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Student Loans: Should We Bypass the Banks?

Few Can Afford College without Borrowing Money The cost of higher education is spiraling skyward. At some private schools it now exceeds $50,000 a year. Lagging government support has resulted in steep tuition increases at public universities as well. Little wonder then that educational loans have become as indispensable to college students as low cost
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Deem and Pass | A procedural vote with big implications

With the health care bill dragging into its second year of debate, there is talk from house leader Nancy Pelosi that a “procedural action” called Deem and Pass may be used to move the health care bill through the House. Half vote and half procedural action, the Deem and Pass action – otherwise known as
Record-High Deficit Makes Americans Use Short Term Loans

Record-High Deficit Makes Americans Use Short Term Loans

Deficit high Short term loans are a popular option with Americans as the deficit reaches record highs.  Budget deficit totals were released, and the federal deficit has surpassed $1.8 trillion, according to the White House.  That’s more than four times last year’s high. It’s reached this level because the stimulus package handed out billions more

I Shoulda Had a Dennis Kucinich

Obama Joker artist revealed, says he’d prefer Kucinich Stop the presses. There is a connection between the racist, inflammatory Obama Joker socialism posters used to protest the president’s plans for the necessary overhaul of the health care system and the lost presidential candidacy of Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I rather liked the man and would
wisconsin public employee unions protest

David Koch poser gets Wis. Gov. Scott Walker to reveal ploy

A pair of right wing billionaires known as the Koch brothers were major backers of Republican Scott Walker, the newly elected Wisconsin governor. Walker, who is trying to bust public employee unions in Wisconsin, was punked by a phone prankster posing as David Koch. In the conversation, Walker was tricked into revealing his strategy to
With this debit transaction cost $35 more than you think?

Should Government Limit Bank Overdraft Fees?

Over-the-top overdraft fees The Associated Press reports that some senior congressional Democrats want to draw up legislation that would limit how much banks can charge customers in overdraft fees. Personally, I have been slapped with $105 in overdraft charges before for transactions that equaled a lot less than that, so I certainly would feel better
fcc net neutrality rules

House Republicans seek to defund net neutrality in budget bill

House Republicans voted to block new Federal Communications Commission net neutrality rules, calling them an example of an overreaching federal government. The FCC seeks to implement rules preventing Internet service providers from discriminating against content providers and customers via different fees and connection speeds. The House passed an amendment to a spending bill that would
Close up of an iPad in a man's hand. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is clearly visible on the touchscreen display.

Jesse Jackson Jr. says iPad is killing publishing, costing jobs

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) was for the iPad before he was against it. Just one month ago, Jackson lauded Apple’s groundbreaking tablet as a revolutionary educational tool. On Friday, however, iPad owner Jackson turned around and exclaimed before Congress that the iPad is a dangerous device that is “probably responsible for eliminating thousands of

Where do I vote | How to have your say in the election

There are many hotly debated issues and races in this year’s election. If you want to share your thoughts, it is important to know the answer to “where do I vote?” Depending on which state you are in, “where do I vote” is a question that could be easy or complicated to answer. Remember to

Lend America Accused of 20 Years of Mortgage Fraud

Ideal Mortgage Bankers no more If you were thinking about getting an FHA-backed loan through Lend America, it’s time to come up with a different plan. Lend America, operated by Ideal Mortgage Bankers, has shut down. Ideal Mortgage Bankers also originated mortgages under the moniker Lending Key, but Ideal Mortgage Bankers is officially out of
Cash For Clunkers has been extended (Photo: blogs.southtownstar.com)

Cash For Clunkers Gets $2 Billion Green Light

If you’re in the market for a car, get to buying! Did you actually think that a Senate with a Democratic super majority would allow one of President Obama’s pet projects to die? Did you believe that the shot in the arm for automobile dealerships would be allowed to fade away? Did you think for
Protesters outside Bell, Calif., City Hall. The 2009 city administrator salary scandal marred the public trust.

E-mail evidence in Bell, California, salary scandal surfaces

City administrators abusing the public trust has been an unfortunate theme in Bell, Calif. The 2009 salary scandal that shook the city’s coffers has been under investigation for some time, and it is only now that some of the e-mails Bell administrators sent among themselves have become public. As the Los Angeles Times reports, there

Women Reservation Bill guarantees Parliament seats for women

In order to fully appreciate the importance of the Women Reservation Bill that has passed the high house of Indian Parliament, you must understand something of India’s history. Indian society was caste-based for thousands of years. It took the passage of the Constitution of India in 1949 to begin to break down the rigid class
Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick latest news: He is off to prison

Disgraced former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick has been found guilty of violating the terms of his probation. Part of his probation was that he was required to make restitution payments from earlier court cases, and he failed to make sufficient payments. He was sentenced to five years for violating his parole, and he must
John Kerry

New START treaty close to final vote in Senate

The new START treaty, or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, has been approved to be voted on by the Senate. The Senate had seemed to stall on passing the treaty, which reduces American and Russian nuclear arsenals. The START treaty vote was incredibly close. Senate barely ratifies new START treaty The U.S. Senate has passed a
Mark Felt

Assange and WikiLeaks part of an old tradition

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are under a lot of fire for leaking classified documents. It goes without saying that no one should be put in harm’s way for the sake of idealism. That said, there is an American tradition of whistleblowing on a grand scale. Assange and WikiLeaks did as others have There are a lot of
A Mexican woman participating in traditional dance. Her brightly colored dress is flaring and swaying to the motion of the dance on Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo and Arizona Immigration Law protests

Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is a happy day celebrated across the United States and Mexico (primarily in the Puebla state) with song, dance, good food and even better beer, margaritas and tequila. Per Wikipedia, the fiesta celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5,