Chris Lee

Congressman Christopher Lee resigns amid Craigslist scandal

Christopher Lee has resigned as congressman because of a leaked photo, which he had sent to a woman he met on Craigslist. Lee is a Republican congressman from New York and in the middle of his second term. He announced his resignation seemingly to head off a scandal before it got out of hand. False
Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel (Photo: exposeobama.com)

“Deadly Doctors” Column Exposes Obamacare (Pt .1)

Policing deadly doctors The battle over health care reform is making monkeys out of people on both sides of the political fence. There are thugs who make it their business to scream, bluster and whine in the most bellicose way possible so that people interested in intelligent debate are drowned out. There are others (even
Multiple posters of smiling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad posted on the side of a building. His cult of personality continues to stand defiantly against the majority of the world when it comes to uses of nuclear power.

Ahmadinejad laughs at U.S. sanctions on potential nukes

When it comes to U.S. sanctions on nuclear weapons, human rights violations or anything else, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has heard it all before. According to Iranian online news website PressTV, Ahmadinejad is prepared to simply “shrug off” any American threats of economic penalty. This time around, it’s over the claim that Iran is developing
South African runner Caster Semenya awaits the official time for her race.

UPDATE: Tests confirm Caster Semenya is a woman, can compete

After an interminable barrage of gender verification tests by the International Association of Athletics Federations, South Africa’s Caster Semenya has finally been approved to resume the practice of her career of choice. It only took 11 months for the IAAF to determine whether Caster was a man or a woman, and throughout the trying ordeal,
alan grayson for congress

Florida Rep Alan Grayson goes down swinging … at Democrats

Former Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson tried to beat the Republicans at their own game in the midterm election and lost. He made a name for himself in his single term as a U.S. rep from Florida by trying to match right wing extremists with unabashed left wing extremism. Grayson was drubbed after running what some
supply side economics

Ryan budget plan relies on discredited supply side economics

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., submitted a budget proposal known as the “Path to Prosperity” this week. It relies heavily on supply side economics that insist lower corporate taxes translate to more jobs and higher government revenues. Supply side economics were the principle behind the Bush tax cuts of 2001, which gave record profits to corporations
U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama is seated next to French First Lady Carla Bruni at a veterans memorial function.

Michelle Obama says being First Lady is hell, claims Bruni

Being a world leader is a high-pressure job, no doubt. President Obama discovered this when he stepped into the United States’ economic minefield, and he has the gray hair to prove it. That same pressure of misstep weighs heavily upon the shoulders of First Lady Michelle Obama, too. According to the London Daily Mail, a
Black chicken farmer with chicken coop battery cages in the 1950s.

U.S. Senate offers black farmers $1.15 billion settlement

CNN reports that the U.S. Senate has unanimously decided to pay a $1.15 billion settlement for black farmers. The settlement is for the 1997 court case Pigford v. Glickman, in which black farmers sued the U.S. Agriculture Department for racial discrimination in farm loan lending practices. Black farmers won Pigford v. Glickman in 1999 Since
Michael Steele, RNC National Chairman

Michael Steele, RNC Chair | Republican cash spent on strip club?

Michael Steele, the head of the Republican National Committee, is continuing his high-flying, high-publicity controversy today with accusations of RNC money being spent on exotic dancers, private jets and gourmet catering. Just last month, Michael Steele faced accusations of over-spending the RNC budget on swank restaurants and private consultants. Today, Jonathan Strong of the Daily
A US Immigration Official.

Controversy erupts over Arizona Immigration bill

The recently passed Arizona immigration measure, Arizona Senate Bill 1070, has ignited a firestorm of controversy.  Opposition from Latino members of Congress to the clergy have decried the bill as tantamount to making racial profiling not only legal, but de facto policy for Arizona police.  The state of Arizona is among the hardest taxed states
The U.S. Capitol building, photographed at night.

Obama announces two-year federal pay freeze

On Monday, President Obama announced that in order to tame the massive federal deficit, plans have been created to institute a two-year federal pay freeze. It is projected that this move will save the U.S. $28 billion within five years and $60 billion over the the next decade. The federal pay freeze would affect all

Paul Shirley on Haiti: “I won’t give them a cent”

Free speech is a double-edged sword One of the great things about living in America is that we have the right to free speech. Everyone – including athletes – can blog about their political opinions without having to fear a masked hit squad coming to their door in the middle of the night. Such is
Erick Erickson, Ted Kennedy, healthcare reform bill

Pundit blames Ted Kennedy for healthcare reform bill woes

Why bring Ted Kennedy into this? It’s amazing how far political pundits will go to talk a  little trash. Today, Erick Erickson, founder of the conservative blog RedState, said on CNN that it’s the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s fault, basically, that the healthcare reform bill is in danger of not passing. According to Politico: “If
republicans take a swing at repealing health care reform

The Republican pledge to repeal health care reform is unrealistic

The Republican Pledge to America includes repealing health care reform. With November elections imminent, the GOP believes the public is on their side. Polls show growing opposition to the health care law. But other polls show that most Americans have no idea what is in the health care law. Republicans hope to capitalize on this

Vote on health care bill set for Sunday

The fight over the health care bill in the House of Representatives continues, and the bill is set for a vote on Sunday. The current bill was sent to the House by the Senate, and the House will require 216 votes in order to pass it, and that is what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D
Millions of Americans who cant find work could benefit from the unemploment extension vote.

Unemployment Extension Vote Will Decide Fate of Millions

Unemployment extension vote to come The unemployment extension vote that took place Tuesday cleared the way for the unemployment extension bill to make its way through Congress. The House has passed the bill, which would allow unemployed workers to collect benefits for an additional 13 weeks beyond what is already allotted. Originally, the bill specified
culprit according to FCIC

FCIC report on financial crisis sparks routine partisan bickering

When the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report was issued Wednesday, partisan bickering was the big story. The FCIC report concluded that the financial crisis was ultimately the federal government’s fault, and it could have been avoided. The FCIC report was endorsed by six Democratic members of the commission, while the four Republicans disagreed with its