL class. Believe me you wont feel the same way. What you learn in college isnt the total truth. There is more paper work and alot of abuse you WILL get form not only students but parents. You're there helping their kid but they want YOU to 'fix' their kid..Come on this kid was a trouble makers to start with. That's WHY he was in a school/class AWAY from regular classes. Seems like you havent dont any learning on mentally challenged kids either. Yes they too can be a problem but its NOT EXCUSE for anyone to pick on them too.

    • Steven Tarlow says:

      sguer, check out the link I included in my response to brian and see what you think… I don't know why the guy who came up with it isn't getting more pub…

  21. Brandon says:

    Teachers have no right beating on children like that. I think she should be prosecuted to the full extent. That teacher had got out of control. I believe she is crazy.

  22. Robb1388 says:

    I don't condone hitting students, but there is a small percentage of "juvenile punks" who push the limits of behavior knowing darn well that they will be protected by the law. Up until the 1980's parents were allowed to correct their kids bad behavior with a swat on the rear end. Some bad kids use this knowledge to act out as much as they want to with very little consequences.

    I agree this teacher went too far. But how many months did this student get away with his behavior of striking other children and getting away with it?

    Enough is enough. Parents need to RAISE their kids with "reasonable" swats to the butt. To keep certain kids in line. I didn't say beat – I said Spank. The bible says spare the rod spoil the child. In 23 years I spanked my child once. He was caught harming our cat. After the swat on the butt, he never did that to an animal again. This teacher must feel awful about how she reacted. But if that kids parents would have raised that student right he would have never have needed that "special" school in the first place.

    • Sheedah79 says:

      First of all she knew what she was into when she became a teacher , there is NO reason for this behavior . She was totally out of line and if he had a behavior issue he did not defend his self he was scared . I am so ashamed of the school system and the legal system what is the message that this sends out , our kids are suppose to be safe in school but its totally obvious now parents our kids are safe NO WHERE sometimes not even with their own parents.I am so pissed off right now I am starting a group for this and he/she that has nothing to do with it I am a lesbian and I would never hurt a kid .SO please that has nothing to do with the incident she is just dumb , retarded and she needs to be locked up and suffer the same way she made him suffer. I have 6 kids and I will be &*(()& if all anyone would get is FIRED after assaulting one of my kids , nieces , just kids period. It's time to stand up people and come together and fight for our kids , no matter what race , creed , religion , sexuality no matter nothing we all are humans and have kids that need to be protected.

    • Franrose says:

      I agree that children need a small swat in the butt when/if they go beyond the extreme. A child worker once told me that under no circumstances should a parent put a hand on their child – no spanking, swatting or a simple slap on the wrist/hand, period.. My response: What world did you come from?? If it weren't for the spanking I received as a young child, I'd probably be far from what I am today.

      About the subject at hand, however, I don't believe any teacher have the right to lay their hands on any student, let alone someone else's child. If the kid truly deserved a smack in the butt, why not send him home for an @$$-whooping from good ol' mama?

    • Freedom says:

      I agree with Robb1388, it starts at home, thats why these children are unruley, derespectful, and out of control. The legal system is designed to protect criminals and when it pertains to juvenile deliquents, the sys is designed to protect them as well, that's why these children threaten adults by informing them that they will call the police/child protective services, because they have full control and they know this. I am a mother and I tell my children "for every action, there is a reaction." These children put themselves on an adult level, and might I add, some of them are as big as adults if not bigger (size). In this situation, I think the teacher may have gone a little too far, but it was probably long over due, anytime other teachers just stand around and watch, its more to this story than what is told. My husband is a police officer and he tells me about derespectful thugs in training quite often. I hope the little boy isnt injured too badly

      • Jennifer C says:

        I agree. I see more and more kids out of control because parents are not allowed to spank there child. Children learn to respect and listen to parents and adults when they put there foot down and set rules. You break the rule you get punished. I have only been spanked a few times when I was younger. Let me tell you I respect my parents, family, and friends and treat people like how I want to be treated.

