Photo of a Ryanair plane

Ryanair faces mutiny after unexpected fee hits passengers

Ryanair is an Irish airline that ends up in international media relatively regularly. Once again, the airline is in the headlines. One flight got delayed by more than three hours late last week when more than 100 students simply refused to comply with staff directions. In Spain, Ryanair is facing judges that are ruling their
Map of China

Qinghai Earthquake | Map of China earthquake

At 7:49 a.m. local time in China, earthquake today killed more than 400 people and injured more than 10,000 people. The Qinghai Earthquake started with a 6.9 shake, and was followed by aftershocks that clocked in at 5.3 and 5.8. The China earthquake today hit a Tibetan area in the south of Qinghai province. After

Seven banks cannot meet capital requirements in Euro stress tests

After the Greek debt crisis began to wreak havoc in European financial markets, a series of stress tests were devised to see whether European banks could handle any further shocks. After the tests were administered, it was determined that seven major European banks could not handle further strains as they did not have sufficient reserves
Dr Seuss

World set to commemorate Dr. Seuss on his 107th birthday

More than a decade after he passed away, people still commemorate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. If Dr. Seuss were still alive, he would turn 107 on March 2, and many that day will observe the birthday of perhaps the most celebrated author of children’s literature of all time. Seuss, born Theodore Seuss Geisel, passed away in
A vehicle riddle with bullet holes, courtesy of a Los Zetas attack.

Rodolfo Torre slaying puts spotlight on peso, border security

The recent assassination of popular Mexican gubernatorial candidate Rodolfo Torre has proven once more that the northeast Mexican state of Tamaulipas is not only a flash point in Mexico’s drug war, but of great concern in the ongoing battle for U.S. border security. Reuters reports that Torre – an opposition candidate representing the Institutional Revolutionary
Thousands of individuals are on the street in Dublin, protesting budget cuts in education.

Ireland budget cuts climb to $20 billion

The Obama administration certainly has a tough road ahead as it looks for ways to balance the U.S. budget, but imagine what it must be like for Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan. They had to design austerity measures aimed at keeping their entire nation from careening into bankruptcy. To

US embassy in Tripoli shuttered with Libya sanctions pending

The U.S. embassy in Libya has been closed as violence in the Libyan capital is increasing. The regime of Moammar Gadhafi is quickly losing control despite stringent and deadly efforts to quell the uprising of Libyans against Gadhafi’s four-decade rule. Sanctions against Libya are likely to be enacted soon. Tripoli plunging into chaos as Gadhafi
fukushima disaster

Fukushima disaster lays bare the cost of nuclear power

Before the Fukushima disaster, nuclear power appeared on the verge of a comeback. But in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, nuclear reactors worldwide have been shut down and construction of nuclear plants has been put on hold. Expensive new safety measures that may be required as a result of the Fukushima disaster
Location of the Arunachal Pradesh state in northeastern India, where National Geographic discovered speakers of the "new" koro language.

Researchers discover koro, a previously unknown language

The discovery of language previously unknown to the world at large is a momentous occasion. The window of opportunity to record that expression of human culture is limited at best. National Geographic’s “Enduring Voices” project has opened the window for koro, a language spoken by about 800 people in India’s northeastern-most state, Arunachal Pradesh, reports
Hamas demonstrators waving flags

Gaza blockade 2010 by Free Gaza Flotilla a PR victory for Hamas

The Gaza Blockade, a key aspect of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, was started about three years ago by Israel and Egypt to contain Hamas, the militant Palestinian group that controls Gaza. The Israeli raid on the Free Gaza Flotilla last week has refocused international attention on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Gaza’s isolation. International leaders are questioning
Ben Ali

Escalating unrest in Tunis causes Tunisian president to flee

Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the president of Tunisia, has fled the capital of Tunis amid growing unrest in the African nation. Protests over rising costs of essential goods, high unemployment and corruption have made the capital unstable. The Prime Minister has assumed emergency control. President Ben Ali flees Tunis amid growing unrest Frustrated Tunisians have

Border patrol authorities seize marijuana-flinging catapult

Border patrol has discovered a marijuana flinging catapult near the American border. Smugglers used the catapult to fling marijuana into the United States, and it was filmed by the National Guard. Mexican law enforcement has since seized the catapult. Marijuana catapult discovered near Mexican border Apparently the war on drugs has gone medieval; border patrol

Great Pacific Garbage Patch | We Headed For Space Yet?

Will the “Wall-E” future come true? In the Pixar film “Wall-E,” pollution has run rampant, to the point where the Earth is uninhabitable. Much of this pollution comes straight from the waste inherent in our high-speed consumer culture of convenience. As a result of their sloth, humankind have been forced to evacuate the planet and
German Chancellor Angel Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy appear to be near kissing.

Merkel-Sarkozy-Medvedev meeting suggests new Atlantic order

Europe is searching for ways to piece together a lasting model for economic prosperity and national security. According to the Atlantic Sentinel, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Dmitry Medvedev are meeting before the upcoming European G20 meeting in order to cement what could be a lasting partnership that would signify a “new Atlantic order.” No
Kosovo Flag

International Court of Justice supports Kosovo separation

The international court within the UN, the International Court of Justice, has ruled that Kosovo has the legal right to declare freedom from Serbia. Both sides of this debate have been waiting anxiously for this decision. This decision is going to have effects around the world. Kosovo declares freedom In February of 2008, Kosovo made
Yeonpyeong Island

North Korea bombs South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island

In a very sharp escalation of tensions, North Korea has attacked South Korea. Both North and South Korea confirm that Yeonpyeong Island was shelled this morning, though there is debate over which country shot first. At least 16 people, including civilians, have been injured in the skirmish, and several buildings continue to burn. Yeonpyeong Island

Top 10 ways to help Haiti

If you can give, here’s how The Haiti earthquake has proven to be a great disaster. Many organizations are sending cash advances and other forms of aid to help the Haitian people. I certainly don’t want to take credit for the following info, but I feel it is it is worth bringing to the attention