E. 38th St and Mass Ave.: Former Roselyn Bakery at the corner of E. 38th St. and Massachusetts Ave. in Indianapolis.

Iowa Catholic Conference pursues payday lending limits

Bloomberg reports that payday lending is under fire in Iowa, a state where lending laws are already among the tightest in the nation. Payday loan rollovers are forbidden and fee limits are less than permissive, but consumer advocates that include members of the Iowa Catholic Conference and National Association of Social Workers are lobbying the
FDIC makes borrowing money easy

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation makes borrowing money easy

Every citizen who pays taxes in the United States should be familiar with the letters F-D-I-C (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). It’s not uncommon to see these big bold letters on check stubs and various other types of documents, especially when you’re borrowing money. What has the FDIC been up to lately The FDIC is an
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Rate My Professor | Are the anonymous ratings accurate?

When time comes to choose college class schedules, it can often feel like a shot in the dark – which is exactly where Rate My Professors comes in. Rate My Professor is an online service that allows students to anonymously rate and comment on the professors teaching at their colleges. The Rate My Professor system
Piggy Bank

Getting good rates on personal loans

If you’re getting into the market for personal loans, there are a few things that can help you get the best personal loan rates. First thing in rates for personal loans is credit score Your credit score is one of the most important details about your financial life, and it is also significant when you

UltraViolet aims to simplify movie ownership

A huge consortium of media and technology companies have announced the launch of UltraViolet. Designed to be a “digital movie locker” and media management system, UltraViolet aims to allow consumers to view movies they’ve purchased on multiple devices. UltraViolet has a huge list of supporters, but a competitor called KeyChest is already on the horizon.
Apple bling

Steve Jobs v Flash standoff heats up with letter

The Steve Jobs vs. Flash confrontation over Apple’s decision not to support Adobe’s software heated up on Thursday. In a letter available to the public on Apple’s site, Jobs called flash unreliable, “100 percent proprietary,” a battery hog and ultimately a “closed system” that “falls short.” In the letter Jobs rebuts Adobe claims that Apple’s

Israeli study links clowns and IVF success by reducing stress

A recent study has found a link between clowns and IVF success, or a successful in-vitro fertilization. The study found that women undergoing IVF treatment were more likely to become pregnant if visited by a “medical clown” because the clowns reduce stress. Link discovered between clowns and IVF success A link was recently found between

Money-Saving Tip Your Bank Doesn’t Want You to Know

APPLY HERE for an Instant Cash Advance Money for nothing In these difficult economic times, the average American family is forced to live paycheck to paycheck — if they are lucky enough to have jobs at all. When the U.S. government bailed out Wall Street, the major banks got huge cash infusions. Since then, major
texting drivers

Texting while driving bans fail to put a dent in auto accidents

Texting while driving is prohibited by law in several states. But a new study found no decrease in car crashes in those states after texting-while-driving laws took effect. In some states the number of crashes actually increased. The Department of Transportation, in the midst of an anti-texting while driving campaign, called the results of the
Hundred dollar bills, fanned out and on fire.

SEC fine, bonus tax, volatile markets dent Goldman Sachs profits

Goldman Sachs profits fell 86 percent in the second quarter compared to the first — the richest securities firm on Wall Street took a beating. The biggest reasons for the precipitous drop in revenue, most analysts say, are a big fat SEC fine and an even fatter British bonus tax. However, historically volatile markets also
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McDonalds oatmeal: Healthy breakfast or marketing sham?

McDonald’s has introduced its new oatmeal to appeal to consumers seeking a healthy breakfast, and the fast food giant markets it as a “bowl full of wholesome.” But as New York Times Magazine food columnist Mark Bittman suggests, all may not be as full of healthy, all-natural goodness as advertised. McDonald’s oatmeal: Not so healthy,
Patty Murray

Third time is no charm as Rossi concedes to Patty Murray

Patty Murray has won the election for the open Senate seat for Washington State. Late in the evening of Thursday, Nov.4, Dino Rossi conceded the race. The vote count was close, but this was hardly unfamiliar territory. Dino Rossi previously lost two very close races to Christine Gregoire in gubernatorial elections in the Evergreen State.
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Grace Groner, the secret millionaire, donates her fortune

She is known as “the secret millionaire who donated her fortune”, but during her life Grace Groner was just the wonderfully kind and older lady next door. Much of her adult life, this secret millionaire lived in a one-bedroom home and lived extremely frugally. When she died, she left her estate to her alma mater.
foreclosure moratorium

Experts: Foreclosure moratorium will harm weak housing market

Calls for a nationwide foreclosure moratorium have been rising, but the White House and the housing industry are against it. A foreclosure moratorium has not been declared, but many mortgage lenders have imposed what amounts to a voluntary moratorium by suspending foreclosure proceedings on their own. Real estate experts and administration officials agree that a
The Google logo at their Kirkland, WA offices.

Google in China | Google stands up for net neutrality

Google is the nearly indisputable king of internet searches; last month alone, it claimed 72.11 percent of all searches in the U.S., according to HitWise. It makes sense, then, that Google would be trying to break into China, where the number of internet users exceeds the entire population of the U.S., according to the McKinsey

Graphene | Flexible Like Plastic, Harder Than Diamond

The future of light, strong and cheap is now Science frequently works hand-in-hand with industry to find bigger, better, faster ways of improving production processes and making products better. For any country, there’s a certain pride that goes along with making a breakthrough scientific discovery that changes the face of an industry. Make it cheaper,

JP Morgan Chase purchases multi-family loans from Citi

As a part of its goal of expanding its lending portfolio, JP Morgan Chase has purchased a loan portfolio from Citi. The deal is worth about $3.5 billion, and is a part of the $8 billion in troubled loans Citi has been selling to others. The purchased loans are practically guaranteed payday loans for JP