Flood waters

Canadian government gives cash advances to flood victims

In Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada, flood victims are already seeing cash advanced from the government to help with cleanup. The loan cash is being funded by the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program. Estimates of the amount of damage from the Maple Creek floods are just now being put together, but the residents are already cleaning up.

Haiti confirms cholera outbreak has killed 168, so far

North of Port-au-Price, Haiti, officials have confirmed a cholera outbreak. With more than 1,500 people infected, the outbreak is huge. The outbreak is blamed on the slow recovery from January’s earthquake. Cholera outbreak proves deadly For almost a week, medical officials in Haiti have been waiting for confirmation on a disease outbreak in Saint-Marc. The
Greek rioters

Greek riots paralyze Athens

The city of Athens has been shocked by a violent outbreak of Greek riots in which three have been left dead as protesters and police clash.  The Greek riots are believed to be caused by recent economic measures meant by the Greek government to curb spending and gain a better grip on the country’s spending
A map of the Middle East. Iran and Israel are depicted in green. Insets include John Bolton and a tall glass of lemonade.

John Bolton says Israel has three days to bomb Bushehr

Controversial former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton claims that Israel has a three-day window in which to bomb Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant before it becomes fully functional, reports Agence France-Presse. Once nuclear fuel is loaded into the plant’s core, any attacks would spread radiation and harm Iranian civilians. Conventional wisdom suggests that
Robbed at gunpoint

Where is our world heading?

Some of the changes we have seen in our world today are greatly affecting the entire population and future generations. Violence, sex, crime, drugs, AIDS, deforestation and pollution of our air and water are just a few of the issues plaguing our lives. Millions of people are feeling the long-lasting effects of these problems. Do
Location of Sabak Bernam district, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Factionalism: Unifier or divider of Selangor?

Human beings are social creatures. They feel the need to organize and band together, which is the basis for community societies, the state and other groupings of human beings. But this drive to be in or part of a group is a source of many political problems in this day and age. The same holds
Vladimir Putin

Bidding for 2018 FIFA World Cup fraught with controversy

Currently, various nations are entering bids to win the hosting rights to the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, the bidding process is getting blasted for being rife with corruption. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has boycotted the voting procedures in Zurich. Allegations of corruption in World Cup bidding The bidding process is currently
Muammar Gaddafi

Oil prices spike as Gadhafi refuses to leave turmoil in Libya

Political turmoil in Libya has led to an increase in worldwide oil prices. Libya is a major exporter of oil, and unrest in that nation could lead to a drop in the output of oil. Despite a growing number of people calling for him to leave, Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi refuses to abdicate his office.
transition from ipv4 to ipv6

Our 20-year-old internet is finally running out of IP addresses

Available internet IP addresses are on the verge of running out in the web’s vintage configuration. The International Assigned Numbers Authority, a non-profit group that manages the planet’s inventory of 4.3 billion internet addresses, handed out the last five bundles for distribution worldwide on Thursday. The pending exhaustion of internet IP addresses will facilitate transition
2010 nobel peace prize winner liu xiaobo

Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Friday, but he probably doesn’t even know it yet. Liu, a Chinese literary critic and the country’s most prominent human rights dissident, is in prison. In awarding Liu Xiaobo the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel committee sent an undeniable message to the Chinese government that it must

Women Reservation Bill guarantees Parliament seats for women

In order to fully appreciate the importance of the Women Reservation Bill that has passed the high house of Indian Parliament, you must understand something of India’s history. Indian society was caste-based for thousands of years. It took the passage of the Constitution of India in 1949 to begin to break down the rigid class
Interior view of printer toner cartridges inside a printer.

British home secretary slams door on cargo from Yemen, Somalia

Printer toner cartridges have Yemen and Somalia on the U.K.’s cargo blacklist. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Cheon Fong Liew/Flickr) Authorities have determined that the suspicious package from Yemen that was found on board a UPS cargo flight in the U.K. was an operable bomb. While the Yemeni student believed to be responsible has been arrested, the
costa rica nicaragua border dispute along san juan river

Costa Rica border dispute with Nicaragua blamed on Google Maps

Costa Rica and Nicaragua are neighboring countries in Central America with a longstanding border dispute along the San Juan River. The Costa Rica/Nicaragua border dispute got serious last week when a Nicaraguan military commander led troops into Costa Rican territory. Costa Rica said Nicaragua had invaded its territory, while the commander said he was just
Mount Merapi

Relief efforts hindered as Mount Merapi erupts again

Days after a devastating earthquake and consequent eruption, Mount Merapi has erupted again in Indonesia. The second Mount Merapi eruption comes days after the first eruption, which killed more than 30 people in an already battered area. The recent undersea Indonesia earthquake has devastated the area. The quake triggered a tsunami, flooding and a volcanic
John Kerry

New START treaty close to final vote in Senate

The new START treaty, or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, has been approved to be voted on by the Senate. The Senate had seemed to stall on passing the treaty, which reduces American and Russian nuclear arsenals. The START treaty vote was incredibly close. Senate barely ratifies new START treaty The U.S. Senate has passed a
An African woman sitting on the ground with her head rested on her arms, hiding her face.

Condom with teeth designed to cut down on sexual violence

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers created Rape-aXe, a female condom with jagged teeth, in an effort to cut down on sexual offenders in South Africa, a country with one of the worst rape rates in the world. Ehlers, who is sick and tired of seeing numbers of rape victims pouring in, has decided to give away thousands
Egypt Protests

Protesters fill Tahrir Square pushing for Day of Departure

Thousands of people have filled Tahrir Square in Cairo pushing for a “Day of Departure” for Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak, the long serving president of Egypt, has said he will not run for re-election in September of this year. His promise to leave office has only intensified the protests against his rule. Protests begin anew in