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A lunch made with Hello Kitty branding

Will you be able to open Hello Kitty wine to go with that Hello Kitty lunch? Image from Flickr.

The obsession with Hello Kitty has lasted years – and now, the Japanese bubble-head cat will now appear on the Hello Kitty Wine label. Hello kitty wine has certainly launched controversy across the world. Hello Kitty wine is produced and bottled by Italian winemaker Tenimenti Castelrotto in Lombardy. So will Hello Kitty wine show up on the wine list at your next fancy meal? At only $19.99 to $29.99 per bottle, Hello Kitty wine won’t require online payday loans to try.

Hello Kitty wine is meant to be opened

Innovation Spirits, the U.S. distributor for Hello Kitty Wine, has responded to criticisms about the character wine by saying that it is intended only for adults. The Hello Kitty brand is 35 years old, and Hello Kitty wine is being marketed with the tagline “our favorite girl has grown up.”

The vineyard producing Hello Kitty wine, Castelrotto, is producing four wines with the Hello Kitty label. “Devil” red, “Angel” white, “Brut Rose” and “Sweet Pink” spumantes are all made from Oltepo Pavese Pinot Noir grapes. Translation: The wine should be at least decent. Unlike “celebrity souvenir” wines that are not intended to be opened, Hello Kitty wine is definitely made with consumption in mind.

Hello Kitty brand grows up

Many critics are saying that Hello Kitty wine is nothing more than an attempt to market alcoholic products to children. However, the distributor of Hello Kitty wine in the U.S. points out that there are more than 60,000 Hello Kitty products available, including many traditionally “adult” items. After 35 years on the market, the Hello Kitty brand has started to infuse many parts of the market, from adult underwear to $15,000 Hello Kitty handbags – something no kid could get no fax payday loans to cover.

How can you get Hello Kitty wine?

In the United States, Hello Kitty wine should be available in wine and liquor stores across the nation within a few months. The wine will also be available for direct sale to some states through the Innovation Spirits web site. The Hello Kitty wine will not be sold in any stores that do not have liquor licenses – so you won’t be able to find it in your local Toys ‘R Us. So what do you think? Will you try the Hello Kitty wine?


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