Miracle ending results in Columbia crash

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Wreckage from a plane crash

The Columbia crash was deftly dealt with by the pilot, resulting in only one fatality. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Only one fatality took place in a San Andres, Columbia crash that took place on Monday. The plane crashed during the landing. The cause of the crash isn’t completely certain, but it appears to be a lightning strike. The plane split into pieces, but didn’t hit any buildings, and only one fatality occurred, though not during the crash itself. The avoidance of loss of life in the crash and the wreckage being confined to the concourse has been attributed to the skill of the pilot.

Boeing 737 fragmented on the runway

The flight was a red-eye from Bogota to San Andres. AIRES Flight 8250 was approaching the runway in bad weather when it began to shake apart. The pilot began to make an emergency landing just short of the runway when the plane split apart. According to CNN, some authorities attribute the crash to a downdraft, while others claim the aircraft was struck by lightning. The pilot also contends that lightning struck the plane. The plane initially broke into two pieces at Gustavo Rojas Pinillo airport. No damage was caused to the airport.

Only a single fatality

A single fatality occurred, when a 65-year-old passenger had a heart attack after the crash, according to Bloomberg. Six people came out of the crash completely unscathed. The rest of the passengers and crew suffered injuries, and they are all expected to recover. The plane was carrying at least 127 passengers and crew members.

Testament to skill of the pilot

Professional pilots are some of the most highly skilled workers in existence. These people are trained to not only steer very complicated machines in very precise trajectories over thousands of miles but also to know how to handle one in case things go wrong. The knowledge they bring to work every day makes them worth every penny they earn, and they are under tremendous pressure. Flight attendants are as well, if the overnight sensation Steven Slater is any sort of indicator of the pressures involved in the air travel trade. The pilot of AIRES Flight 8250 should be hailed as a hero.

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