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Study indicates service personnel indifferent to DADT policy

A Pentagon study revealed that most service members don’t care if the DADT policy is repealed or not. Partial findings of the report indicated that a majority of active duty military personnel thought repealing DADT would have no effect. Most polls have indicated most Americans are for repealing the policy. Study says service personnel don’t

Rhode Island teachers fired as school feels government heat

All 88 teachers at Central Falls High School are gone Central Falls, Rhode Island is reeling from a firestorm of student, parent and teacher protest. Central Falls High School wasn’t making the grade with its standardized test scores and graduation rates, so the school board voted to fire the entire teaching staff. The 88 teachers
File photo of Sen. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) Someone is waving a pocket watch in front of her, hypnotically.

Chris Matthews to Michele Bachmann: Are you hypnotized?

Election 2010 has come to a close, and as expected, there was a Republican resurgence in the House of Representatives, capped by Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) wresting Speaker of the House honors from Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) One memorable and unexpected moment was Chris Matthews’ MSNBC interview with victorious incumbent Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), writes

Rep. Eric Massa calls Rahm Emanuel son of the devils spawn

Politics make for tough sledding, boys and girls. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel recognizes this, and reports indicate that he sharpens the runners before going to work. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me at all that people like Rep. Eric Massa refer to him as “the son of the devil’s spawn,” a classic

New stimulus | Obama proposes $30 billion small business program

President Obama proposes $30 billion lending program for small businesses According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, President Obama has come up with a proposal for a $30 billion lending program for small businesses.  The funds would be allocated out of remaining TARP funds, and be used to inject capital into largely
General James Jones

James Jones to resign as National Security Advisor

It was announced recently that James Jones will be resigning from his position as National Security Advisor. He will be replaced by Tom Donilon, the Deputy National Security Advisor. Officials have been leaving the Obama administration at a seemingly high rate. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel recently left to run for Mayor of Chicago. There
Si vis pacem para bellum. If you wish for peace, prepare for war. (Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum | Israel’s Plan for Iran?

If you wish for peace, prepare for war That’s the translation of that Latin phrase. I’m not talking about obtaining pre-emptive payday advances to prepare your budget for war. I’m talking about being prepared to live by the sword. This Roman saying may prove to be what Israel is preparing for against Iran. At the
house republicans

House Republicans launch quixotic repeal of health care reform

A vote to repeal health care reform was staged by House Republicans Wednesday night. As expected, health care repeal passed with the Republican majority. The Democratic leadership in the Senate does not plan to address the issue, but Senate Republicans say they will try to force a vote to repeal health care reform. The House
Michael Steele

Michael Steele drops Republican National Committee chair race

Michael Steele, incumbent chairman of the Republican National Committee, has dropped out of the running for another term. The RNC is in the process of electing a new chairman, and Steele had been falling behind in the running. Steele said that he is stepping aside for others to lead. Michael Steele drops out of Republican
A Homeland Security officer going about his border security duties. President Obama is calling for a $600 emergency fund to immediately hire 1,000 more Border Patrol agents.

Obama calls for $600 million border security fund

As controversy over the new Arizona immigration law SB 1070 rages on, the call for immigration reform and added border security is boiling over and can no longer be pushed to the back burner. The Los Angeles Times reports that President Obama has asked Congress for a $600 million emergency fund with which the U.S.
planned parenthood clinics

Anti-abortion group punks Planned Parenthood in video hoax

Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides reproductive health care, contraception and abortions for lower-income Americans, is under siege by conservatives. House Republicans and anti-abortion groups have launched a campaign to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding. Last month, members of an anti-abortion group posing as sex-traffickers and armed with video cameras tried to punk Planned
supreme court campaign finance

Supreme Court campaign finance ruling lifts corporate limits

Supreme Court campaign finance ruling Today, the Supreme Court’s campaign finance ruling lifted limits on how much corporations can spend to support political candidates. Supporters of Supreme Court’s campaign finance ruling say that The First Amendment protects the rights of private corporations, including payday loan companies, to donate as they see fit. “The text and
(Photo: whitechocomocha.com)

Tax Free Weekend NC | Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Aid for families in need In this recession, people are looking for ways to save money. No matter what rabbit hole they need to dig into, people are counting on pennies saved whenever possible. In places like North Carolina where unemployment has grown at a staggering pace, people need some kind of relief. For instance,
Congressional gavel

Congressional Budget Office | The CBO on healthcare

When any bill that affects the federal budget begins to make its way through Congress, it makes a stop that, more often than not, the public does not see. The Congressional Budget Office is an independent, non-profit governmental agency that reports to Congress, but is not controlled by Congress. The Congressional Budget Office reviews the
Senator Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter election results are not in his favor

The mid-term Pennsylvania election results in the primaries have been closely watched, especially the Arlen Specter election results. Arlen Specter, a longtime member of the Republican party, switched to being a Democrat in the last year. Some took it as a stab in the back, and others believed it was because Republicans had gotten too
Wall Street

Wall Street reform bill passes the Senate

The United States Senate has officially passed the Wall Street reform bill.  The Senate voted to quash debate and discussion earlier today, in order to move it to a vote.  It was expected to pass, as 50 of the required 51 votes were already pledged.  The final tally was a sweeping victory for the bill,
an oil drilling rig at sunset

Drill, baby, drill | Palin shuts up after Gulf oil spill

“Drill, baby, drill” has been a catchphrase for conservatives since right-wing extremist and former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin blurted “drill, baby, drill” in a televised debate a few years ago. But nary a peep has been heard from the likes of Palin,  Michael Steele, Rudi Guiliani or other Republican politicians beholden to big