PARENTS: Graco high chair recall could affect your child

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Not the specific Graco high chair recall model, but an example of a Graco high chair. It's sitting in an owner's driveway.

This isn't the specific Graco high chair in recall. Read on for the specific model. (Photo:

When things like a Graco high chair recall are announced, parents should pay attention. Parents with small children must always be mindful of their safety, particularly around high chairs. This is not to say that parents should be paranoid that their child will fall the moment they look away, but according to the Graco high chair Web site, a design flaw has been detected in the Graco Harmony 2010 model that can cause the chair to tip over. Thankfully, you won’t need an installment loan for the fix, as the company is offering a free repair kit.

Third Graco high chair recall since 2001

The trouble with the Graco Harmony 2010 is the screws used to hold together the front legs of the chair. Apparently, these screws can easily become loose and fall out of their screw holes. In addition, a plastic bracket that attaches to the rear legs of the chair can crack. Both of these flaws can cause the Graco Harmony 2010 to become unstable and tip over unexpectedly. Graco indicates that 24 related injuries have been reported so far, so this Graco high chair recall is needed immediately.

What models fall under the Graco high chair recall?

Graco says on its web site that about 1.2 million units in the U.S. and 35,000 in Canada will be affected. They range in price from $70 to $120, and include the following model numbers:

3920BAN, 3920BAN2, 3920BEB, 3920BEBB, 3920COV, 3920DOH, 3920GEI, 3920GEIDSP, 3920GRN, 3920HMP, 3920IVY, 3920LAU, 3920PKR, 3930DDH, 3930DHO, 3935CAL, 3935OXB, 3935PKR, 3935PKRDSP, 3935SPM, 3935SPMDSP, 3935THR, 3935THR2, 3935THR3, 3940BIA, 3940BIADSP, 3940CAP, 3940CLE, 3940COT, 3940DRM, 3940HML, 3940MCH, 3940NGS, 3940SAV, 3940SLT, 3940SPT, 3940STA, 3940UNN, 3951CLO, 3951CLT, 3951COT, 3951ORC, 3951WLO, 3955WSR, 3960BGN, 3960CJG, 3960CNP, 3960GGG, 3980CNR, 3E00ABB, 3E00BAT, 3E00DCF, 3E00DCFDSP, 3E00DGP, 3E00DGPDSP, 3E00GPK, 3E01BDS, 3E01BDSCA, 3E01DNY, 3E01DNY1, 3E01ELP, 3E01ELPDSP, 1752404, 1755859, 1755860, 1757259, 1757412, 1760429

Graco high chair recall models, according to the company, may also begin with the letter A, B, C or D.

What to do if you own a Graco high chair recalled model

First of all, stop using it immediately. Contact Graco, and the company will send you a free repair kit, which can be ordered online or via telephone at (877) 842-3206. Step-by-step instructions for how to use the repair kit to fix your Graco high chair are also available, and these instructions are free – you won’t need to find someone with money to lend. For more information, visit Graco’s blog and FAQ page. ¿Habla Español?

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