Assange protests

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange freed on bail as appeal fails

The controversial head of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is out on bail. A recent court hearing granted him the right to post bail and get out of jail, but an appeal was immediately filed against bail on behalf of the Swedish government. The appeal was denied, and Assange is out. Julian Assange allowed to post bail
A U.S. soldier on guard in Afganistan

Lithium in Afghanistan for electric cars: a blessing and a curse

Lithium has been discovered in Afghanistan, in vast quantities. Lithium, an alkali metal found in salt flats and clay deposits, is the energy source of the future that will make widespread use of electric cars possible. Batteries for electric cars, smartphones and laptops could make lithium the crude oil of the 21st century. Much like
earthquake Haiti to 90999

‘Text Haiti to 90999’ campaign a success

Technology and the Haiti earthquake The “text Haiti to 90999” campaign has raised a lot of money, despite the fact that modern technology has allowed more than one Haiti earthquake hoax to spread. Twitter bred a couple of hoaxes, including UPS to Haiti free shipping and airlines flying doctors to Haiti for free. However, the

Story of Chilean miner mistress steals spotlight from rescue

The rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners has been overshadowed by reports of a Chilean miner mistress. Apparently, the Chilean miner mistress showed up at the camp where friends and family gathered, and his wife was none too pleased. After a brief altercation, his wife and mistress have been keeping their distance. The miner
Photo of a traffic jam

Traffic jams in China blamed on voracious demand for coal

American drivers trapped in gridlock have it easy compared to commuters in China. Two weeks into the Chinese traffic jam, gridlock Friday on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway extended 19 miles. Road construction in Beijing has caused a pileup of vehicles on a road between the capital and the city of Zhangjiokou that is expected to continue
Si vis pacem para bellum. If you wish for peace, prepare for war. (Photo:

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum | Israel’s Plan for Iran?

If you wish for peace, prepare for war That’s the translation of that Latin phrase. I’m not talking about obtaining pre-emptive payday advances to prepare your budget for war. I’m talking about being prepared to live by the sword. This Roman saying may prove to be what Israel is preparing for against Iran. At the
Scottish Thistle; photo from  Did we mention the painful spines?

Scottish Thistle | Worth Quick Cash to Preserve or Maybe Banish

The Scottish Thistle If you pay attention to Google Trends, you’ll see that people search for some off-the-wall things. One of the top searches for Wednesday, October 21st, was for Scottish Thistle. The Scottish Thistle means several things, in different contexts. It’s a plant, and an equally revered and hated species depending on who you
Now that's a shofar! Image from wikimedia.

Rosh Hashanah, Resolve to Get Your Finances in Order

Before Rosh Hashanah was the summer of ’69 The summer of ’69 is over. Most of you are probably thinking that I am a little behind the times, but my Jewish friends know what I am talking about. Tonight at sundown begins Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. On the Hebrew calendar, tonight marks the
The Pear Tree Cottage Inn, just one of many boarded up signs of the Ireland recession.

Has Ireland exited the recession? A quick fix seems unlikely

It was just a year ago that Ireland was in recession and losing a job every five minutes. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that the nation has officially exited the recession, based upon export-driven domestic product growth of 2.7 percent for Q1 2010. However, Ireland’s road to economic recovery remains long. One of the
Chinese internet cafe

Google flips the switch in China: search no longer censored

As of 3:03 p.m. Eastern time today, Google has officially shut down search operations, ending the online loans of information that Google and China had worked out. Google and China have been in a long-standing debate over the censoring of search results — a debate that has gotten especially heated since Jan. 12. Today,
U.S. Vice President and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a March 2010 visit to Jersusalem.

Israeli PM says Iran must fear credible military threat

In no uncertain terms, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting in New Orleans on Sunday that Iran “must be made to fear a military strike against its nuclear program,” reports Israeli media. The Associated Press indicates that this is a significant departure from Netanyahu’s previous path of

Fitch downgrades the credit rating of Greece | EU to offer help

This morning, international credit rating agency Fitch downgraded the credit rating of Greece to BBB-. One of the lowest rating scores available, the opinion of Fitch is that Greece’s economy is quickly failing. The European Union has, in principle, agreed to give Greece emergency cash loans. The reality may be much more complicated, though. What
Confucius Peace Prize

Confucius Peace Prize ceremony in Beijing comes off as a farce

The Confucius Peace Prize is an attempt by China to invalidate the Nobel Peace Prize. When Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, China denounced the award and kept Liu in prison. China held a Confucius Peace Prize ceremony Thursday — the day before the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony — but the
fidel castro communist system

Fidel Castro admits the Cuban Revolution is a dismal failure

Add the Cuban Revolution to the list of victims of the global economic crisis. With Cuba on the verge of economic and social disaster, its government announced that more than half a million state workers will be cast adrift to fend for themselves by March 2011. Cuba’s seismic economic shift comes about a week after
Farmington Mine Disaster

NASA arrives to aid trapped Chilean miners

The world has been patiently watching the unfolding saga of the Chilean miners trapped in a mine. It was established early on that some miners in the Chilean mine had survived, but it would take a long time before they could be rescued. Officials and advisers from NASA have been dispatched to the site to

Queensland coast of Australia braces for Cyclone Yasi

The northeast coast of Australia is bracing for the landfall of Cyclone Yasi. Yasi is a tropical storm heading for the already battered state of Queensland, which recently experienced some of the worst flooding on record. The storm has roughly the same force as Hurricane Katrina. Cyclone Yasi about to batter coast of Queensland The
World hunger mounts as the cost of food exceeds the grasp of too many. Short term loans may help some.

Can Short Term Loans Ease the Food Crisis?

No Way Out The current food crisis facing many people today is a double whammy. Rising food costs mean that people must buy less food, while rising unemployment means more people do not have money to buy any food at all! Millions of people across the world find it very difficult to put even one