How About Enrolling in an Investment Banking University?

Idea behind the investment banking university

The concept of an investment banking university is relatively new. To date only a small number of these specialized universities have been established. The chance to earn high salaries and work in a dynamic environment make investment banking an attractive career choice, but increasingly complex financial regulations and high demands for computer literacy to give a distinct advantage to new entrants with a higher education.

There is every reason to believe the number of courses aimed at potential investment bankers is likely to increase in response to the premium placed on the entrants’ education. In addition to regular brick-and-mortar universities, online course providers are also rising to the challenge by adding investment banking to their course options.

Investment banking university options

The investment banking university options currently available include degree-level courses that last up to three years and shorter training courses organized by investment houses for trainees.

The concept of the investment banking university is particularly popular in the UK. New British programs focus on teaching applied finance theory and offer industry-specific training. These programs are designed to develop management skills on a practical level. Students are offered the opportunities for internships in leading investment banks during the summer months.

Investment banking university concept popular in former Soviet block

The emergence of a capitalist economy in the former Soviet countries has clearly generated a demand for investment bankers, and consequently it is not surprising that universities in Moscow and Kiev now offer investment banking courses.

In addition to explaining the internal structure of a typical investment bank, these courses include subjects such as how to market bank services and how to effectively perform business evaluations and financial modeling. As other developing economies improve their financial infrastructures, the need to train their own investment banking staff is likely to encourage the opening of investment universities in many other countries.

Investment houses enthusiastic about training programs

Although investment banks cannot offer degrees on a university level, and their internal investment banking university programs last a matter of months rather than up to three years, they have evidently realized the value of advancing the education of their trainees in this manner.

One of the best known investment houses in New York claims its investment banking university gives an opportunity for trainees to meet with senior executives so that they quickly gain an appreciation of the global reach of the bank and its ethical standards. The course is taught both by bank staff and outside experts. Subjects covered include accounting, corporate finance, credit analysis and financial modeling. The trainees are also offered specific training to enable them to acquire the technical skills required by specific investment banking house departments.

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