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Katie Spotz appears to be a normal 22-year-old woman. But inside her beats the heart of a survivor.

Katie Spotz becomes youngest ever to row an ocean solo

“Endurance is patience concentrated.” – Thomas Carlyle Katie Spotz, 22, knows something about endurance. After 2,817 miles of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, she endured all that the elements and her body could throw at her. Now she is the youngest person ever to row across an ocean solo. Her 70-day, five-hour, 22-minute journey from
Offshore wind farm

Cape Wind project approved | Arguments for and against

Cape Wind has been one of the most hotly debated renewable power projects in the country. Now that Cape Wind has been approved by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the debate is getting even more frantic. If Cape Wind is built, it will be the first-ever U.S. offshore wind development and would be able
Consumers budgets are already stretched out. Cash Advances help, but will the upcoming global warming bill make things worse? (Photo:

People Use Cash Advances as They Brace for Global Warming Bill

New Global Warming Bill Studies are showing people are increasing cash advances as they wait for new massive global warming bill to go into effect. In the next few weeks, Congress will be reviewing a huge global warming bill.  The bill, named Waxman-Markey, will create a cap-and-trade program that aims to police greenhouse gas emissions.
A sad little boy.

Clonidine and the roller coaster of psychiatric meds for kids

Long, frequent deployments take their toll on military families – particularly families with young children. According to Army Times, this breakdown of the family unit has caused the number of psychiatric drugs like Clonidine prescribed to children each year to skyrocket. In large part, this disturbing trend also mirrors the overall increase of psychiatric drug
comet hartley 2

NASA Deep Impact has deep space encounter with Comet Hartley 2

The NASA Deep Impact spacecraft maneuvered as close as 435 miles to Comet Hartley 2 Thursday and beamed back close-up images from deep space. The Deep Impact spacecraft completed a similar rendezvous in 2005 with Comet Tempel 1. Australian astronomer Malcolm Hartley was present at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., when the first
Mount Etna

Mount Etna erupts in Italy; air traffic interrupted

In Italy, Mount Etna has erupted for the first time since 2002. The eruption sent lava down the side of the mountain for two hours. Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe. Mount Etna eruption The eruption of Mount Etna started late Wednesday evening in Italy. For about two hours, the volcano sent

Walking speed predicts life span and health of seniors and cities

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that walking speed can predict life span. The speed of a person’s walking gait has been found to predict life expectancy. A person’s walking speed can also indicate the city where they live. Walking speed predicts life span An analysis published
fukushima disaster

Fukushima disaster lays bare the cost of nuclear power

Before the Fukushima disaster, nuclear power appeared on the verge of a comeback. But in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, nuclear reactors worldwide have been shut down and construction of nuclear plants has been put on hold. Expensive new safety measures that may be required as a result of the Fukushima disaster
Lab Mouse

Scientists discover techniques to reverse aging in mice

A way to reverse aging has been sought for centuries. It was once thought to be as plausible as a Northwest Passage, but scientists have discovered a way to do it. However, at this stage, it only works on mice. Process to reverse aging in mice discovered Recently, scientific researchers from the Harvard Medical School

Great Pacific Garbage Patch | We Headed For Space Yet?

Will the “Wall-E” future come true? In the Pixar film “Wall-E,” pollution has run rampant, to the point where the Earth is uninhabitable. Much of this pollution comes straight from the waste inherent in our high-speed consumer culture of convenience. As a result of their sloth, humankind have been forced to evacuate the planet and
Dairy Cow

200 cows dead in Wisconsin – viruses suspected

In yet another mass animal die-off, 200 cows, dead, were discovered on a Wisconsin farm. The National Wildlife Heath Center is investigating the 200 dead cows. These mass die-offs, however, are likely not anything unusual. Wisconsin farmer finds 200 cows dead A Portage County dairy farmer came out to his fields on Friday to make
Stem Cells

Stem cell transplant accidentally cures a case of HIV

Scientists in Germany have announced the successful use of a stem cell transplant to cure a man of HIV. However, the treatment will only work for people who have specific genes. This is one of the latest HIV related breakthroughs, but there is no full cure yet. Man cured of HIV using stem cell transplant
a galaxy harbors millions of planets that could harbor extraterrestrial life

Mazlan Othman as U.N. space alien ambassador is sci-fi

News that the United Nations is poised to appoint an alien ambassador spread like wildfire over the Internet Sunday. Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, head of the U.N. Office for Outer Space Affairs, was reportedly in line for the job. Othman is on the record saying that, should it happen, humans need a coordinated response

Top 10 ways to help Haiti

If you can give, here’s how The Haiti earthquake has proven to be a great disaster. Many organizations are sending cash advances and other forms of aid to help the Haitian people. I certainly don’t want to take credit for the following info, but I feel it is it is worth bringing to the attention
Ash cloud of the 1980 Mt St Helens eruption

30th anniversary of Mt. St. Helens eruption: May 18, 2010

On May 18, 1980, Mt. St. Helens, a volcano in southwest Washington State erupted. The eruption caused billions of dollars in damage, and 57 people were killed.  While it was not the worst volcanic eruption on record, it still was a shock.  It took more than a few installment loans to clean up, and Mt.

Crocodile Tears | How the saying came to be

How many times have you heard the saying, “Oh, they just were shedding some crocodile tears”? Interestingly enough, there is an ancient myth behind it that has been brought into modern culture. It is said that a crocodile sheds hypocritical tears when it kills a victim, and this myth has been brought to modern culture.

Chupacabra identity solved again; creature found to be raccoon

Once again, a rumored Chupacabra has its identity revealed as just another ordinary creature. A strange hairless creature was shot in Kentucky, and it was taken for analysis; meanwhile people started calling it a Chupacabra. It turned out to be hairless raccoon. Hairless raccoon found to be Kentucky Chupacabra’s identity In mid-December, reports started pouring