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President Obama

President Obama's CFPA is under discussion in Congress. Image from Flickr.

When Funny or Die puts its collective brains together to make a point, nobody is safe. Their most recent bit of political commentary is a presidential reunion of Saturday Night Live proportions. The Funny or Die presidential reunion brings together an all-star cast of SNL presidents (and a guest or two) to talk about the Consumer Protection Act – a potential new federal law designed to protect consumers that are borrowing money.

Funny Or Die SNL presidential reunion worth every laugh

Sure, a bunch of fake presidents getting together to talk about the Consumer Financial Protection Agency sounds all kinds of boring. However, the all-star cast of SNL Presidents, directed by Ron Howard, had me laughing from beginning to end. Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph step in as Mr. and Mrs. Obama, who are visited by everyone from both Bushes, a flirtatious Bill Clinton, a pratfalling Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and even a rubber-faced Ronald Reagan. Sure, the topic is serious, but how can you not laugh when such an all-star SNL cast is involved? video makes most laugh, a few die

While the Funny or Die video is actually very funny, it does have a very serious point. Every president in this SNL presidential reunion takes on at least some responsibility for the financial crisis of 2008 that kicked off the current recession. They also place blame squarely on the shoulders of under-regulated banks and financial companies. It’s a biting parody that makes a very strong point – something that Funny or Die has a history of doing well.

SNL Presidents call for the Consumer Protection Act

As the Jim Carrey / Ronald Reagan and Dana Carvey / George H.W. Bush points out in this video, there are times that a president just has to say “screw it” and push through whatever resistance there is. The Consumer Protection Act is the federal bill that would create the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This would be a federal agency dedicated to creating and enforcing clear rules to ensure fair payday loans, car title loans, overdraft loan programs, credit cards, mortgages, and most other financial products and programs.

See The SNL Presidential Reunion Video here

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