Rogue Burger | Rogue States Burgers forced to move out of DuPont

In a legal debate that has pitted burgers against lawyers, Washington, D.C., burger shop Rogue States Burgers has been forced to shut down. While the debate sounds a bit crazy, the law firm that sued had a case a judge found legitimate. Burger lovers aren’t at a loss, though, as Rogue States Burgers is already
A common highway sign visible along the southernmost roads of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Experts predict the California immigration conflict will soon explode as has occurred in Arizona.

Will California immigration be the next legal flash point?

The recent Arizona immigration law has been nothing short of controversial, and many experts believe that California immigration will be the next battleground for lawmakers. Reuters reports that Latinos in California – many of them illegal residents, others not – are stepping forward to protest the Arizona law. Liberals consider tougher immigration laws to be
debtors prison

Lawmakers seek to curb spate of debt collection arrest warrants

The use of debt collection arrest warrants has mushroomed since the financial crisis. People often assume that the debtors prison is ancient history and they can’t be arrested for not paying a debt. But more than a third of U.S. states have laws that allow the debt collection industry to obtain arrest warrants to recoup
Pictured is the chemical formula for scopolamine. In small doses, the drug can legally be used to help those who suffer from motion sickness, Parkinson's and a variety of other ailments. In larger doses, it can deaden the will and be about four times more powerful than the most potent roofie – if it doesn't kill you.

Scopolamine | Yet another reason to avoid Columbia

In small doses, the drug scopolamine is legally used to help control motion sickness or even combat Parkinson’s Disease, among other legal uses. However, this tropane alkaloid can have “muscarinic antagonist effects” in larger doses, according to Wikipedia. What this means is that scopolamine (aka burundanga on the streets of Columbia) can cause dizziness, disorientation,
Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo Airport explosion from possible suicide bomber

In Russia’s Domodedovo Airport, explosion and a  possible suicide bomber has attacked the baggage claim area. Initial reports say that more than 30 people have been killed and hundreds injured. Domodedovo Airport is the busiest airport in Moscow. Domodedovo Airport explosion In the middle of the afternoon at Domodedovo Airport’s international arrivals terminal, a large
Navy Historical Center -- In this Matthew Brady photograph, a nine-inch Dahlgren gun on a slide-pivot mounting is seen in operation aboard a U.S. Navy warship during the Civil War. A similar gun, originally mounted on the famous Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia, was recently loaned to the Fredericksburg Area Museum, Fredericksburg, Va., for a three-year exhibit. On March 9, 1862, CSS Virginia battled the Union ironclad USS Monitor in the famous Battle of Hampton Roads, an action in which the two ships fought to a virtual draw and revolutionized sea warfare.

Confederate gunboat C.S.S. Peedee discovered in S.C. river

Civil War buffs have reason to cheer, reports WISTV in South Carolina. A recent archaeological excavation by the University of South Carolina has uncovered the wreck of the C.S.S. Peedee in an area of the Great Pee Dee River located in the northeastern corner of the state. Notably, historians indicate that the Confederate gunboat was
Mikhail Prokhorov image from Wikimedia.

Mikhail Prokhorov to Buy Nets, Team to Move to Brooklyn

Russian billionaire takes over basketball team What would you do if you had billions of dollars? If you were Mikhail Prokhorov, you’d buy a basketball team — or at least most of one. New York Daily News confirms that Mikhail Prokhorov, who is worth more than $9 billion, will become the new majority owner of
facebook announcement

Facebook announcement unveils new tools for a better experience

The Facebook announcement on Oct. 6 was a big letdown for people expecting a radical redesign, Facebook phone or a Skype videochat partnership. Instead, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented a modest set of new features that gives users more control over their information. The new features unveiled in the Facebook announcement include the ability to

Instant Online Loans Make Getting Cash a Snap

When things don’t work out the way we expect Whether you have car trouble, a late bill that needs paying, or need to buy groceries a week before payday, there are always times when you need money ASAP. There are some things that just can’t or shouldn’t wait. Maybe your employer couldn’t make payroll or
Another private label Seven Eleven beer.

7-Eleven beer | Private label alcohol at 7-Eleven

The corner 7-Eleven store may be ubiquitous, but Seven Eleven will soon be adding 7-11 beer to the long list of offerings. After the fairly successful release of Yosemite Road Seven Eleven wine, the chain is capitalizing on the growing popularity of “budget” alcohol. Priced between $1.49 for a 24-ounce single and $8.99 for a
Hypodermic Needle

Dendreon and Provenge make good with FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Provenge, a anti-cancer vaccine made by Dendreon, for use in treating prostate cancer.  The drug is the first anti-cancer vaccine to get FDA approval.  The drug was found to extend the life of cancer patients by a median of four months.  That said, the process behind the vaccine
Fountain Pen nib

Wisconsin passes payday lending regulations

After deliberations of some time, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed the bill that put further regulations on payday lending in Wisconsin.  There are a bevy of new rules regarding Wisconsin payday lenders, but most significant is the outlawing of title loans in the state.  The bill also contained regulatory statutes for other industries, including dairy

Last Call for Home-Buyer Tax Credits

The federal home-buyer tax credits Qualified first-time and repeat home buyers can still take advantage of the federal home-buyer tax credits. The credits are back, after a short hiatus, and prospective  home buyers stand to save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of them.  They should be used wisely,however. Here are a few things to

Changes to student loan programs make repayment easier for some

With the fall semester of 2010 coming up for many college students, recent changes to student loan programs are taking effect. Some of the biggest changes include an alteration of income based repayment standards. This help for graduates with student loan debt will reduce payments on this easy loan for some. New formulas and rules

Traveling to Europe warned against in terror alert

On Sunday, Oct. 3, the United States government issued a terror alert and travel advisory. American citizens that are set to travel abroad are being urged to be cautious of potential threats while traveling in Europe. Similar advisories have been issued by Japan and the United Kingdom. The events behind the terror alert warnings took

Open carry states | Have gun, will buy frappuccino

“I don’t carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed.” From “Why I Carry a Gun,” author unknown Gun control is a controversial issue in America, and the current legal case over whether Chicagoans should have the right to carry handguns in public has fanned the flames for

Cash For Clunkers Stimulus | Too Little For Too Few?

Will your vehicle hit the $4,500 jackpot? In principle, it sounds great. People have the opportunity to trade in their older, less fuel-efficient cars for vouchers of up to $4,500. These vouchers are usable on new vehicles that are more fuel efficient than the “clunkers” being traded in. President Obama’s point here is at least