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Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer. Image from Flickr.

Paying for Wedding with Aluminum Cans | Crafty or Crazy?

More than a car decoration With the amount of cash people spend on weddings nowadays (average in U.S. is $28,000), it’s practically impossible to pull it off without involving a personal loan, either on the part of the parents or the couple. It’s no wonder some people would rather just elope. But couples are coming
A Seattle Police cruiser, much like the one used by the cop who punches a woman on video.

Seattle cop punches woman after jaywalking stop

Seattle police have had a difficult time in the media the past 12 months, and the latest “cop punches woman” incident doesn’t help matters. Back in November 2009, Deputy Paul Schene was videotaped beating then 15-year-old Malika Calhoun while she was in her jail cell. Schene’s actions prompted a civil rights investigation. Now Seattle Police

Orange alligator wandering Florida neighborhoods

In one Florida neighborhood, an orange alligator is making headlines. Wildlife biologists have been consulted about this new orange alligator. Some are wondering whether the orange color is from a toxin related to recent fish die-offs. Orange alligator spotted in Florida In Venice, Fla., the newest resident of a subdivision is turning a lot of heads.

A Hot Mess | Sarah Palin Runner’s World Interview

Where are you running to? Did you see the Sarah Palin Runner’s World interview? It may give us some idea of what she’s running for, but is the real question that we should be asking “What’s she running from?” Where’s Sarah Palin headed these days? That’s a question that has the Republican party stumped. Is
Is a TV this size for $9.99 too good to be true? Yes.

Best Buy $9.99 TV Will Go To Five Lucky Customers

Other $9.99 TV buyers will get money back Although thousands of BestBuy customers ordered the Samsung Best Buy $9.99 TV, only five people will get the 52″ flat-panel LCD TV for that price. As most people assumed, the Best Buy $9.99 TV price was a mistake. This message has started making its way around: To
A Playmobile play set that enables children to simulate the thrill of going through airport security.

Passenger John Tyner calls TSA patdown sexual assault

Airport security screening is more up close and personal than ever, and people like John Tyner have had enough. According to ABC News, the 31-year-old programmer was attempting to get on a flight at San Diego International Airport. Tyner objected to the full body scanner, then objected to a patdown on the inner thigh (a
A beautiful orange and red sunset. Inset of the sun's new owner, Angeles Duran, hovers above in the firmament.

The sun has an owner, and it is Angeles Duran

When Arthur Schwartz and Dorothy Fields wrote the song “I’ll Buy You a Star” for the musical “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” they had no idea that people would eventually take them literally. When the band Smash Mouth opined that “You might as well be walking on the sun,” they weren’t seriously suggesting that our
(Photo: Monroe College)

Trina Thompson Sues Her College Because They Failed Her

I say, “Go for it.” Trina Thompson spent $70,000 in tuition for a degree in Information Technology from Monroe College in the Bronx, New York. Now that she can’t secure a job with her advanced degree, she has taken it upon herself to sue the university and get her tuition money back. Some would call
Photograph of a human skeleton, seated in a chair next to a sink. Is it a victim of the Oriental yeti, or simply a conversation piece?

Chinese hunters bring down Oriental yeti

British newspaper The Telegraph may be onto something with this whole Oriental Yeti thing. Since we live in a world where we must remain on 24-hour blob watch, it pays to know where and when the latest hairless mystery beast is captured. In the case of the Oriental yeti, hunters in the Sichuan province of
I do believe the guy who wrote this book, Mathew Honan, created Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition. Image from

Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-Existing Condition | Playful Patriotism

Who’s unpatriotic now? During the eight years of Republican reign that preceded President Barack Obama’s election, fans of President Bush often fought criticism of him by saying that the critic was “unpatriotic,” “anti-American,” you know what I’m talking about. So liberals got a reputation of being unpatriotic, but my how the tables have turned. The

Pregnant Woman Pregnant Again | A Rare Superfetation Case

A son conceived 2 ½ weeks after a daughter Todd and Julia Grovenburg of Arkansas are expecting new additions to their family. However, unlike the vast majority of expectant mothers with two kids on the way, Julia Grovenburg isn’t going to have twins, and the children aren’t going to be at least nine months apart.
Mystery Missile

Mystery Missile in California launches against setting sun

Los Angeles television stations are reporting on a mystery missile launch the evening of Nov. 8. The mystery missile was seen launching about 35 miles off the California coast. Popular theories say that the mystery missile may be NASA’s Black Brant IX rockets, or possibly an optical illusion from an approaching aircraft. Mystery missile in
An infant dressed in a white onesie. Text on the chest reads “tax deduction.”

Bizarre tax deductions to brighten your tax day

Monday, April 18 is tax day 2011, and some Americans will attempt to slip some very creative tax deductions by the IRS. From flattop haircuts to human sperm donations, auditors have seen it all. In the spirit of the occasion and prefaced with the warning not to try this at home, here are some of

“The Amazing Randi” exposes bomb detection fraud

It’s been said that a magician never reveals his secrets. In the case of “The Amazing Randi” and the current controversies surrounding crock bomb detectors unscrupulous companies are attempting to peddle for soldiers in Iraq, James Randi is happy to reveal exactly what’s going on. As you’ll see, the military should never invest in such

Chupacabra identity solved again; creature found to be raccoon

Once again, a rumored Chupacabra has its identity revealed as just another ordinary creature. A strange hairless creature was shot in Kentucky, and it was taken for analysis; meanwhile people started calling it a Chupacabra. It turned out to be hairless raccoon. Hairless raccoon found to be Kentucky Chupacabra’s identity In mid-December, reports started pouring
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75 1/2 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village a Hot Property

75 1/2 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village carries a hefty price tag Only in New York City would a 9-and-a-half-foot-wide house go for $2.7 million. That’s exactly what’s happening, though, as the house at 75 1/2 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village is on the market. It’s the skinniest house in New York City, and though
They were so close, I could almost touch them – if my hand could blast through that brand new brick wall I'd built! (Photo:

A No Fax Cash Advance for the Keys that Got Away

Well, they didn’t QUITE get away, but… They were definitely toast by the time I’d chipped the dried cement off of them. Here’s the deal. I work for a landscaping business in City of Industry. One day, I’m doing some brickwork for a customer, minding my own business, when his dog comes tearing out of