Easy ways to update your kitchen for less than $100

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There are easy ways to update your kitchen, even if you can't paint or replace cabinet doors. Image: Flickr / kitchendesigner / CC-BY-SA

It seems whenever company comes over, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. There are easy ways to update your kitchen for a fresh look so you can feel confident in front of those guests. With less than $100 and one day, you can make use of easy ways to update your kitchen no matter if you rent or own.

Update your kitchen for a fresh start

No matter where you live, or even how much time you spend at home, the kitchen is the center of social life. If you’re the type that cooks at home, easy ways to update your kitchen can re-energize your everyday routine. If you usually eat out, easy ways to update your kitchen could encourage you to spend less money on expensive restaurant food — it could even help you lose weight.

Easy ways to update your kitchen for renters

If you live in a rental, it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck. Not being able to make permanent changes can feel limiting. There are easy ways to update your kitchen that won’t give your landlord a heart attack. Try getting a vinyl cut sticker — contact local sign shops, and they’ll help you cut out a giant sticker that can instantly give color and character to a bland rental kitchen. Changing out the curtains can help too; try using bedsheets rather than curtains for a less expensive, more colorful option.

Easy ways to update your kitchen for owners

If you own your home or have an accommodating landlord, you can make some bigger changes to your kitchen. Try replacing the cabinet fronts with glass, fabric curtains or paint. Taking the cabinets off entirely and adding baskets to the shelves can open up the feel of a kitchen. A pot rack mounted on the wall or from the ceiling can open up a lot of space and make cooking that much easier. Painting one accent wall a bright, bold color can make a big difference as well. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, you can remove the plasterboard above the cabinetry, opening up a shelf where you can store everything from serving dishes to your favorite teacup collection.

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