Thanks to helpful Santa Orange County marriage proposal goes well

While working malls and tree fantasies around the country, Santa is often called on to offer a special helping hand. Jonathan Nguyen and his girlfriend, Jenny Hoang, have been dating since 2001, so he wanted to make his proposal special. To do this, Jonathan enlisted the help of a Santa for his Orange County marriage

When to Say ‘No’ To Requests for More Money

More Parents in Debt Hundreds of adult Americans, aged 22 and over, are working full time and earning a decent wage, yet they depend on their parents for financial assistance. These are students who have urged their parents to take out personal loans to finance their education. Having convinced their parents about the necessity to
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Top Tech Gifts for the 2010 holidays | Your five best bets

Tech gifts have always been popular,  for good reason. Top tech gifts are usually something that someone won’t buy for themselves or at least put off the purchase of. The top tech gifts for the 2010 holidays cover a wide price range and many of the people on your gift list. Point-and-shoot cameras Even though
Lt. Dan Choi leading a gay-rights rally

Lt. Dan Choi arrested during DADT protest

Just outside the White House today, openly gay Iraq veteran Lt. Dan Choi and others were arrested while marching to the White House after a Human Rights Campaign rally. No word yet if group members will be getting quick loans to bail out Lt. Dan Choi or the other arrested individuals. The group was marching
Simplifying your finances doesn't have to be difficult. With these six simple steps, you can get a better handle on your money. (Photo:

Debt Relief | Simplify your Finances in 6 Easy Steps

The 80/20 Rule When it comes to the 80/20 rule, I’ve been applying it to everything in my life, especially in regards to subjects such as financial stability and debt relief. When it comes to my home, work, car, clothes and even my wallet, I have been trying to get rid of all the subterfuge
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Sporkle versus Sporcle | Entertainment website showdown

So, you’re looking for somewhere online to spend some time – so should you be spending that time on Sporkle or Sporcle? Yes, Sporkle and Sporcle are different websites, and while they will both very effectively eat up time, they are far from the same. While you’re waiting a few minutes for your online payday

Spray-on liquid glass could save money on cleaning supplies

And who couldn’t use that kind of help? We can all appreciate the difficulty of keeping up with household cleaning. Not only can it be back-breaking work, it can also be expensive, with one cleaner for this surface, yet another for the next. Not everyone can afford to keep up such a spotless regimen, and
The author of The 48 Laws of Power was inspired by Machiavelli's The Prince.

The 48 Laws of Power | An amoral life guide

Written in 1998, Robert Greene & Joost Elffers’ The 48 Laws of Power is a book that is part self-help, part philosophy, and part history. The 48 Laws of Power takes the view that human interaction is based on an exchange of power and provides an outline for how to manipulate that power exchange for
The kind of summer camp I always wanted, but I didn't have the installment loans to pay for it. (Photo:

Parents Use Installment Loans to Fund Summer Camp

Summer Camp is Still a Goal Parents are using installment loans to fund summer camp for their children in 2010. Due to the economy, many parents are finding it difficult to finance their children’s summer vacation away from home. On average, summer camp costs anywhere from $90 to $1,200. It depends upon the length and type

Beer of the Month Club | Price vs. Product and Service

Beer of the Month Club and romance I originally heard of the Beer of the Month Club as a suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift. Of course, the suggestion was that it’s a great gift for men, but obviously a lot of women would love this gift, too. However, before you go signing up for
Fishing buddies

Going fishing: Take the time to enjoy it

Going fishing is a great way to get outside and explore new areas or re-visit old, favorite spots. If you enjoy eating fish, you are going to love the experience. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money on gear, clothing or travel expenses to incorporate this fun activity into your routine, so you
If you are experiencing a budget emergency, know that short term help from cash advances is available. (Photo:

The Benefits of Cash Advances

Paying for Unexpected Bills Cash advances can be a great help when you have an emergency expense like a hospital bill. Getting an advance is very easy and you can even apply for it online from the comfort of your home. It will only take you a few minutes to fill in the forms and
Even if things look bleak in the short run, you can still make financial hay with a payday cash loan from Personal Money Market! (Photo:

Get a Payday Cash Loan, Even With Bad Credit

It’s time to make hay Has something happened in your life that has made you realize that you’re probably not going to be able to make ends meet this month, though you’re really fretting because something such as a poor credit history has limited or even eliminated most of your options? If so, consider opting
Applying for a cash advance at Personal Money Market is very convenient. Check out our application today! (Photo:

The Cash Advance Application Process, Simplified

Here’s the Cash Advance Process in a Nutshell It is not difficult to get an online cash advance loan these days, and it seems that just about anyone can get one. An element that adds the cherry on top of a payday advance is that the process can be quick, easy and convenient. There are
Parenthood is as sacred a thing as exists for human beings. What's fair is what the child needs, not that you keep up with Martha Jones' in number of vacation days. (Photo:

Paid Maternity for Childless Women

Is Paid Maternity a Privilege or a Right? I think that America has the wrong idea when it comes to work-life balance. The wheels of business have to turn for our economy to function, but do we honestly have to spend the vast majority of our waking lives (and sleeping lives, if you dream about
Glamorous? No. A vacation to remember? Definitely. (Photo:

Freighter World Cruises For the Adventurer in You

Saving for a needed holiday Everybody needs to get away sometime. We save our nickels and dimes throughout the year. We stockpile vacation time and cut corners where possible to ensure that we have that little bit extra to help us get away for a nice holiday. Now that we’re dealing with a serious recession,

Inexpensive Weekend Activities for the Entire Family

Weekends Were Made for Family Fun In a struggling economy, families find it especially hard to find satisfying, yet inexpensive weekend activities. This doesn’t mean that a good time cannot be had on a budget; it simply means that adults have to find creative ways of planning family activities that will not break the bank