Cheap and Simple New Year’s Eve Party Ideas 2010

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New Year’s Resolution

(Image from atbaker,

(Image from atbaker,

This year is no different from last year. Saving money is still the main concern for many consumers these days. If anything has changed over the past years, then it’s definitely more people joining in on the quest to save money.

New Year’s Eve is just three days away, and it’s going to take a lot to come up with some New Year’s Eve party ideas – or not. In order to save a trip to your local payday loan store, you have to be creative. There are tons of cheap and simple New Year’s party ideas available for your New Year’s celebration that everyone will remember throughout the years to come.

New Year’s Eve Party Menu

You don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks to have a great New Year’s Party. One of the best things you can do is get together with friends and family and plan out a get-together that will be easy on everyone’s pocket. Write down different food items on small pieces of paper, fold them up one by one, throw it in a hat or a bag, and have each participant pick one out. You’d be amazed how much food you can put together with just a little touch of teamwork.

Party Decorations – Head North to the Attic

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t waste anything that can still be used again. As a matter of fact, right before Christmas, I found a box of used gift bags that were still in great shape. I also found party streamers, opened bags of balloons, strings and fancy ribbons that came in quite handy while awaiting Santa’s arrival last week. I saved a bunch of money just by digging around the house and reusing items I saved from previous years. And you can do the exact same thing. Christmas and birthday decorations can definitely turn your New Year’s party into something explosively chic. Like I said earlier on, all you really need is to be creative.

New Year’s Party Games for the Entire Family

Let’s go back to the hat idea, but this time with a different twist. Charades is one of the best family games ever. Once you get into the game, there’s no stopping the fun and excitement you get out of it. Another idea for New Year’s party games involved a swift beat of music. Freeze Dance was one of my favorite childhood games, and I’m sure kids still enjoy playing it after all these years. You can also make little candy grams for the kids as prizes.

If dancing with your feet sounds a bit too chaotic for your taste, why not pull out the old board games that’s been sitting for ages in the closet? Scrabble, Yahtzee and Twister are only a few of the many favorite board games of all time. You can never go wrong with board games. That is, of course, if everyone play by the rules.

No Need to Stress for the Best

Whatever you choose to do this New Year’s Eve, whether you go green and save money or apply for a payday loan to cover the New Year’s expense is really up to you. Like I said, there are tons of cheap and simple New Year’s party ideas. Don’t stress over finances this New Year’s Eve, but uncover the best with your creative creations.

Do you have some New Year’s party ideas in mind? Share it in the comment box below!

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  1. Peter Stone says:

    I’ve heard of one, called Around the World. There are two different versions of it, one family friendly, and one not because it involves more potent libations.
    You can run them banquet style in a large area, or use several rooms in a house, which actually works really well if you have 4 rooms or more, and each room is a country. An area is designated as a country, and you have either an item of food or beverage specific to that country, or both. For instance, let’s say there are four people designated as Germany, France, Mexico, and…we’ll say, Japan. The person that’s Germany brings a dish or libation (or both) native to Germany, like Bratwurst and Sauerkraut and some kind of German beer, France brings Beef Bourguignon and Champagne or some other sort of French wine (or Absinthe, but you’d better have designated drivers or places for people to sleep), you get the idea. It can be a banquet that’s great if your bringing along the kiddies or also a great theme party for people of age, and for the love of all that’s holy, everyone be responsible!
    It’s a really cool theme party that is lots of fun, either way you decide to have it. Since it’s sort of a banquet even in any case, everyone brings their own food or whatever. All you need is the space, so you can have a great theme party on the cheap!

    • Franrose says:

      What a fun, delicious idea! I have a very colorful circle of family and friends. I know people from Micronesia all the way up to Newfoundland. I've tried different foods from all of them, but we never really thought of having a multi-cultural banquet all can enjoy. Not only is it a fun New Year's Eve theme party idea, but you get to explore the world of flavors and visit different places around the world – right from the comfort of your home! Awesome idea, Peter. Though it's a bit too late for me to plan something like that out for New Year's, it will definitely be a part of my 2010 top agenda.

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