Spray-on liquid glass could save money on cleaning supplies

And who couldn’t use that kind of help? We can all appreciate the difficulty of keeping up with household cleaning. Not only can it be back-breaking work, it can also be expensive, with one cleaner for this surface, yet another for the next. Not everyone can afford to keep up such a spotless regimen, and
Ozzy Osbourne genome sequence

Ozzy Osbourne DNA sequence shows Neanderthals, strange proteins

Ozzy Osbourne, the former Black Sabbath front man known as “The Prince of Darkness,” has had his genome sequenced and analyzed. The British heavy metal icon, who became famous as much for his prodigious drug and alcohol abuse as well as his music, said having his genome sequenced could offer clues about why he’s still

Israeli study links clowns and IVF success by reducing stress

A recent study has found a link between clowns and IVF success, or a successful in-vitro fertilization. The study found that women undergoing IVF treatment were more likely to become pregnant if visited by a “medical clown” because the clowns reduce stress. Link discovered between clowns and IVF success A link was recently found between

Graphene | Flexible Like Plastic, Harder Than Diamond

The future of light, strong and cheap is now Science frequently works hand-in-hand with industry to find bigger, better, faster ways of improving production processes and making products better. For any country, there’s a certain pride that goes along with making a breakthrough scientific discovery that changes the face of an industry. Make it cheaper,

Neanderthal diet more sophisticated than previously thought

A recent discovery was made that is altering the view of the Neanderthal diet. Neanderthals, ancient relatives of modern humans, apparently cooked and ate vegetables quite often. Ancient humans and related species are not thoroughly understood, but diet gives incredible insight into daily life. Eat like a Neanderthal with more veggies It was recently discovered

Sinkholes wreak havoc | I-24 Sinkhole and Canada sinkhole

If your evening commute includes I-24 in Tennessee, the I-24 sinkhole is sure to throw a wrench into your plans. A deep sinkhole opened up on I-24 between Chattanooga and Nashville, and shut down a 13-mile stretch of the heavily traveled road. In Canada, a wide sinkhole that opened last week killed a family who
British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking (sans aliens) is shown floating in a NASA zero gravity simulation.

Stephen Hawking says aliens may not be safe to contact

British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says aliens likely do exist, according to The Times. However, attempts humanity makes to contact them could produce “catastrophic results.” Hawking, who is promoting a Discovery Channel series entitled “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking,” finds the possibility of extraterrestrial life to be quite rational, but knowing their nature will prove

Hurricane Paula | Category 1 storm pounds Mexico and Honduras

The ninth full-blown hurricane of the 2010 hurricane season, Hurricane Paula, has officially formed. A Category 1 storm, Hurricane Paula is already cutting a swath through Mexico. The storm is not expected to strengthen, but it is predicted to continue to do serious damage for a few days. The path of Hurricane Paula Hurricane Paula
Hurricane Lilli

Katrina anniversary marked as Hurricane Earl gathers force

The fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans was recently observed, but on that most auspicious occasion, another tropical storm is currently building off the Gulf Coast. Tropical storm Earl was re-dubbed Hurricane Earl, as it has graduated to a hurricane force storm system. The hurricane is building in the Caribbean, and it is
A bunch of mylar helium balloons shaped like popular children's characters like Sponge Bob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer.

The world is almost out of helium – be very afraid

If you think all helium does is make you sound like Donald Duck, pay attention. From solar telescopes to rockets and MRI cryogenics to deep-sea diving, helium is a vital, non-renewable resource that many take for granted. As long as it’s cheap to fill birthday balloons, most people pay little mind to the gas element.
leonid meteor shower 2010

Leonid meteor shower 2010: when to watch, where to look

The Leonid meteor shower 2010 has been intensifying for a week now and reaches its peak Wednesday, Nov. 17. The best time to catch the Leonid meteor shower in the U.S. will be a few hours before dawn on Thurs., Nov. 18 when you can expect to see about a dozen meteors per hour. The

Coconut Crab | Egad!

I’d give payday loans to keep these things away! Occasionally, if you watch Google Trends, people search for things that are sort of interesting, like zoology – which is a form of knowledge.  (You don’t see it often – most of the time Trends searches are about some less than intelligent event concerning so called
betelguese supernova

Will Mayan apocalypse occur when Betelgeuse goes nova in 2012?

A myth has been circulating for years that the world will end in 2012 because the Mayan calendar says so. An Australian news site added another appendage to the 2012 myth with a story that the star Betelgeuse could go nova in 2012. Scientists scoff at the notion, because Betelgeuse is more than 600 light
Geminids meteor shower, from asteroid phaethon

Geminids meteor shower tonight said to be the best of the year

The best meteor shower of 2010, the Geminids, peaks in the early morning of Dec. 14. The Geminids meteor shower tonight is expected to be more spectacular than most annual meteor showers. The Geminids are distinctive in many ways, starting with the fact that the meteoroids come from the debris path of an asteroid, instead

Massive blizzard threatens to bury Chicago and Midwest in snow

A massive winter storm system is currently threatening the Midwest region. The city of Chicago could receive the worst of the storm with more than a foot of snow, and wind gusts of 50 miles per hour or more are anticipated. Whiteout conditions are possible. Massive storm system bearing down on Midwest The Midwest region
Solar panel

Congressional commission investigating clean-energy loan promises

For the last two years, the Department of Energy has been offering a financial helping hand to clean-energy companies. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the DOE guaranteed billions of dollars in loans. Some of those companies did not grow as expected, and Congress is now questioning the decisions of the DOE. Clean energy
Close-up photo of a mass of plastic bottle waste found in an ocean garbage patch. Added for artistic effect is an image of the Earth, sinking in the waste. The planet is surrounded by a red halo, representative of the planet's blood. Remember, plastic is non-biodegradable.

Ocean garbage patch discovered in the Atlantic

As if one legacy to human waste and carelessness weren’t enough – witness the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the world’s largest garbage dump – now an ocean garbage patch has been discovered in the Atlantic, reports Red Orbit. Specifically, it’s in the Sargasso Sea, between Bermuda and the Azores Islands, but those kinds of semantics