Financial Football: Personal finance for rookies from Drew Brees

drew brees face of financial football

Financial Football is an online game that blends personal finance and the gridiron endorsed by Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees. Image: Ian Rainsley Design + Illustration/Flickr

Financial Football 2.0 is a video game developed by Visa Inc. and endorsed by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Financial Football is available online to play for free. Players control the action on offense and defense by answering multiple choice questions about personal finance. Brees said he learned about personal finance the hard way and wanted to help others avoid the same mistakes he made. Whether Financial Football 2.0 helps accomplish that is unknown, and people who have played the game were underwhelmed.

Drew Brees: personal finance the hard way

Financial Football, developed by Visa Inc. in cooperation with the NFL, uses Drew Brees’ name to promote financial education by teaching children and young adults how to manage their money through the context of the gridiron. The Washington Examiner reports that Brees, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, has been working with Visa to publicize the game for about five years. Brees told the Examiner about financial lessons he learned the hard way, including a delinquent cell phone bill that came back to bite him later. He went over his minutes, didn’t pay the bill and it was sent to collections. Even with NFL millions in his bank account, the blemish on his credit report boosted the interest rate he paid on his first mortgage.

How to play Financial Football

Financial Football can be played online for free at The game features three different levels: Rookies age 11-14, Pros age 14-18 and Hall of Famers age 18 and older. Players can match up against the computer or match up head-to-head. On offense, players move the football with correct answers to questions about personal finance, student loans, credit cards, credit scores, debt collection, economics, retirement and investments. On defense, correct answers generate tackles, quarterback sacks and negative yardage for the opposing team. Players choose real NFL teams, and Financial Football shows stats about wins and losses for each team.

Struggling offense all too realistic

Gamers used to the cutting edge graphics of Madden NFL 11 will be gravely disappointed in Financial Football. Connie Prater at said her biggest complaint was that the game doesn’t tell players why their answer is wrong or provide more details about the correct answer. The game clock is always on and players only have 40 seconds to call a play, read the question and pick from the selection of answers. Running out the play clock results in a five yard penalty for delay of game. Apparently some people play without moving the ball enough to score any points — a feature that may seem all too realistic for some current NFL teams.

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