viktor bout merchant of death wares

Extradition of Viktor Bout, the Merchant of Death, angers Russia

Viktor Bout, an alleged international arms dealer dubbed the “Merchant of Death,” was extradited to the U.S. from Thailand on Tuesday. Bout, a Russian whose exploits inspired the 2005 movie “Lord of War” starring Nicholas Cage, has been in a Thai jail since his arrest in a 2008 sting. His extradition to face terrorism charges
An elderly woman from Kashmir

The elusive peace in Kashmir

For many years now, Kashmir had been known to be a dangerous place to live because of conflicts surrounding the region, making peace elusive among its people. The conflict, however, does not stem from the country itself like other conflict-ridden countries but from its neighbors, such as Pakistan and India. Both countries are considered nuclear

Romanian birds drank themselves to death on wine

In yet another mass bird die-off, dozens of starlings were found dead outside Constanta, Romania. There were worries that the Romanian bird die-off was due to Avian flu. However, tests revealed that the Romanian birds drank themselves to death. Mass bird die-off in Romania Dozens of starlings were found on the outskirts of Constanta, Romania,
Photo of Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos.

President Hamid Karzai says he takes bags of cash from Iran

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been called a “puppet president” by some and leader of a corrupt regime by others. According to Associated Press reports, Karzai has admitted he takes money from Iran and the United States – bags of cash, in fact. Some sources suggest that this anticlimactic revelation begs the question of whether
The ASEAN Organization

ASEAN and its role in border disputes among members

The structural alterations brought about by the end of the Cold War have renewed attention on regionalism and a reconsideration of the role of regional security organizations in supporting international peace and security. A number of factors account for this new enthusiasm. Among them is the fact that in the post-Cold War era, regional relations

US embassy in Tripoli shuttered with Libya sanctions pending

The U.S. embassy in Libya has been closed as violence in the Libyan capital is increasing. The regime of Moammar Gadhafi is quickly losing control despite stringent and deadly efforts to quell the uprising of Libyans against Gadhafi’s four-decade rule. Sanctions against Libya are likely to be enacted soon. Tripoli plunging into chaos as Gadhafi
Photo of a nun.

Couple staying married as they become priest and nun

In Germany, a married couple is making headlines. For a few years, the wife of this couple has been serving as a Carmelite nun. The husband has recently taken vows as a priest. In order to take vows, the couple had to individually get dispensations from the Pope. Making vows for Harm and Edeltraut Klueting
Offshore oil drilling rig

Oil rig explosion | Transocean Deepwater Horizon on fire

Forty-one miles offshore of Louisiana at 10 p.m. central time April 20, an oil rig explosion rocked Deepwater Horizon, the Transocean oil drilling rig. The U.S. Coast Guard, Transocean Family and Emergency Response Teams, and BP Exploration and Production Inc. are all responding to the oil rig explosion on Deepwater Horizon. Transocean is withholding the

Top 10 ways to help Haiti

If you can give, here’s how The Haiti earthquake has proven to be a great disaster. Many organizations are sending cash advances and other forms of aid to help the Haitian people. I certainly don’t want to take credit for the following info, but I feel it is it is worth bringing to the attention
Benjamin Netanyahu

Diplomats react differently to WikiLeaks and Cablegate

The reaction to WikiLeaks release of secret diplomatic cables, or “Cablegate” as it is being called, has had mixed reactions. Some foreign officials are condemning the release in the strongest terms possible, while others have expressed vindication. Others are laughing it off. Mixed reactions to WikiLeaks and ‘Cablegate’ Putting aside that the term “Cablegate” furthers
Cover of a Korean graphic novel about Barack Obama.

Obama wants KORUS, a NAFTA-style Korea free trade agreement

In a recent act he called cementing a “strong alliance with South Korea,” President Obama signed the Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS). While the president lauded the agreement on a variety of fronts, founder Jane Hamsher writes in a Huffington Post piece that KORUS amounts to an exchange of 159,000 American jobs lost for
Gallons of milk on a supermarket shelf.

Libyan crisis inflates fuel and food prices, says UN

As a result of the crisis in Libya, the already high food prices worldwide will likely be pushed even higher, reports CNN Money. A report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization indicates that the food price index, which measures the price of a basket of food commodities, was up 2.2 percent in February.
A Noose

UK election results in a hung parliament

The UK election has indeed resulted in a hung parliament, which a lot of people were worried about.  While the term itself may avail itself to juvenile humor, a hung parliament is actually not that funny.  The last hung parliament (as a result of a General Election) occurred in 1974, and had to be resolved
Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by a killer whale.

When Sea World strikes back! Dawn Brancheau tragedy revisited

Last month was a solemn one for Sea World and the nation. Whenever humans put their trust and faith in a wild animal, certain risks need careful consideration. Dawn Brancheau was an excellent trainer of marine animals who paid the ultimate price. It’s not clear whether Dawn let complacency skew her view of danger when
Front view of a Chinese one yuan note. The late Communist leader Mao Tse Tung is depicted on the currency.

Global yuan exchange under way for first time in history

China has played its hand very close to the vest when it comes to controlling its currency, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, the time has come to spread the wealth. The yuan, which Beijing once prohibited from being bought or sold outside China’s borders, has been released into global currency trading for the
Nuclear plant

Meltdown in Japan and budget cuts endanger cheaper electricity

The failing nuclear power station in Japan could be triggering a new era of nuclear paranoia. Incidents involving nuclear power plants and Congressional budget cuts make any new growth of the nuclear power industry unlikely. Nuclear energy can deliver a lot of electricity for less than other methods of power generation. Japan nuclear reactor crisis

Gadhafi speech blames unrest on drugs and Bin Laden

In a recent Moammar Gadhafi speech addressing unrest in Libya, the North African dictator blamed the Libya protests on odd factors. Gadhafi claimed that unrest was caused by insurgents sent by Osama bin Laden and by the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.  Gadhafi’s regime is quickly losing control of Libya. Teenagers drinking spiked Nescafe blamed for