A mock Uncle Sam sign that reads, “I'm counting on you! Don't ask, Don't tell.”

DADT military gay ban upheld by Supreme Court

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) has been upheld without dissent by the Supreme Court of the United States, according to the SCOTUS blog. Justice Elena Kagan, a noted anti-DADT activist during her previous tenure at Harvard University, was recused from the decision. The 1993 law that bars homosexuals from serving openly in the armed forces
no social security cola next year

House rejects bill for $250 payment to Social Security recipients

A House bill that would have authorized a one-time $250 check to seniors, veterans and the disabled who collect Social Security was defeated in the House Wednesday. The bill was proposed to give citizens on the dole a boost because no cost-of-living increase, or Social Security COLA, was enacted for 2011. Republicans argued that the
Stormy Daniels

UPDATE: Stormy Daniels’ Senate Run Turns Deadly

Stormy Daniels for Senate – are you in? Remember the story I ran a few months ago about adult film star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) and her race to become a Senator from her home state of Louisiana? Ms. Daniels is sticking to the plan, despite some bizarre difficulties of late that make
Form 1040

Internal Revenue Service to stop cooperating with RAL lenders

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that it will no longer provide certain information to tax preparers issuing refund anticipation loans. More than once has the product been decried. Opponents have contended that they can be worse than payday loans. An RAL, or Refund Anticipation Loan, is a loan product that depends on the tax

Reality Check Web Site Debunks Health Care Reform Myths

Reality Check addresses health care concerns While the old “fight fire with fire” saying doesn’t really make any sense, it does make sense to fight the internet with the internet. In response to all of the outlandish rumors and lies surrounding health care legislation, the Obama administration has launched Reality Check, a web site that
US Capitol Building

Senate passes financial reform bill amendment

An amendment to the financial reform bill, which has been in the spotlight lately, has passed the Senate by an incredibly wide margin.  Included in the amendment are protections that preclude taxpayers from bearing the brunt of the expense of helping huge firms that go down in flames. The amendment to the bill passed 93
Making Work Pay will cost millions of American taxpayers anywhere from $250 to $400 this coming tax season. These people may need payday loans. (Photo: flickr.com)

Obama Tax Break Could Cost Millions Next Tax Day

As in Millions of Taxpayers Who Will Have to Give Money Back Were you one of those people who were elated to hear about the “Making Work Pay” tax break that President Obama gifted to the American people? Truly, it did benefit many people. Workers were paid back to the tune of 6.2 percent of
Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the World Economic Forum.

Benjamin Netanyahu to visit President Obama

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House this evening. The meeting is closed to reporters, but most reports indicate that the talks are most likely going to be focused on the recent Israeli announcements that an East Jerusalem settlement has been approved, pending the developer’s
Pedro Espada

Pedro Espada charged with stealing from nonprofit foundation

Pedro Espada Jr., an outgoing member of the New York State Senate, has been indicted by a grand jury. His son, Pedro Gautier Espada, was also indicted. Both are being charged with embezzling from a nonprofit foundation. Pedro Espada, elder and younger, charged Pedro Espada Jr., and his son Pedro Gautier Espada, are both indicted
Consumers budgets are already stretched out. Cash Advances help, but will the upcoming global warming bill make things worse? (Photo: flickr.com)

People Use Cash Advances as They Brace for Global Warming Bill

New Global Warming Bill Studies are showing people are increasing cash advances as they wait for new massive global warming bill to go into effect. In the next few weeks, Congress will be reviewing a huge global warming bill.  The bill, named Waxman-Markey, will create a cap-and-trade program that aims to police greenhouse gas emissions.
Shots of four sets of eyes from different ethnic backgrounds, stacked one atop the other.

Feminist Muslim reform activist argues for racial profiling

Georgetown University journalism professor and feminist Muslim reform activist Asra Q. Nomani believes that it’s time for the United States to be pragmatic when it comes to homeland security, rather than being politically correct. In a recent op-ed piece in The Daily Beast, Nomani argues that racial profiling and religious profiling are the most practical
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert team up to mock Glenn Beck

Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity a plea to moderate majority

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central’s brilliant pop culture raconteurs, staged dueling announcements for public rallies on their cable TV shows Sept. 16. The dueling events, scheduled for the National Mall on Oct. 30, satirize fellow comedian Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally that took place in front of the Lincoln Memorial in August. Stewart
a vintage photograph of the Senate chamber

Border security bill passes while senators are on vacation

How do you get a bill passed in the Senate? Send the senators home. The border security bill cleared the Senate on Thursday. Only two Democrats were in the session while the Senate is on its August vacation. The $600 million border security bill aims to put more agents and surveillance equipment along the U.S./Mexico
foodborne illness

Did CDC food-borne illness estimate undercut food safety bill?

Food-borne illness doesn’t make as many Americans sick each year than was previously calculated by the Centers for Disease Control. The agency released a report this week that revised estimates of food-borne illness occurrences downward by nearly half. Some analysts suspect the timing of the report was political because of a major food safety bill
Photo of Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos.

President Hamid Karzai says he takes bags of cash from Iran

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been called a “puppet president” by some and leader of a corrupt regime by others. According to Associated Press reports, Karzai has admitted he takes money from Iran and the United States – bags of cash, in fact. Some sources suggest that this anticlimactic revelation begs the question of whether
Consumers look to personal loans to help with finances during this recession. Will gains made at the G-8 conference trickle down and help their finances? (Photo: wikipedia.org)

Consumers Use Personal Loans as G-8 Nations Brace for Recovery

Will the G-8 Solve the Economic Crisis? Consumers are still looking to personal loans for financial aid as the world recovers from the recession.  Later this week, the G-8 nations are gathering to discuss the economic recovery.  Despite anticipating change, they warn that it is too soon to announce the end of the global crisis
Ted Kennedy campaigning in 1962 (Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

Sen. Ted Kennedy, 77, Dies After Brain Cancer Battle

One of the “most accomplished Americans” in history Those were the words of President Barack Obama from his eulogy for Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, the last surviving brother in what the Associated Press (at http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gs1RXaMtEaB8vsTCm-ol_zVcTexgD9AAKC8G0) calls “an enduring political dynasty.” Democratic Senator Kennedy died due to complications caused by brain cancer. He was 77