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Tax Free Weekend NC | Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Aid for families in need In this recession, people are looking for ways to save money. No matter what rabbit hole they need to dig into, people are counting on pennies saved whenever possible. In places like North Carolina where unemployment has grown at a staggering pace, people need some kind of relief. For instance,
Congressional gavel

Congressional Budget Office | The CBO on healthcare

When any bill that affects the federal budget begins to make its way through Congress, it makes a stop that, more often than not, the public does not see. The Congressional Budget Office is an independent, non-profit governmental agency that reports to Congress, but is not controlled by Congress. The Congressional Budget Office reviews the
Senator Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter election results are not in his favor

The mid-term Pennsylvania election results in the primaries have been closely watched, especially the Arlen Specter election results. Arlen Specter, a longtime member of the Republican party, switched to being a Democrat in the last year. Some took it as a stab in the back, and others believed it was because Republicans had gotten too
Wall Street

Wall Street reform bill passes the Senate

The United States Senate has officially passed the Wall Street reform bill.  The Senate voted to quash debate and discussion earlier today, in order to move it to a vote.  It was expected to pass, as 50 of the required 51 votes were already pledged.  The final tally was a sweeping victory for the bill,
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Drill, baby, drill | Palin shuts up after Gulf oil spill

“Drill, baby, drill” has been a catchphrase for conservatives since right-wing extremist and former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin blurted “drill, baby, drill” in a televised debate a few years ago. But nary a peep has been heard from the likes of Palin,  Michael Steele, Rudi Guiliani or other Republican politicians beholden to big
TSA Screener

Obama picks Robert A. Harding for TSA

Robert A. Harding, a retired Army General and security company head, is rumored to be the White House’s pick to lead the embattled Transportation Security Administration. With extensive security experience and 33 years in the Army, Robert A. Harding is well-positioned to be confirmed by the senate in less time than it takes to get
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Death panels sneak in under the radar as a Medicare regulation

“Death panels” was the cry right wing protesters used in an attempt to shout down health care reform. The phrase “death panels” refers to a proposal for funding end-of-life counseling. Advice for end-of-life care was dropped from the health care bill, but the Obama administration included it in new Medicare regulations  announced Monday. Advice for

Federal probe into robosigning reaches initial settlement

A settlement is soon to be announced regarding the robosigning foreclosure controversy. Some of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders rubber-stamped foreclosure documents without looking at them and may have foreclosed on some people who didn’t deserve it. A legal probe into foreclosure practices has reportedly reached a settlement with those lenders. JPMorgan exec discloses deal
President Obama strides

President Obama talks about his personal finances

President Obama dropped in on the White House Personal Finance Summit Wednesday to give his opinion on a variety of budget related issues. He seemed a bit blind-sided when asked by Meg Marco, of the Consumerist, how he handles his own finances. After a brief pause, he answered, “don’t spend all your money.” Saving some

Voters side against legalization as Prop 19 goes up in smoke

Many are asking “did Prop 19 pass?” The answer is no, it did not. Prop 19 in California, or Proposition 19, did not pass at the polls. So far the state has voted 54 percent against and 46 percent for. Few areas in California voted positively for the measure. Had the measure passed, it would
U.S. Vice President and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a March 2010 visit to Jersusalem.

Israeli PM says Iran must fear credible military threat

In no uncertain terms, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting in New Orleans on Sunday that Iran “must be made to fear a military strike against its nuclear program,” reports Israeli media. The Associated Press indicates that this is a significant departure from Netanyahu’s previous path of
u.s. capitol building

Senate report on financial crisis points finger at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs emerged as the villain in a senate investigation report on the financial crisis released Wednesday. Other Wall Street banks, financial regulators and Congress also shared the blame, but Goldman Sachs was singled out for fleecing its clients on mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations. Details of the report also suggest that Goldman executives
Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski pulls ahead in Alaska vote count and blasts Palin

The drama of the Alaska vote count has intensified as Lisa Murkowski has pulled ahead of Joe Miller. Miller is contesting some of the write-in votes in a lawsuit. Murkowski also took some serious shots at former governor Sarah Palin. Murkowski gaining lead in Alaska vote count Lisa Murkowski has pulled ahead of Joe Miller
A sign indicating an available multifaith prayer room at an airport.

National Day of Prayer 2010 Canceled | Rumors not true

The rumors have been running rampant that President Obama has seen to it that the National Day of Prayer 2010 is canceled. However, the National Day of Prayer 2010 canceled rumor is just that – a rumor. Money lenders, tax collectors, Samaritans and people of every religion (or no religion) have no reason to get
DAVOS,26JAN03 - George Soros, captured the session 'Globalization: Globalization at a Crossroads' during the 'Annual Meeting 2003' of the World Economic Forum in Davos/Switzerland, January 26, 2003.

George Soros says China has upper hand on U.S.

Billionaire Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros has stirred more than his fair share of controversy in the economic and political arenas. His recent statement regarding China’s government being “better functioning” than the United States government should give conservative commentators like Glenn Beck a great deal to discuss, writes Foreign Policy. Soros says China must
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. (Photo: newsinfo.iu.edu)

“Deadly Doctors” Policed By Obamacare (Pt .2)

Call it social justice (CLICK HERE if you missed part one of this article) Our health care system is irretrievably broken. It’s been said that in a country where 45 million or more need but go without health insurance, that is tantamount to human rights violations on a massive scale. Those who will die soon
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Same Sex Marriage Legislation Causes Spurt in Personal Loans

Same Sex Marriage Legislation Causes Spurt in Personal Loans Skeletons Out of the Closet When the legislation approving same sex marriages was signed in Maryland and Virginia, businesses of the region hoped to gain some of the money by couples looking to tie the knot, who are expected to come from other states where these