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Millions of dead fish join dead birds phenomenon

Two incidents of large numbers of dead fish have been reported in the last week. One incident was reported in Arkansas about the same time as hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky, and another massive fish die-off has been reported in Maryland. Massive numbers of dead fish washing ashore Two recent incidents of
Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano (Photo:

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano and Rabbis Arrested

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… A mayor and some rabbis walk into a bar. They launder lots of money on an international scale while they’re there, so they are arrested. That’s exactly what happened to Peter Cammarano and the rabbis arrested in a huge money laundering scheme that the New York Daily
Going face-to-face with an excited alligator snapping turtle is never a good idea. Here we see its mouth open wide and ready to snap down with 1,500 psi of force.

So an alligator snapping turtle walks into a Chinese lake…

It may sound like a bad joke is coming, but in reality, an alligator snapping turtle was found in Weishan Lake in southern China’s Anhui province, writes Gather. That’s far outside their normal habitat, which various sources attribute to being the freshwater lakes of the southeastern United States. Gather speculates that the turtle may have
File photo of Sen. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) Someone is waving a pocket watch in front of her, hypnotically.

Chris Matthews to Michele Bachmann: Are you hypnotized?

Election 2010 has come to a close, and as expected, there was a Republican resurgence in the House of Representatives, capped by Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) wresting Speaker of the House honors from Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) One memorable and unexpected moment was Chris Matthews’ MSNBC interview with victorious incumbent Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), writes
A visitor to Massachusetts' Plum Island watching the early morning sun rise over the dunes. He's wearing a T-shirt on his head that makes him look like Yassir Arafat. By the way, the Montauk Monster is sneaking up behind him.

Plum Island | Want to buy a former animal disease center?

Plum Island is a part of Southold, New York in Gardiners Bay, off the eastern end of the North Fork coast of Long Island. Since the beginning of the Cold War, the island has been the site of a military base and an animal disease center that shall forever be known as “Lab 257.” When Lab 257
Mock cover of a children's book entitled “My First Cavity Search.” A young child is being approached by airport security officials. The officials are wearing inspection gloves.

TSA official pats down distraught 3-year-old girl

Airport security post-9/11 has been a tedious process for all involved, from passengers to screeners. Sometimes the tedium crosses the line into invasion of personal space. Hot Air reports that a TSA official in Chattanooga, Tenn., showed that she could perhaps use some sensitivity training after a recent episode with a cranky child. Captured on
Free Hugs

National Hug Day, January 21, celebrates healing power of hugs

There are some days when all you need is a hug. National Hug Day, Jan. 21, is a day to celebrate the kindness of those who fill that need. Though National Hug Day has been around since 1986, the legal system has gotten involved more than once. The origins of National Hug Day In 1986

Manipulate your meat stylus for iPhone

It’s a wrapped sausage for iPhone touch screens Why is the meat stylus for iPhone wrapped? Because things could get messy very quickly, that’s why. You know what I’m talking about: smears and juice everywhere as you wildly attempt to communicate with a world whose hunger is gradually ascending as bloodlust before the onslaught of

Pet Snake Kills Baby in Florida | Are They Good Pets?

Live peacefully with nature “You know they call them killer whales But you seem surprised When it pinned you down to the bottom of the tank Where you can’t turn around It took half your leg and both your lungs” – From “People Gotta Lot of Nerve” by Neko Case Making pets of wild animals

May 21, 2011, is Judgment Day, says Family Radio Worldwide

Members of a loosely organized Christian group have announced that they believe May 21, 2011, will be rapture day. Pastor Harold Camping announced this on his Family Radio Worldwide radio show. This is the second time Camping has announced an upcoming date of rapture. May 21, 2011, deemed Judgment Day In a publication and broadcast

Last Centralia, PA. residents finally fleeing coal fire

Centralia, Pa. coal mine fire has been burning since 1962 Our blood has stained the coal We tunneled deep inside the nation’s soul We matter more than pounds and pence Your economic theory makes no sense –  Sting, “We Work the Black Seam” The recession has claimed the homes of thousands of people across this
Wedding Cans

Wedding Cans Update: Pete and Andrea’s saga continues

Wedding Cans goal is nigh Do you remember those Pete and Andrea characters I wrote about a couple of weeks ago? They started the Wedding Cans project to raise money for their wedding. Their goal was to recycle 400,000 aluminum cans to pay for their wedding. That gigantic mountain of cans — about five tons

Googlers again needing dictionary for vitriol

For those of us who pay attention these sorts of things, Google Trends and Google Hot Searches can be quite telling.  One of the big searches for Friday, April 2, was the term “vitriol.” Granted, it is sort of an obscure word. Some people put a lot of instant cash in them that their college,

Kiteboarder killed by sharks off Stuart, Florida

Shark attack fatalities are an extremely rare occurrence Shark attacks were immortalized in pop culture by the movie “Jaws,” but the reality is that they are exceedingly rare and no laughing matter when they occur. Such was the recent case of the kiteboarder killed by sharks off the coast of Stuart, Florida. A shark attack
Stormy Daniels

UPDATE: Stormy Daniels’ Senate Run Turns Deadly

Stormy Daniels for Senate – are you in? Remember the story I ran a few months ago about adult film star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) and her race to become a Senator from her home state of Louisiana? Ms. Daniels is sticking to the plan, despite some bizarre difficulties of late that make
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Is Zink Womanless Library Exactly What it Sounds Like? Yes, it is

Crazy man makes crazy plan The Zink Womanless Library is just what it sounds like — a library named after a guy named Zink where women are not allowed. Furthermore, the Zink Womanless Library does not allow books, magazines or any other type of publication written by a woman. Luckily, the Zink Womanless Library is