Chupacabra identity solved again; creature found to be raccoon

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The Kentucky Chupacabra identity has been discovered, and it was a hairless racoon. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Once again, a rumored Chupacabra has its identity revealed as just another ordinary creature. A strange hairless creature was shot in Kentucky, and it was taken for analysis; meanwhile people started calling it a Chupacabra. It turned out to be hairless raccoon.

Hairless raccoon found to be Kentucky Chupacabra’s identity

In mid-December, reports started pouring out of a Chupacabra in Kentucky , but its true identity was not yet known. Mark Cothern saw a strange, hairless critter in front of his home near Lebanon Junction, Ken., and immediately was struck by the lack of any fur whatsoever. He shot the creature near the garden outside his home. People immediately assumed it was the Chupacabra, or “goat sucker,” a mythical creature from Latin American cultures. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, however, has found out what the critter really was, according to MSNBC. It was a hairless raccoon — certainly an interesting sight, to say the least. The raccoon Chupacabra is undergoing further testing to see why the poor creature was devoid of fur.

Skin diseases behind Chupacabra sightings

Numerous sighting of Chupacabras have been reported over the years, but the specimens found usually end up being far more innocuous. For instance, coyotes infected with mange have lost almost all of their fur and been credited as being the mythical creature. However, that phenomenon is largely confined to western states, such as the Texas Chupacabra found in 2010. The creature called the Montauk Monster was also alleged to be a Chupacabra and was also thought to possibly be a raccoon.

Don’t hold out too long

There will likely be more creatures believed to be Chupacabras in the future. The legend of Chupacabras has gone one long enough now that it’s safe to assume the creature does not exist. Much like the Loch Ness Monster, outlandish explanations and legends often give way to far more mundane explanations.



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