Dr Seuss

World set to commemorate Dr. Seuss on his 107th birthday

More than a decade after he passed away, people still commemorate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. If Dr. Seuss were still alive, he would turn 107 on March 2, and many that day will observe the birthday of perhaps the most celebrated author of children’s literature of all time. Seuss, born Theodore Seuss Geisel, passed away in
A vehicle riddle with bullet holes, courtesy of a Los Zetas attack.

Rodolfo Torre slaying puts spotlight on peso, border security

The recent assassination of popular Mexican gubernatorial candidate Rodolfo Torre has proven once more that the northeast Mexican state of Tamaulipas is not only a flash point in Mexico’s drug war, but of great concern in the ongoing battle for U.S. border security. Reuters reports that Torre – an opposition candidate representing the Institutional Revolutionary
Catalytic Converter

Precious metal and gasoline theft increasing nationwide

Incidents of theft of precious metals and gasoline have started to increase nationwide. Gasoline theft has been observed during previous periods of high gas prices, and people are stealing precious metals such as platinum and copper at an increasing pace. Precious metals will always have a market. Keep an eye on the catalytic converter One
Jodi Rell

Race for Connecticut governor is over as Foley concedes

The Connecticut governor race has finally concluded. Republican Tom Foley has conceded the race to Democrat Dannel Malloy, also called Dan Malloy, after a tense final count. A recount seems likely. Malloy, should any recounting or investigation not conclude that Foley was the winner, will be the first Democrat to win a gubernatorial contest in
Flight attendant

British Airways strike | Walkout scheduled in one week

Though negotiations have been ongoing, the labor union of British Airways employees has scheduled a British Airways strike to begin next week. The union is asking for more concessions on air travel perks and guaranteed employment. British Airways is asking for the union to accept cost-cutting measures. Either way, British Airways will need cash advance
A vintage 1960s photo of a woman wearing a crown.

Top 10 US college majors that lead to highest pay

The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of the average starting salaries from various career paths. In order to maximize your earning potential, forget majors like English and consider the top 10 highest paying college majors in the U.S., advises Salaries depicted here reflect annual pay for bachelor’s graduates without an advanced degree. Grease
Photo of the madness on wall street.

Volatile stock market driven by impulsive investor fears

The stock market forged ahead last week on news that the consumer confidence index rose. The markets went into reverse a short time later when the Fed released minutes from its latest meeting. The markets rose again on Wednesday, this time on data showing growth in American and Chinese manufacturing output.  This late burst of

People Looking for Emergency Money Try Selling their Gold

Finding emergency money in a difficult economy Emergency money can be hard to come by for consumers having financial problems. The recession has hurt businesses and individuals. Its left both with huge shortfalls in budgets and few options to make money stretch. One thing increasing numbers of consumers are using to find extra cash is
The financial crash at Dubai has sent investors scrambling for cover. Will they be able to borrow more for construction projects?

Gulf States Finding it Hard to Borrow Money

Where are the Projects? There were years when banks and institutions looked upon the oil-rich Persian Gulf States with awe as they embarked upon a series of development projects. Each project was bigger, better and promised large returns on investments. Lenders bent over backwards to grab a share of the pie, as loans worth billions
Gabrielle Giffords

Shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords’ condition improving steadily

Gabrielle Giffords, who was wounded during the Tucson, Ariz., shooting spree, is showing signs of improvement. Still connected to a ventilator, she has shown spontaneous movement and response to verbal communication. Her doctors are confident that she will survive, but the extent of the damage remains to be seen. Gabrielle Giffords steadily improving from near
Thousands of individuals are on the street in Dublin, protesting budget cuts in education.

Ireland budget cuts climb to $20 billion

The Obama administration certainly has a tough road ahead as it looks for ways to balance the U.S. budget, but imagine what it must be like for Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan. They had to design austerity measures aimed at keeping their entire nation from careening into bankruptcy. To

May is National Egg Month – Here’s how to celebrate

May is National Egg Month, a time to celebrate and appreciate the protein far too many of us take for granted. Baked, boiled, fried or even decorated, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients available. Here is why May is National Egg Month and how to celebrate properly. Why is May National Egg Month?
An infant suffering from a bout of diaper rash. Will this suffering cause a Pampers recall?

No Pampers recall yet; Dry Max diapers under scrutiny

Proctor & Gamble is reeling, much like many other American companies during today’s stock market crash, and spirits will sag further yet if there is a Pampers recall. Parents don’t care quite as much about whether somebody on Wall Street made a typo when recording a big Proctor & Gamble trade (sending investors scrambling for
Natural Gas

Atlas Energy Chevron buyout under multiple investigations

Atlas Energy is a natural gas producer and developer in middle America and the Appalachian region. A publicly-held company, Atlas Energy has received a buyout offer from Chevron valued at $4.3 billion. Two shareholder-representative companies have launched investigations into the offer, however. Chevron’s offer for Atlas Energy Atlas Energy has been trading at around $30
A jobless man holding up a sign that says "No way, no how, no bailout."

Unemployed refuse offers for jobs filled by illegal immigration

Illegal immigration and immigration reform are bubbling to the top of the media cauldron. The Obama administration sued to block the Arizona immigration law. Polls show most Americans agree with the law, and Utah wants to pass one just like it. Meanwhile, the United Farm Workers Union is getting a tepid response after offering the
John Rockefeller

Cash advance lenders do not make huge gains

The way payday loan and cash advance lenders are talked about, people may think they sit atop piles of cash. Contrary to popular belief, short term loan lenders aren’t the extortion artists many believe they are. In fact, the typical payday loan lender doesn’t make a lot from loans. The profit margins are pretty slim.

Kansas Payday Loan Store Employee Foils Robbers

Payday loan store not robbed Kansas seems to be a pretty popular place for payday loan store robberies. However, the workers at payday loan stores are getting wise. Check out this story from The Wichita Eagle: WICHITA — Two men attempted to rob a payday loan business Monday, but were foiled when an employee was