Foreclosures, Bad Money Lenders and Unemployment

Foreclosures, Bad Money Lenders and Unemployment

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Americans surveyed

Foreclosures, bad money lenders, and unscrupulous credit card company tactics took their toll on the American public throughout 2009. According to a new poll done by the AP-Gfk, 42% of Americans labeled 2009 as a “very bad year.” The last time the poll was done was back in 2006 when 39% considered it a “good year.” The results of the survey are telling of how the public is processing the hard recession and its affect on the economy.

On the bright side

Results of the survey showed that though Americans believe that 2009 was a harrowing year in terms of the economy, they also believe that 2010 will be a good year. The traditional optimism of the American public is still alive despite the recession. In fact, 72% of those surveyed are anticipating better times for the economy and almost 80% are anticipating better times for their individual families.

Mari Flanigan of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the country’s hopefuls. Flanigan is a 36-year old unemployed woman whose business was pushed out of the market due to competition. She said, “My finances now are in shambles, but I believe that now the recession is over, things should turn around.” Despite her optimism she still admitted, “Financially, I am scared.” Her plan to recover includes going back to school, rather than jumping into the job market again. She said, “I’d rather find something where I make less money, but do something I love.”

The hopeful future and a resilient nation

The survey done by the AP-Gfk also showed how resilient the American public is. Take Marcia Andrews of Blairsville, Pennsylvania, for example. She was a high school nurse in the beginning of 2009 but due to budget cuts in education, her position was eliminated. At 69-years old, there were not a lot of options readily available. She said, “It was the wrong place and the wrong time for me.” Now, almost a year later she is in the beginning stages of converting an old house into a bed-and-breakfast. Though the economy is down, she was able to sort through money lenders, personal finances and debt to find a great business loan for funding.

Then there is James Lewis of Alton, Illinois. His view on the recession is harsh. He stated, “Everything [was] done wrong. Everybody [was] losing their 401k. Some people losing their house and their retirement.” Though he is critical of government ways, he also acknowledges that 2009 was not “too bad” for him personally. His hope is that once the economy stabilizes he will have another shot at finding a better job.

What will 2010 hold

Regardless of how people are responding now, the true state of the economy will unfold in just a few short months. Though 2009 was riddled with record numbers of foreclosures, bad money lenders, and heightened unemployment rates, there is still hope that the unknown of 2010 will be positive. Only time will tell what state the economy will be in, but surveys are showing that public perception is optimistic. As one unemployed American said, “In times like these, sometimes all you have is your attitude.”

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