Millions of Americans who cant find work could benefit from the unemploment extension vote.

Unemployment Extension Vote Will Decide Fate of Millions

Unemployment extension vote to come The unemployment extension vote that took place Tuesday cleared the way for the unemployment extension bill to make its way through Congress. The House has passed the bill, which would allow unemployed workers to collect benefits for an additional 13 weeks beyond what is already allotted. Originally, the bill specified
culprit according to FCIC

FCIC report on financial crisis sparks routine partisan bickering

When the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report was issued Wednesday, partisan bickering was the big story. The FCIC report concluded that the financial crisis was ultimately the federal government’s fault, and it could have been avoided. The FCIC report was endorsed by six Democratic members of the commission, while the four Republicans disagreed with its

The Obama trip to India may cost a lot but may be worth it

Ranting and raving has commenced concerning the Obama trip to India. The President of the United States fulfills a dual role in government, being both head of state and government. Granted, presidential visits overseas incur considerable bills for transportation and security, but there are benefits that may outweigh them. For instance, the trade relationship the
An example of waterboarding.

President Bush defends waterboarding in memoir

In former President George W. Bush’s new memoir “Decision Points,” he defends waterboarding. The controversial interrogation technique was used by U.S. authorities to obtain information from radical Islamist prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. As Bush reiterated during an interview with Matt Lauer, he approved waterboarding because his lawyers told him it was legal. Waterboarding as
Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act

What is in the Civil Rights Act that Rand Paul does not like?

Many people recoiled in horror when Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for Senate in Kentucky, was brought on “The Rachel Maddow Show” to explain why he had criticized the Civil Rights Act.  The Civil Rights Act is a broad term, but he meant the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The law in question was introduced
A man speaking on a cell phone. His head is surrounded by a miniature phone boot with a sign on the outside that reads “cell phone.”

What the cell phone effect means to Election 2010

According to studies by the Pew Research Center, there is a “cell phone effect” that should prompt voters to question the validity of early Election 2010 results. As the New York Times puts it, about a quarter of American adults use mobile phones exclusively. Because many pollsters don’t call cell phones, results can be off
The bespectacled and –some would say – baby face of Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer. What makes a career politician like this flip his lid and shout "Baby killer!" at a colleague while the House is in session?

Randy Neugebauer cries BABY KILLER over health care bill

If he indeed reflects the will of his constituents, Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer may have just become the poster baby for why Texas should go ahead and secede from the Union: to hide public officials like Randy Neugebauer from view. Neugebauer, who has since admitted to shouting “Baby killer!” before members of the House after
Track meet competition in girl's running

Race To The Top | Only two states win Round 1

As a part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a new education program called Race To The Top was created. With more than $4 billion available for school districts, Race To The Top laid out a point system for schools that wanted a cut of the funds. There are two rounds of funding,
Harry Reid

Senate tax cut bill passes by wide margin

The Senate passed the tax bill by a very wide margin after compromises by both sides of the aisle. The bill will extend the Bush tax cuts and make some other key changes. The bill still must pass the House of Representatives to become law. Senate tax bill pass with flying colors A lot of

Cheryl Mahers $150,000 hot tub ride with Kevin Garn

UPDATE: Kevin Garn has resigned from the Utah legislature. Political sex scandals – now serving Ms. Cheryl Maher and Mr. Kevin Garn! – are like newspaper lining a birdcage. No matter what happens, some part of you is going to get dirty, whether you bend down to read the headlines and get yellow ink on

Government shutdown in 2011 could result from deadlocked Congress

On March 4, the budget that runs the federal government will expire. There are rumors that there may be a 2011 government shutdown. A government shutdown 2011 is a possibility, but lawmakers are working to prevent the shutdown. The basics of a government shutdown 2011 Facing the possibility of a government shutdown in 2011, it
Keble College, a constituent college of the University of Oxford

Student Loans: Should We Bypass the Banks?

Few Can Afford College without Borrowing Money The cost of higher education is spiraling skyward. At some private schools it now exceeds $50,000 a year. Lagging government support has resulted in steep tuition increases at public universities as well. Little wonder then that educational loans have become as indispensable to college students as low cost
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Deem and Pass | A procedural vote with big implications

With the health care bill dragging into its second year of debate, there is talk from house leader Nancy Pelosi that a “procedural action” called Deem and Pass may be used to move the health care bill through the House. Half vote and half procedural action, the Deem and Pass action – otherwise known as
Record-High Deficit Makes Americans Use Short Term Loans

Record-High Deficit Makes Americans Use Short Term Loans

Deficit high Short term loans are a popular option with Americans as the deficit reaches record highs.  Budget deficit totals were released, and the federal deficit has surpassed $1.8 trillion, according to the White House.  That’s more than four times last year’s high. It’s reached this level because the stimulus package handed out billions more

I Shoulda Had a Dennis Kucinich

Obama Joker artist revealed, says he’d prefer Kucinich Stop the presses. There is a connection between the racist, inflammatory Obama Joker socialism posters used to protest the president’s plans for the necessary overhaul of the health care system and the lost presidential candidacy of Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I rather liked the man and would
wisconsin public employee unions protest

David Koch poser gets Wis. Gov. Scott Walker to reveal ploy

A pair of right wing billionaires known as the Koch brothers were major backers of Republican Scott Walker, the newly elected Wisconsin governor. Walker, who is trying to bust public employee unions in Wisconsin, was punked by a phone prankster posing as David Koch. In the conversation, Walker was tricked into revealing his strategy to
With this debit transaction cost $35 more than you think?

Should Government Limit Bank Overdraft Fees?

Over-the-top overdraft fees The Associated Press reports that some senior congressional Democrats want to draw up legislation that would limit how much banks can charge customers in overdraft fees. Personally, I have been slapped with $105 in overdraft charges before for transactions that equaled a lot less than that, so I certainly would feel better