Ephren Taylor Shares Tips on Starting a Business

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Recession equals opportunity, Taylor says

Ephren Taylor

Ephren Taylor

Recently CNN interviewed Ephren Taylor, 27, the youngest-ever African-American CEO of a publicly traded company in the U.S. He talked about starting his own business at age 12 and shared tips on being an entrepreneur and starting a business.

One thing Ephren Taylor pointed out is that a recession can create the opportunity in many cases to start your own business. This is a great point if you think about all of the people who are collecting unemployment. People who have gotten laid off and are eligible for unemployment still have a steady stream of income and plenty of time on their hands. So instead of putting all your time and energy into finding another place of employment working for someone else, why not dedicate yourself to starting your own business?

Be persistent

Another tip Ephren Taylor shared was that you have to be very persistent when asking for cash advance loans to get your business started. Ephren Taylor says starting his business at such a young age was an advantage for him because he was fearless and he could use his age as a marketing tool when trying to secure funding.

Ephren Taylor taught himself how to create video games and program computers when he was young and he started his company when he was 12. He said he asked about 80 different people for financing, and his young, fearless idealism kept him from getting discouraged.

Read, read, read

Ephren Taylor’s path to learning to create video games started with a book. Ephren Taylor points out that there are books on just about every subject out there, including starting a business.

Ephren Taylor has also written his own book, “Creating Success from the Inside Out: Develop the Focus and Strategy to Uncover the Life You Want.” He also has a web site, “Ephren Taylor The Social Capitalist” that offers business and finance advice.

Don’t overanalyze

Ephren Taylor cautions people against over-thinking opportunities, because that can lead to fear and giving up before even getting started. Ephren Taylor has become so successful at such a young age because he started working on his goals when, he says, he was still “dumb enough to believe” that he could do anything. And it paid off.

On his web site, Ephren Taylor offers advice to churches to help them prosper. He says he is passionate about financially empowering people. He particularly encourages college students and people who don’t have kids and mortgages to start their own business because they are in a better position to take risks. His web site says:

Beyond his unprecedented accomplishments at an early age in business, Taylor is an author, inspirational speaker, and real estate mastermind. His first book, “Creating Success from the Inside Out”, is published by the world’s number one business publisher, Wiley and is an Amazon and CEO Read best seller. The book serves as an expose of the mindset of today’s multi-millionaires while defining success as not only attaining wealth, but how to utilize it.

Check out the video of Ephren Taylor on CNN.

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  1. Alton Staton says:

    I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Taylor speak at the Fayetteville Business League's Award Banquet. I was very impressed to say the least of his accomplisments. At 46 years old , he inspired me to keep plugging at my business. If you quit, you have NO chance at success.

  2. Tommy Curtis Hargrove says:

    Ephren's niche, is showing beginner business owners what and what not to do in having a successful business.He would easily become a billionaire, if he used his knowledge to help other business owners succeed. If he allows other hectic things to get in the way of that, he will not expand worldwide.He also needs to stop making his website so hard to click to.

  3. Franrose says:

    Ephren Taylor is truly a man to admire. He is a great example that many can learn from. His ability to self-educate at a very young age is absolutely extraordinary. You don't often see people – particularly young people for that matter – with such an incredibly powerful mindset as Ephren Taylor. While other kids were sitting around playing video games, this young entrepreneur was busy making them.

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