Day of Silence 2010 | Staying silent for LGBT rights

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National Day of Silence supporter putting her hand over her mouth.

The National Day of Silence 2010 asks students to be silent to raise awareness of LGBT bullying. Image from Flickr.

Today, April 16, is the National Day of Silence 2010. A student-run grassroots movement to bring attention to the bullying and harassment of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) students throughout the country. National Day of Silence 2010 is an event that anyone can participate in without instant cash loans to donate to the cause. Participants in the Day of Silence 2010 choose to not speak all day and often hand out Day Of Silence speaking cards to explain their silence.

History of the Day of Silence 2010

The Day of Silence 2010 is the 14th annual Day of Silence. First organized in 1996, the Day of Silence started on the University of Virginia campus. Just one year later, the National Day of Silence included more than 100 colleges. Each year, the National Day of Silence is dedicated to a victim of anti-LGBT violence.

National Day of Silence 2010

If you would like to participate in the National Day of Silence 2010, the basic idea is simple. No costs of instant money, no T-shirts to wear. Simply stop speaking during April 16. Of course, not speaking at all for a full day could cause some confusion. There are Day of Silence speaking cards available in PDF form to download. You can also register your participation at

National Day of Silence raises students’ rights questions

The National Day of Silence 2010 is going to have participants in almost every major college and school across the country. The National Day of Silence has brought up several questions about a student’s right to free speech. While the right to not speak is considered protected under the first amendment, students do not always have as many protections while they are in a classroom.

For example, a student in a high school may not refuse to answer a direct question in a classroom situation. Some schools can also restrict some expression of the National Day of Silence 2010 if it can be reasonably thought that the students may be representing school opinion, rather than their own opinion. In general, the legal challenges around the National Day of Silence 2010 have been worked out, and just about everyone in the United States can safely participate in the silence.

See the National Day of Silence 2010 PSA

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