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Preparing a Food Network Recipe

Preparing a Food Network recipe. Photo from Flickr.

I really love to cook. Between my obsession with good food and good TV, my day was made when it was announced that Food Network recipes are now available on their mobile site, as well as on The problem with this, though, is the fact that Food Network recipes are so varied and wonderful, I realized I would practically have to take out a payday loan every time I went grocery shopping. The best way to put Food Network recipes to use and still be able to pay your bills is simple – plan.

Know your Food Network recipes

First of all, know what you’re thinking about making. You don’t have to watch the Food Network for hours and hours on end just to find a recipe that sounds good, just have an idea. Identify an ingredient, a style, or even a Food Network star that has recipes you love. The Food Network recipe database is huge – so having an idea of what you want will help you narrow things down quickly.

Plan ahead for your recipes

We’ve all done it – seen a recipe or dish or dinner on Food Network that looked so scrumptious that you just had to go out and make it that night. After a few nights of this, however, your food budget is likely to require a credit card. Instead, take some time before you go shopping to plan out a week or two’s worth of meals. Sure, it might mean you spend all of Saturday watching Alton Brown, The Neeleys, Paula Deen, and Rachel Ray for inspiration, but is that really so bad? Once you’ve got a working list, shop for those recipe ingredients. Then stick to the list!

Searching the Food Network recipes database

The Food Network website – mobile or full screen – has several ways you can search for your recipe. You can search by featured items, price, star, or ingredient. If you’re looking for a recipe featured on a particular show, try clicking on that star’s show to get a list of their recent recipes. If you just know that you have a ton of chicken in the fridge you need to use, try their Quick Meals search. If you would love to find a Food Network recipe that will make use of that amazing Farmer’s Market down the street, their “In Season Now” search section is ideal.

Not every Food Network recipe is available

There are some shows on the Food Network that, unfortunately, don’t share their secrets. I am a huge fan of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America. While I wouldn’t necessarily be interested in recipes like salmon ice cream, there are some dishes I would give anything to get the recipe for. Ultimate Recipe Showdown, Throwdown With Bobby Flay, Dinner Impossible, and The Next Food Network Star all have dishes that look incredibly tasty, but you just can’t get their recipes online. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give the recipes a shot. Watch the shows carefully – usually, the commentary will include most, if not all ingredients that went into the dish, their order, and even how they are prepared. Take lots of notes, and use your own Food Network recipe sensibility to re-create your best version of that dish.

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