Image from Louisville, CO, is a great place for bike riders.

Louisville, CO, Tops Money.Com Best Cities

And the winner is … CNN’s financial site has released the list of best cities, and this year’s winner is a  little town in Colorado. Louisville, CO, tops the list of 100 best small cities in the United States. The Best cities list only includes places that have populations of 50,000 or fewer.
Beware promises of magic.

‘Illegally Thin’ | DNP Weight Loss and Government Conspiracy

DNP weight loss story will sell well My prediction for the next book that will skyrocket in sales: “Illegally Thin,” a book about DNP weight loss by someone who goes by the name Random Knight. This book has got everything: A supposed “miracle drug” that helps people lose weight. A government conspiracy. Crime. Yep, now
Just married

Marriage and money: pros and cons

As June approaches many couple are looking forward to their intended nuptials.  But have they considered the financial ramifications?  Standard wisdom has it that two can live more cheaply than one.  However, our ever-changing financial world begs many not-easily-answered questions which the informed couple should consider.  While marriage offers many financial benefits, it comes with

Ace Cash Express is a heavy hitter for payday loans

Ace Cash Express has been working hard for customers since 1968 When you need to get somewhere fast, you take the express. That’s the association Ace Cash Express appears to be banking on as they look to avail customers of their payday loans and other consumer financial services. They offer upwards of 1,500 payday loans
A happy couple

Marriage: Falling in love again

Marriage is defined in several forms, aspects and beliefs. Marriage is an institution that recognizes and unites cultures and traditions. With this comprehensive meaning of marriage, there are still many couples who forget the real essence of this intended lifelong bond. Center for Disease Control recently released a detailed study on the national marriage and
job search during the holidays

Odds improve for job search that persists during the holidays

Contrary to popular belief among most job seekers, a job search during the holidays is not a waste of time. In fact, with much business activity slowing down, the holidays could be the best time to intensify one’s job search. Those who are persistent through the holidays will find less competition and people with more
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Oxford New American Dictionary Unfriends 2009

The never-ending evolution of words As more people embrace new methods of communicating, language must evolve to describe those methods. I admit that I do more communicating via Facebook and online instant messaging than I do by phone or even in person. Even the payday loan store is being replaced by the internet. Apparently this
President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan

Race to the Top finalists compete for federal education grants

Race to the Top is a competition for more than $3 billion in federal education reform grants. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced Wednesday that 18 states and the District of Columbia are finalists in the second round of  Race to the Top. In states that advanced, such as California, various school districts cooperated
human clinical trial

First human clinical trial of embryonic stem cell therapy begins

Embryonic stem cell research took a major step forward last week with the first human clinical trial. The patient, who has a severe spinal cord injury, was injected with embryonic stem cells at the site of the trauma. The clinical trial, which will test 10 patients for a period of two years, will be used
Highway sign welcoming drivers to Arkansas, “The Natural State.”

Arkansas cracks down on online payday lenders, consumer choice

Payday lending has been outlawed in Arkansas since 2009, but that hasn’t stopped some consumers in need from looking to online payday loans funded from outside the state. Unfortunately, freedom of choice isn’t viewed kindly by Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, reports the Arkansas News. McDaniel’s office obtained court orders barring two online payday lenders

Bernanke says Fed should regulate all banks

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke opposes a draft bill now in the Senate which would remove much of the central bank’s supervisory role and limit its authority to regulation of large bank holding companies. The bill, proposed by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, would limit the Fed’s supervisory authority to banks with more
A man speaking on a cell phone. His head is surrounded by a miniature phone boot with a sign on the outside that reads “cell phone.”

What the cell phone effect means to Election 2010

According to studies by the Pew Research Center, there is a “cell phone effect” that should prompt voters to question the validity of early Election 2010 results. As the New York Times puts it, about a quarter of American adults use mobile phones exclusively. Because many pollsters don’t call cell phones, results can be off
Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii games are losing popularity

When it comes to motion-controlled video games, Nintendo Wii has almost the entire market to itself. However, numbers are showing that consumers are slowly moving away from the Wii system to rival game consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Truth is, Nintendo Wii, one of the most influential video game systems in the 21st century, is

Haiti confirms cholera outbreak has killed 168, so far

North of Port-au-Price, Haiti, officials have confirmed a cholera outbreak. With more than 1,500 people infected, the outbreak is huge. The outbreak is blamed on the slow recovery from January’s earthquake. Cholera outbreak proves deadly For almost a week, medical officials in Haiti have been waiting for confirmation on a disease outbreak in Saint-Marc. The
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Housing prices decline, but home sales are rising

Nationwide home prices are declining, but home sales are beginning to rise. The past year has been volatile for real estate, but more people have been consulting with loan lenders to purchase a home. The low prices are thought to be the reason for the spike in purchases. Wealthy and investors buying houses again Figures
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Three Questions You Should Ask About Payday Advances

Three Questions You Should Ask About Payday Advances Where should I get a payday loan? There are hundreds of companies out there that specialize in short term loans, payday advances, and fast cash. When you need quick cash, it is important to remember that not every lender is the same. Remember to ask these three
The bespectacled and –some would say – baby face of Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer. What makes a career politician like this flip his lid and shout "Baby killer!" at a colleague while the House is in session?

Randy Neugebauer cries BABY KILLER over health care bill

If he indeed reflects the will of his constituents, Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer may have just become the poster baby for why Texas should go ahead and secede from the Union: to hide public officials like Randy Neugebauer from view. Neugebauer, who has since admitted to shouting “Baby killer!” before members of the House after