Connecticut reporter Desiree Fontaine charged with shoplifting


Desiree Fontaine was accused of shoplifting perfume from a Sears store. Image from Flickr.

In Connecticut, morning traffic and style reporter Desiree Fontaine was arrested for suspected theft. Police detained and later released Desiree Fontaine after a Sears store accused her of stealing. Desiree Fontaine’s accused crime? Shoplifting $104.98 worth of perfume. What kinds of fines and punishment could Desiree Fontaine be facing?

Desiree Fontaine accused of shoplifting

In the Westfield Connecticut Post Mall in Milford, Conn., Desiree Fontaine was detained by police. The security of the Sears store in the mall originally questioned Fontaine about $104.98 worth of merchandise she had not paid for. Police were called, and Desiree Fontaine was charge with sixth-degree larceny. The reporter was released on a promise to appear in court on July 7.

Connecticut Style by Desiree Fontaine

Desiree Fontaine, in addition to reporting on morning traffic, is best known for hosting Connecticut Style. This show features everything from money-saving tips to style and features. Affordable style tips are a huge feature of the show — but shoplifting isn’t so much a money-saving tip as a bad idea. WTNH, the station Fontaine works for, has refused to comment on what they are saying is a “personal matter.”

Sixth Degree Larceny in CT

In Connecticut, the Sixth Degree Larceny charge brought against Desiree Fontaine carries relatively minor punishments. Larceny, or taking an item of value without payment or permission, has six degrees in Connecticut. Sixth Degree Larceny in Connecticut is the lowest level of larceny, for crimes valued at less than $250. Desiree Fontaine could face up to three months in jail and fines of up to $500, as well as a class C misdemeanor on her public record. All of this for one bottle of perfume raises the question of what Desiree Fontaine was thinking.

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