Christine O’Donnell makes surprising witchcraft confession

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Chrstine O'Donnell confessed to dabbling in witchcraft. CC by William Faithorne/Wikimedia Commons

If Republican Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has her way, she’ll serve Delaware despite all the controversy hovering over her head. Reports indicate that O’Donnell lied about the nature of her college degree status. The born-again Protestant has taken a bath in the washtub of public opinion over her publicly revealed views against masturbation. Now, O’Donnell’s past has surfaced once more, adding newer, stranger flavors to her political pie. On a 1999 episode of the Bill Maher talk show “Politically Incorrect,” Christine O’Donnell said witchcraft had played a role in her life. “I dabbled in witchcraft” were her specific words.

Christine O’Donnell’s date with the devil

Evidence indicates O’Donnell was not talking about Wicca when she said “witchcraft.” Wiccan is the Old English term for witch, according to the Australian website According to, Wicca is a term that applies to a particular, non-devil-worshiping, religious faith. It celebrates nature and its cycles while abandoning the pretenses society prescribes on the faith via superstition. Nature is neither good nor evil, and such is the way Wicca is categorized. Christine O’Donnell’s comments show that what her friends were into had a satanic element. Elaborating in the video clip below, she claims she went on a date where there was “a Satanic altar” present.  Whether Christine O’Donnell’s Senate aspirations will continue to endure is questionable, but fellow Republicans reportedly would love to see her either keep quiet or vanish into the mists of Avalon.

‘I never joined a coven,’ said O’Donnell

So-called “witchcraft” was apparently a teenage phase for Christine O’Donnell. She isn’t a practicing Wiccan or anything else other than a Protestant, which is a good thing considering she now worships “a jealous God,” according to the Bible. Even GOP strategist exemplar Karl Rove is at a loss when it comes to bailing this woman out. “She can’t win” has passed Rove’s lips. Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has demanded that O’Donnell step forward to explain her statements. On “Fox News Sunday” recently, Rove even went so far as to say he is “seriously concerned” about O’Donnell’s background and character.

The greatest show on earth

Witchcraft isn’t Christine O’Donnell’s whole story; it gets worse. According to Raw Story, O’Donnell is under investigation by ethics groups in Washington. According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, O’Donnell allegedly used $ 20,000 of campaign cash as personal spending money. Certainly, such an allegation is not unique in the political world. However, such actions are never acceptable. The Tea Party spectacle claims she’s all about fiscal responsibility in government, which could come back to bite her.


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