Gingerbread Android platform may debut soon

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Nexus One

The successor to the Nexus One, pictured here, may be the first to run the Gingerbread Android system. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Black Friday is nearing, and the showdown between Android and Apple just heated up with the rumored Gingerbread Android platform. Gingerbread may be Android 2.3, and the rumors have been fueled by Google posting a Twitter picture of Android shaped gingerbread cookies. Speculation is that Android 2.3 will come stock on the upcoming Nexus S.

Gingerbread Android rumors begin

New versions of the Android OS are hotly awaited, just like Apple updates are. The most recent Android OS was Android 2.2, dubbed Froyo, was released in late 2009. The previous Android system had been named Eclair. A release date has not been confirmed yet for the Gingerbread Android OS, but Google set the rumor mill turning when the Google Twitter page posted a picture of gingerbread cookies shaped like the Android logo. Some amateur video footage from the Google campus also revealed a new statue in the Android statue area, according to PC Magazine. The features of the new OS for the smartphones are not completely known, as the finer points are not being fully disclosed yet. The release date for Gingerbread isn’t known yet.

May come with Nexus S

The next generation of Google phones, or rather a sequel to the Nexus One, has been talked about for ages. The new Nexus phone, by HTC, or the Nexus S, is an eagerly awaited phone release. It may also be the first phone to come with Android 2.3, according to Daily Tech. It isn’t confirmed yet, but it is entirely possible that the Nexus S is going to be the first phone to come with Gingerbread standard. The sooner it releases, the better for Google.

The brawl for it all at the mall

The retail year revolves around Christmas. The Android Gingerbread OS and the Nexus S are just rumors at this point. That said, with the looming release of iOS 4.2, the stage for an epic showdown for Black Friday supremacy is seemingly set.


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