        I agree there is more to this situation then this video we are not seeing. The older boy had no right bullying a younger girl in class. If my child was bullying another kid in class and knew my kid was a problem child, I would have told the teacher she was right to do what she did. Cause I would have beat his butt when he got home. But if you disapline your child at a young age you would never be put in that situation in the first place.

        What ever happen to the wooden paddles they had in schools?? Man, you bet I behaved in school when I saw that paddle hanging on the wall!!

  23. ohio mom says:

    This teacher was out of line. Although this is a school for troubled students, the teacher as the "adult" and "mature one" should not have lost it to the extent that she would beat the child. The child looked clearly afraid in the video when he couched into the side of what appeared to be a water cooler. Ms Davis should have realized then that she was in control of the situaiton. Nonetheless, she made a decision to go further. She should never teach again and may need some type of counseling or anger management class.

  24. Thomas Sherman says:

    You've probably all seen the video of the Houston female school teacher whipping up on the 13 yr old boy. Wow, what a lot of todo over that, the teacher is fired and mama is suing the school. The boy had a black eye and other bruises.

    In the 1st place, I wonder what he was doing to make the teacher lose it like that? He must have really been trying her boot on.

    If the boy had any male hormones in him at all there would be a whole different story coming out. A real boy would be ashamed and humiliated about his mama making such a sissy out of him.

    The story should be, "Aw shucks that wuzn't nothing, it didn't hurt. I got a black eye because I didn't keep my guard up, she got a lucky punch in and she was using knucks." "It wuzn't nothing cause I coulda took that standing on my head, she hits like an old woman anyway." "You got no idea how bad I wuz messing with her and pushing her to make her mad,,,,I'm surprised she didn't blow sooner the way I wuz mesing with her." "It didn't hurt anyway and I get to show off all the bruises,,,,they are chick magnets, don't you understand?"

  25. Angel says:

    Even if the student was wrong the teacher should still get arrested just like any other person who performs acts of violence. She is a criminal not because she beat a kid, but because she beat another human. If the kid was misbehaving then she should find some other way to punish him. There is no point in arguing that the kid deserved what he got because the law says he did not. No one can beat someone and then get away with it no matter what.

  26. Citizen X says:

    Normally I would agree that teachers should not lay hands on students, but in this case, it's a school of trouble causing kids who are there because they got in trouble in the first place. Also it can be heard in the video that the boy had tried hitting a girl, that is what provoked it. Not to mention we're calling him a child when looking at the video he's bigger than the woman. Same as an Austin police officer being layed off for hitting a 16 year old student when the student attacked him, what the media left out is that this 16 year old was over 6'3" and well over 230 pounds….bigger than most grown men. I feel the kid got what he deserved.

    • sherrell says:

      HOW DARE SHE!!! He is still a child damit if he has behavior problems Call his parent to pick him up damit not put your damn hands on him like that if she could not do her damn job then she should have quit let some one beat on her like that which they probly have thats where she probly got that s..t from any way i pray she goes to jail where she belongs damit i am so angry how dare she i have a son and if oh my god he should grow up praise god with any problems like any thing with all that is holy you get what im saying he may be a child with behaivor problems ok there are trillion of kids like that we all went to school with one or two in our class but what did the teacher do sent them to the principals office when she could not deal with any more bs remember well i guess those days are gone hugh HOW DARE SHE OR SHOULD I SAY HE SHE CAUSE HER BEHAVIOR IS NOT THAT OF A SHE !!!!!

    • Yep says:

      Wow, you're stupid

  27. Carla says:

    That teacher needs to be in jail! If for no other reason for her own safety. The highest fine of 10,000. is not enough. No matter what that child did, she cannot put her hands on the child. If i were the mother of that child i would hunt her down and put more hurt on her than she did my child.

  28. Franrose says:

    There's no arguing the fact that being a teacher can be very difficult at times, especially when dealing with children. Sometimes kids will do the most irritating, nerve wrecking things just to share a round of laughter. But no matter how bad they behave, teachers have absolutely no right to lay their hands on any student. Obviously the kid must have done something to provoke the situation, but the teacher's violent response was clearly unnecessary and completely out of line. She should not have been a teacher in the first place if she can't tolerate childish behavior – from children! Kids will be kids. Watching this video was, well, horrifically disturbing.

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