Clint McCance announces resignation on Anderson Cooper

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 By

Anderson Cooper

On Anderson Cooper's show, Clint McCance announced his resignation. Image by: minds-eye/Flickr/CC-BY-SA

Clint McCance, the controversial member of an Arkansas school board, has announced his resignation. He went on “AC360,” the CNN news and interview program hosted by Anderson Cooper, to discuss his Facebook comments. He was apologetic and conceded his remarks were inappropriate. He also was remorseful for spreading hate speech. He also announced he was leaving his position on the school board.

Clint McCance resigns in Anderson Cooper interview

Earlier this week, a member of an Arkansas school board, in Pleasant Plains, Ark., was discovered to have posted some incredibly inflammatory remarks about homosexuals and the recent spate of suicides of gay teen boys. The Facebook posts in question were opposing the Wear Purple on October 20, or Spirit Day, movement. He wrote “we are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves (sic) because of their sin,” and other hate-filled responses to commenters followed. He caused a media sensation and was interviewed recently on the “AC360″ program on CNN, by host Anderson Cooper. Cooper asked pointed questions of McCance. Before the end of the interview, McCance announced he was resigning his post as Vice President of Midland School District.

Facebook remarks ignite controversy

So far this year, five stories of teenagers who were bullied because of their sexual orientation and committed suicide have made it into the news. McCance’s comments on Facebook, though having quasi-religious origin, were not well received. In the post, he said he wouldn’t wear purple unless “they all (gay people) commit suicide,” and that he was glad that gay people “give each other AIDS and die.” He further went on to say he would disown his own children and “run them off” if they were to come out as gay. When Cooper asked McCance if he would really do that, McCance said he didn’t know. The Midland School District, and the Arkansas commissioner of education released statements condemning his statements.



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