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Diet soda

Is diet soda bad for you? One study links diet soda to stroke

In a new study presented at the American Stroke Association International Stroke Conference, diet soda was linked to risk of heart attack and stroke. Many are seizing on this study and others linking the product to obesity as proof that diet soda is dangerous. This study, however, is preliminary and the results are very heavily
bill shock regulation to prevent this as pictured

FCC to propose bill shock regulations that rein in mobile fees

“Bill shock” regulations to protect consumers from being burned by surprise mobile phone charges are being proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Mobile users have been ambushed for years by surprise charges, but the issue came to the forefront last month when Verizon, under FCC pressure, agreed to refund customers about $50 million for bogus
An x-rayed femur

Fosamax and femur fractures : FDA is investigating possible links

A connection between Fosamax and femur fractures is currently under investigation by the FDA. Fosamax is a drug intended to treat bone weakness, though some doctors have been noticing a possible connection to Fosamax and fractured bones. The Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency out of the UK published information in March of 2009 about the
acetaminophen overdose

FDA cuts acetaminophen dose in prescription painkillers by half

Acetaminophen is a common ingredient in prescription and over-the-counter pain medications. Acetaminophen can be poisonous, and an overdose can seriously damage the liver. To halt a rising occurrence of acetaminophen overdose, the Food and Drug Administration has ordered drug companies to cut the amount of acetaminophen used in prescription medications. OTC acetaminophen drugs escape ruling
cell phone brain cell study

Cell phone radiation increases brain cell activity in new study

Cell phone radiation increases brain cell activity, according to a new study. The study found an increase in brain cell metabolism in regions of the brain closest to the cell phone antenna. Researchers confirmed that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones has an effect on brain cells but don’t yet know whether the effects are harmful.
A parent is shown holding her infant in a front baby sling. This is not the SlingRider or Wendy Bellissimo product under the Infantino baby sling recall; it is only meant to illustrate how such a product is worn.

Infantino Sling Rider recall affects more than 1 million products

A recent baby sling recall by Infantino that affects the “SlingRider” and “Wendy Bellissimo” models — heretofore to be referred to as the “Infantino Sling Rider Recall” — will take more than 1 million products off the market. That’s 1 million from the U.S. and 15,000 from Canada, reports the Chicago Tribune. For parents of
tylenol 8-hour recall

New Tylenol recall fifth in a year for Johnson & Johnson

A Tylenol recall is the latest embarrassment for McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The Tylenol recall is the fifth recall in a year for the drug maker, which is under investigation by Congress for its quality control practices. This time, Tylenol is being pulled from the shelves because of widespread customer
anti aging products

Costly DMAE cream delivers little more than common moisturizers

DMAE cream is an anti-aging product being hyped as a “facelift in a jar.” A doctor hawking DMAE cream appeared on the “Dr. Oz” show this week and buzz about the substance spread like wildfire. Dermatologists and the FDA dismiss anti-aging claims about DMAE as pseudoscience, but evidence does exist that DMAE creams provide certain
Box and vial of Gardasil vaccine.

FDA approves use of Gardasil against anal cancer

In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Gardasil, a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, in the prevention of cervical cancer. It was authorized for females up to age 26 and can be used as early as age 9, which created some controversy, as did laws proposed by some states that Gardasil
SUV rollover

Toyota takes another hit with Lexus GX 460 Consumer Reports test

The Lexus GX 460 earned a rare “don’t buy” warning from Consumer Reports following performance testing by the magazine. If you thought about getting auto financing to buy one, bear in mind that the tests exposed a handling problem with the Lexus GX 460 that may cause a rollover of the SUV in everyday driving.
Red Romaine lettuce

Romaine Lettuce Recall 2010 incites calls for stronger regulation

Freshway Foods, based in Ohio, has instituted a romaine lettuce recall 2010. In all, 19 cases of E Coli have been confirmed in connection to the romaine lettuce recall. If you have possibly been sickened by the Freshway Foods lettuce recall, you may need money now to go see a doctor – though most cases
Close-up of a teething baby's mouth.

Hylands Teething Tablets recalled because of belladonna toxicity

As Reported By Parents know that teething is a painful time for both their kids and themselves. Tablets that help soothe the gums can sometimes be the only thing that permits a good night’s sleep, making them a mainstay for well-prepared moms and dads. This is why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recent

Citibank exposes 600,000 customers to potential identity theft

Do you remember the series of commercials Citibank produced about identity theft? You will probably find them somewhat less than entertaining if you are one of the 600,000 Citibank customers whose Social Security number was printed on the outside of the postal envelope containing your year-end tax statement. “Identity theft? What’s that?” exclaims an incredulous

Toyota recall could free Koua Fong Lee from prison

Koua Fong Lee may not have been responsible for killing three people How is this, you say? As you may know, the recent Toyota recall (click the link to see if your vehicle is on it) has placed the spotlight squarely upon various acceleration and braking issues that have been responsible for property damage, injuries

Personal Money Store’s complaint resources

Personal Money Market weeds out bad lenders Personal Money Market offers Complaint Resources. This information is helpful for borrowers who have had a bad experience with lenders. The purpose of Complaint Resources are twofold: To ensure borrowers have the tools they need to file a complaint against a lender who they feel has treated them
White tablet pills

Ambien : More dangerous than helpful?

Tiger Wood’s former mistress is just the latest in a long line of people that have claimed the drug Ambien helped them make things in the bedroom even more exciting. Even though this very off-label use seems to be popular on message boards, there are many much more dangerous side-effects that are gaining notoriety as
Toyota logo

Runaway prius in San Diego : more bad news for Toyota

Just days after Akio Toyoda apologized to Congress for the multiple recalls of over 10 million Toyota vehicles, a runaway Prius in San Diego is making headlines. While some buyers are looking into auto financing to get the now-reduced cost vehicles, Toyota has recalled several models of its popular Prius hybrid. Toyota has also recalled