Watch out, cubs! You may not be getting or giving what you bargained for. (Photo:

Miss Cougar USA | Wanting Dates, Needing Internet Loans

Cougars seek love online and off, use internet loans Relationships are a tricky business. Whether we meet people out and about or online (in between searching for internet loans), we all have a social side of ourselves that is longing to connect with others. When it comes to companionship, we tend to seek out those
Amusement parks are in dire straits, and you could reap the benefits.

Amusement Parks Look for Debt Relief and Customers

Amusement Parks in tough times Amusement parks are looking for debt relief by bringing in new customers. Both Disney and Universal theme parks are facing a tough time. They know that to manage their finances they need to find new customers to lure in. These two, and many smaller parks, are looking to deep discounting
Image from Louisville, CO, is a great place for bike riders.

Louisville, CO, Tops Money.Com Best Cities

And the winner is … CNN’s financial site has released the list of best cities, and this year’s winner is a  little town in Colorado. Louisville, CO, tops the list of 100 best small cities in the United States. The Best cities list only includes places that have populations of 50,000 or fewer.
A happy couple

Marriage: Falling in love again

Marriage is defined in several forms, aspects and beliefs. Marriage is an institution that recognizes and unites cultures and traditions. With this comprehensive meaning of marriage, there are still many couples who forget the real essence of this intended lifelong bond. Center for Disease Control recently released a detailed study on the national marriage and
Tipping some fast cash makes a big difference in the service you receive now and in the future.

Tipping – A Great Fast Cash Investment

When “Bribery” isn’t a Dirty Word In almost any situation, I’ve found that tipping is the best investment you can ever make, aside from investing time in filling out a cash advance loan application for emergency fast cash. Anyone who has ever spent time in a bar knows that a dollar drink is all the

How to Make Money on Twitter – Part Two

How to make fast cash on Twitter In part one of this series, readers learned that Twitter can be useful in creating additional income streams or just useful for fast cash in emergency situations. As we journey further into the opportunities for making money on Twitter, we’ll show you how to use it to save
Native wildflowers

Planting native wildflowers: Best time is late fall, early winter

Native wildflowers are an excellent choice for any gardener. They are compatible with the climate, which makes them easy to care for. If you have always wanted to plant native wildflowers and still haven’t done it, now is the time for you to take action. You don’t even need a bad credit loan to get
Library Books

The Story of Stuff : Now a book, too

When The Story of Stuff video was released in 2007, it quickly went viral. The video asks us to re-think the “materials economy” – where people purchase stuff, sometimes using cheap payday loans, use it, and then dispose of it. Over 10 million views later, Annie Leonard has released a 300-page book that goes much

iPhone Virus Can Wipe Out Your Bank Account

With calls and SMS fees, that is I am an iPhone enthusiast. It’s mightily expensive, but I’m hooked. I haven’t had to take out payday loans or cash advances to finance my habit, but it does occupy a significant portion of my budget each month, particularly since I have the unlimited data plan. If the

Short Term Loans for Bad Credit

Bad Credit Short Term Loans for Quick Money When we have to buy a gift for a loved one, need funds for repairs, face an unforeseen emergency, or maybe we just want to celebrate a special occasion, most of us will need quick cash long before our next paycheck. This is a very problematic situation

How to Use Installment Loans and the 50/30/20 Rule

Installment loans help people get on budget Installment loans are short-term loans that have proved convenient to a wide variety of qualified customers. The great thing about these types of loans is that they can provide a temporary plug in an overextended budget. They are easy to apply for, and if you qualify, the money
A human fetus in the womb.

Birth or Not abortion site: Real or hoax?

According to Life Site News, Pete and Alisha Arnold are a happy 30-something couple living in Apple Valley, Minn. Alisha is supposedly pregnant. Their unborn child is at 17 weeks. However, the couple claims to be torn over whether to have the baby, so they’ve created a website called Birth or Not ( The Arnolds
A father and mother walking with their young child on a beach in Florida.

Money Magazine Best Places to Live highlights small town life

It’s time for this year’s Money Magazine “Best Places to Live,” and the fact that small towns dominate the list of 100 cities should come as no surprise. Overcrowding in America’s modern metropolises presents a wide array of safety and logistical problems for families, not to mention exorbitant costs. CNN Money claims that the major
Do military loans put personnel on a collision course with financial catastrophe? (Photo:

Military Loans and Military Readiness | Is There a Connection?

Study Makes Case, But Authors Discount Variables Payday loans come in a variety of packages for consumers, and that includes those who are active members of the military. They’re called military loans in that instance, and they can be quite useful to military personnel who have had difficulty obtaining loans from banks and credit unions.
David Johnston

Change Your Personality By Controlling Self-Talk

Be who you “want” to be and not who you “think” you are! I have one daughter, two step sons and a beautiful wife. I do my best to live life with an open mind and a positive attitude. Reality is perception, some say, and I tend to agree. In the past I have had
USPS Truck

Official Holidays | Stock Market, Banks, USPS, Federal Government

The new official list of 2011 bank, stock market, and federal holidays is now available. Today is Good Friday, the day many Catholics and Christians around the world spend at church and preparing for Easter. Good Friday is not, however, on the list of federal holidays, USPS holidays or post office holidays. Good Friday does,
Follow the path of the solar exclipse

Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009 | Most Viewed Ever?

Open your eyes to the wonder Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? It’s quite a site that shouldn’t be missed. Some people go to great trouble to view them, to the point of purchasing special lenses or traveling long distances in search of the optimal viewing experience. Thus, fast cash and cash loans have