Image of the 530 carat Star of Africa from Wikimedia.

507 Carat Diamond Could Fix Finances For Mining Company

Petra Diamonds strikes pay dirt An independent diamond mining company near Pretoria, South Africa, has found a 507 carat diamond. The large stone was found in the Cullinan Mine last week. After a rough year in the diamond business, Financial Times reports this discovery could single-handedly improve the finances of Petra Diamonds. Even though the
suez canal middle east oil shipments

Fear of Suez Canal closure drives up price of crude oil futures

Crude oil futures spiked Friday as violent anti-government demonstrations roiled Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen. Of particular concern is the besieged government in Egypt, which controls the Suez Canal. The Suez canal is a main artery for the shipment of oil from the Middle East to the Western Hemisphere. Egyptian unrest threatens oil supply Fears
Brian Cowen

Irish vote on tough austerity measures to trim budget

The Irish vote on the country’s austerity measures is being closely watched. The Republic of Ireland is receiving a bundle of bailout loans, similar to Greece, and austerity measures have to be implemented. The aim is to free up several billion euros. Irish vote on cuts of billions of euros The Irish budget vote is being
Act of terrorism

Northern Ireland | Irish terrorism still persists

Hostilities and conflict in Northern Ireland have been around for so long that its people have forgotten the root cause of it. John Soule, a political scientist studying this ongoing conflict, declared that the conflict can be considered a ritual wherein both sides are locked in a dance and cannot get out. Using observations and
Red Shirt protest

Bangkok explosion | Bangkok grenade attacks heighten tension

Thursday evening, the capital of Thailand was rocked with several grenades; the Bangkok explosion is serving only to worsen tensions between anti-government red shirt protesters, government troops and pro-government “no color” protesters. The Bangkok explosion started when at least five M-79 grenades were shot into the business district of the heavily populated city. The government
The Google logo at their Kirkland, WA offices.

Google in China | Google stands up for net neutrality

Google is the nearly indisputable king of internet searches; last month alone, it claimed 72.11 percent of all searches in the U.S., according to HitWise. It makes sense, then, that Google would be trying to break into China, where the number of internet users exceeds the entire population of the U.S., according to the McKinsey

Neanderthal diet more sophisticated than previously thought

A recent discovery was made that is altering the view of the Neanderthal diet. Neanderthals, ancient relatives of modern humans, apparently cooked and ate vegetables quite often. Ancient humans and related species are not thoroughly understood, but diet gives incredible insight into daily life. Eat like a Neanderthal with more veggies It was recently discovered
Photo of a vulture bird in flight.

Alleged Israeli vulture spy ruled Zionist plot by Saudis

While it may sound like something straight out of the Adam Sandler comedy movie “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan,” the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz News states that Saudi Arabia is crying Zionist plot over an alleged vulture spy. Reportedly tagged for scientific research by Tel-Aviv University, the Israeli vulture spy accidentally flew into rural
Islamic traders who use Shariah law to guide their investment choices.

Shariah Islamic stock index opens in India

In accordance with Shariah law, Muslims are not permitted to invest in companies that derive significant benefit from interest, as Muslims consider this to be usury. In order to facilitate business-minded Muslims who wish to diversify their investment portfolios, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the Mumbai-based Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions have launched an

10-year-old gives birth in Spain; grandmother calls it normal

Reports are coming out with headlines reading “10-year-old gives birth.” The birth occurred in Jelez de la Frontera, in the region of Andalusia, Spain. The mother insists that her daughter is happy after giving birth, even at such a young age. The girl in question and her mother Olimpia are Roma, or Gypsies. The new
Multiple posters of smiling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad posted on the side of a building. His cult of personality continues to stand defiantly against the majority of the world when it comes to uses of nuclear power.

Ahmadinejad laughs at U.S. sanctions on potential nukes

When it comes to U.S. sanctions on nuclear weapons, human rights violations or anything else, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has heard it all before. According to Iranian online news website PressTV, Ahmadinejad is prepared to simply “shrug off” any American threats of economic penalty. This time around, it’s over the claim that Iran is developing
They laugh, but caning is no laughing matter (Photo:

Caning | 40 Lashes for Sharia Law and the Mindless Masses

Does the punishment fit the crime? Corporal punishment has a tradition that can be traced back into the governing history of many nations. Some claim to find enlightenment and “grow out” of the process, while others cling to it because they either believe that it is an effective deterrent against crime, are “authorized” to do
Lack of suitable public transportation and roads in India makes two wheelers important. Secured loans play a big role in financing such purchases. (Photo:

Secured Loans – Boom Time for India’s Lenders

Lack of Public Transport Forces Vehicle Purchase India is a vast country with a billion-plus population. Unfortunately, public transport has been a neglected sector for this developing country. People are forced to use transport that is either bad or in certain cases does not exist at all. Bad roads make life even more difficult for
Hurricane Lilli

Katrina anniversary marked as Hurricane Earl gathers force

The fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans was recently observed, but on that most auspicious occasion, another tropical storm is currently building off the Gulf Coast. Tropical storm Earl was re-dubbed Hurricane Earl, as it has graduated to a hurricane force storm system. The hurricane is building in the Caribbean, and it is
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Statehood|HR 2499 calls for a Puerto Rico vote UPDATE

UPDATE – April 28 – The U.S. House of Representatives has passed HR 2499, the bill calling for a vote on Puerto Rico statehood. HR 2499 passed 223-169 and now moves on to be considered by the Senate. The U.S. Natural Resources Committee has moved to bring HR 2499, a bill regarding Puerto Rico statehood,

Paul Shirley on Haiti: “I won’t give them a cent”

Free speech is a double-edged sword One of the great things about living in America is that we have the right to free speech. Everyone – including athletes – can blog about their political opinions without having to fear a masked hit squad coming to their door in the middle of the night. Such is

Billionaire Sees Big Problems in China

China enjoyed a year of staggering growth in its GNP and on its stock exchange board in 2009. Most economists believe 2010 will bring more of the same for the Chinese economy, for it seems as though getting money now is not much of a considerable issue for them. The Chinese government has poured $586