Motorola Droid cell phone explodes and sends Texan to ER

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Motorola Droid

Reports have come out that a man was sent to the ER because his Droid cell phone exploded. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

There have been occasional reports around the world of a cell phone that explodes, injuring the user or worse. Recently, a man in Cedar Hill, Tex., suffered facial lacerations when his Motorola Droid exploded. Explosion is not a standard Droid feature.

Cell phone explodes in Texas

Recently, Aron Embry was using his Motorola Droid, one of the most popular brands of smartphones, when he heard a popping sound, according to KHOU 11 of Houston, Tex. He said he heard the noise after completing a phone call, and noticed the screen had fragmented. He felt liquid coursing down his face, and he realized it was blood. He was immediately rushed to the emergency room at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas for treatment as the wound began gushing. He did not suffer any hearing loss and only required four stitches to repair the wound to his ear. Reports of a Droid that exploded began circulating soon after. The phone was still functional, and the screen appears only to have cracked. Embry had purchased the phone only a few days before the incident.

Not unheard of

There have been reports of cellular phones exploding or catching fire for years. According to AOL News, incidents of exploding cellular phones have been recorded since at least 2005, when a young boy suffered burns when his cellular phone caught fire in his pocket. In 2007, a 22-year-old Chinese man was killed when his cellular phone expl0ded in his shirt pocket after being freshly charged. Apple Inc. has not escaped reports of burning cell phones either, as the screen of an iPhone reportedly exploded in France, and an iPhone 4 was reported as having caught fire earlier this year.

Motorola intends on reaching out

After the reports of Embry’s injury surfaced, Motorola released a statement, announcing that it intended on reaching out to the man and his family. The company said it intends to fully investigate and that safety is a high priority. There is no word on whether Embry wants to switch to an iPhone instead of an Android.




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