Protesters outside Bell, Calif., City Hall. The 2009 city administrator salary scandal marred the public trust.

E-mail evidence in Bell, California, salary scandal surfaces

City administrators abusing the public trust has been an unfortunate theme in Bell, Calif. The 2009 salary scandal that shook the city’s coffers has been under investigation for some time, and it is only now that some of the e-mails Bell administrators sent among themselves have become public. As the Los Angeles Times reports, there

Women Reservation Bill guarantees Parliament seats for women

In order to fully appreciate the importance of the Women Reservation Bill that has passed the high house of Indian Parliament, you must understand something of India’s history. Indian society was caste-based for thousands of years. It took the passage of the Constitution of India in 1949 to begin to break down the rigid class
Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick latest news: He is off to prison

Disgraced former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick has been found guilty of violating the terms of his probation. Part of his probation was that he was required to make restitution payments from earlier court cases, and he failed to make sufficient payments. He was sentenced to five years for violating his parole, and he must
John Kerry

New START treaty close to final vote in Senate

The new START treaty, or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, has been approved to be voted on by the Senate. The Senate had seemed to stall on passing the treaty, which reduces American and Russian nuclear arsenals. The START treaty vote was incredibly close. Senate barely ratifies new START treaty The U.S. Senate has passed a
Mark Felt

Assange and WikiLeaks part of an old tradition

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are under a lot of fire for leaking classified documents. It goes without saying that no one should be put in harm’s way for the sake of idealism. That said, there is an American tradition of whistleblowing on a grand scale. Assange and WikiLeaks did as others have There are a lot of
A Mexican woman participating in traditional dance. Her brightly colored dress is flaring and swaying to the motion of the dance on Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo and Arizona Immigration Law protests

Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is a happy day celebrated across the United States and Mexico (primarily in the Puebla state) with song, dance, good food and even better beer, margaritas and tequila. Per Wikipedia, the fiesta celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5,
A human fetus in the womb.

Birth or Not abortion site: Real or hoax?

According to Life Site News, Pete and Alisha Arnold are a happy 30-something couple living in Apple Valley, Minn. Alisha is supposedly pregnant. Their unborn child is at 17 weeks. However, the couple claims to be torn over whether to have the baby, so they’ve created a website called Birth or Not (BirthOrNot.com). The Arnolds
Is she climbing up or down?

Gender Pay Gap “Not Closing,” Says U.K. Study

Be a mom, a nurse, a bricklayer or an astronaut In case you missed it, President Obama signed legislation into law earlier this year that mandated equal pay for equal work between men and women. This was a landmark in gender politics in the workplace for Americans, and it was a long time in coming.
Salt Flats

Estimates project Social Security will run out of cash by 2037

New estimates project that Social Security will run out of cash by 2037. The estimates, from the Congressional Budget Office purport that Social Security will run a deficit until 2037, when the trust fund will be completely depleted. Recent tax cuts already have given advance cash out of Social Security revenue. Constant deficits projected for
America's Constitution is a landmark document that protects freedoms. Is our government still paying attention to the "powers not granted" part of the Tenth Amendment? (Photo: flickr.com)

Constitution Day is Thursday, 9/17 | Celebrate What Many Ignore

A big 10-4 for States’ Rights As Constitution Day approaches this Thursday, September 17, some awake and aware teachers will consider Constitution Day activities for their students, write up Constitution Day lesson plans and make Constitution Day worksheets. Celebrating the set of principles that the founding fathers of America set forth to guard against the
Al Capone

Rod Blagojevich gets only a single guilty verdict

The trial of disgraced former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich has just concluded. After two weeks of deliberation, the grand jury returned only a single guilty verdict. Blagojevich was only convicted of one count of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sentencing will soon follow, and he could face up to five years in
Rick Scott, multi-millionaire lover or Medicare fraud (Photo: open.salon.com)

Rick Scott: Multimillionaire, Mastermind of Town Hall Riots

The $1.7 billion man If you’re wondering who is primarily responsible for organizing the barbaric efforts to sabotage the Democratic town halls across the nation, wonder no longer. The man’s name is Rick Scott, and he is in charge of the Web site Conservatives For Patients Rights. He is a multimillionaire ex-hospital CEO whose company
Protestor waving a sign that reads, "Financial reform now!"

Big businesses present wish list for consumer finance regulation

On July 21, 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is scheduled to officially begin living up to its mandate as the United States’ regulatory body for consumer finance companies. The impending change recently prompted business groups to send the Obama administration a “wish list” letter that expresses what they think the CFPB should do first,
French President Nicolas Sarkozy during better times.

Sarkozy bribing scandal rocks French government

The Economist reports that two junior ministers from the French government have resigned over expense report discrepancies like $15,000 Cuban cigars and $147,489 for a private jet to fly to “a conference devoted to the penniless victims of the Haiti earthquake.” Now scandals regarding the acceptance of illegal campaign contributions have touched French Labor Minister
Will Obama graduate from the presidency with honors? Image from Wikimedia.

Obama’s B Grade | Do You Agree With His Evaluation?

Obama’s Solid B-Plus President of the United States Barack Obama on Sunday night appeared on both “60 Minutes” and a special Oprah Winfrey show called “Christmas at the White House.” As usual, more people are interested in what happened on Oprah’s show than anything else. Specifically, the masses are evaluating whether they agree with Obama’s
Julius Caesar

Study indicates service personnel indifferent to DADT policy

A Pentagon study revealed that most service members don’t care if the DADT policy is repealed or not. Partial findings of the report indicated that a majority of active duty military personnel thought repealing DADT would have no effect. Most polls have indicated most Americans are for repealing the policy. Study says service personnel don’t

Rhode Island teachers fired as school feels government heat

All 88 teachers at Central Falls High School are gone Central Falls, Rhode Island is reeling from a firestorm of student, parent and teacher protest. Central Falls High School wasn’t making the grade with its standardized test scores and graduation rates, so the school board voted to fire the entire teaching staff. The 88 teachers