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Mortgage Lenders Network USA told loan documents are protected

A U.S. bankruptcy judge has handed down an order preventing mortgage documents from being destroyed. The judge ruled that the mortgage documents could potentially be evidence and must therefore not be destroyed. This specific ruling was against Mortgage Lenders Network USA, but could affect most mortgage lenders. The ruling against Mortgage Lenders Network USA A
The Western Sky Financial corporate logo, which depicts three teepees within the image of a setting sun.

Maryland challenges sovereign immunity in tribal lending case

There are a variety of state laws that apply to licensed payday lenders. When a legitimate company operates outside the bounds of state law – such as with Native American tribal lending – state laws traditionally have not applied. According to the Center for Public Integrity, such a legal divide has resulted in a legal

Natalie Munroe blog raising questions of teacher free speech

Everyone gets a little frustrated at work or other people now and again. On Natalie Munroe’s blog, the high school teacher ranted about her students and job. When that blog was brought to administrator’s attention, Natalie Munroe was suspended, and she may be fired. The contents of the Natalie Munroe blog Natalie Munroe is a

Is the Supreme Court on the verge of revoking gun control?

A Chicago handgun ban has been in place for 28 years. That may be long enough as far as the Supreme Court is concerned. The highest court in America appears “likely to extend the federal right to own guns to state and local governments,” reports Reuters. This sentiment is not universal among justices, however. The
The Colorado legislature building, where payday loans HB 1351 placed unreasonable restriction upon payday lending in the state.

Payday loans in Colorado and the threat of HB 1351

Various state legislatures have passed tough payday loans regulation in recent months, and now Colorado HB 1351 has made it through after a narrow vote. According to Progressive States Network, HB 1351 caps APR at 45 percent and requires that lenders give borrowers as long as six months to pay back the money borrowed.  Because
The Pentagon City Metro Station

John Patrick Bedell left an extensive digital archive as JPatrickBedell

Yesterday evening, a man officials believe to be John Patrick Bedell in a business suit and armed with two semi-automatic weapons opened fire on the Pentagon. He was killed in the ensuing gunfight, but John Patrick Bedell leaves behind a digital archive laden with conspiracy theories, anti-government manifestos, and new economy theories based on “information

Glock is weapon of choice for military, police and mass murderers

The Glock-19 is an Austrian-made semi-automatic pistol preferred by the military and most police departments. The Glock-19, the weapon of choice for Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner, accommodates an extended magazine that can carry up to 33 rounds. A Clinton-era law banning Glocks with extended magazines was allowed to expire by Congress in 2004. The
File photo of former Obama car czar Steven Rattner.

Steven Rattner to pay $10 million for raiding N.Y. pension fund

Former Obama administration car czar Steven Rattner has reached an agreement with the New York State Attorney General’s office after a multi-year investigation into allegations that he engaged in a kickback scheme that enabled him to skim money from that state pension system. The New York Times reports that under the agreement, Rattner will pay

Google video mistakes in Italy cause financial emergency?

Google’s video scandal with inappropriate Italian Video The internet as we know it or at least Google is in serious jeopardy. Three Google executives were convicted Wednesday of failing to remove a video that was inappropriate in nature. The case is still in the process of being appealed. Benny Evangelista, a Chronicle staff writer, quotes
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Kenneth Biros Execution Starts Debate on New Method

Kenneth Biros executed in Ohio Regardless of the outcome of the debate over a new lethal injection method, the results of the Kenneth Biros execution will remain the same. Convicted murderer Kenneth Biros was executed this morning in Ohio by lethal injection. After 18 years in prison, Biros, 51, told his siblings “Now I am
Phot of how leathel injection works.

Death penalty drug shortage slows down executions

Sodium thiopental is an anesthetic drug that has only one manufacturer, Hospira. Hospira has been denied the license needed to manufacture the drug. Because of this denial of a license to manufacture, several states are facing a shortage of the death penalty drug. Hospira can’t get a license to manufacture from Germany or Italy Hospira
Rod Blagojevich

Defense attorneys call for Blagojevich/Obama subpoena

The case against disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is progressing, and his defense team plans to attempt to call President Obama to the stand.  A Blagojevich/Obama subpoena could mean nothing.  It may also spell disaster for either the indicted ex-politician or the president.  The kind of legal team necessary for this case would send
Death Penalty opposers

Death penalty in the U.S. context

Thirty-eight of the United States allow the death penalty. Illinois has a moratorium regarding the practice of capital punishment, enacted by former governor George Ryan. Former President George W. Bush, when he was governor of Texas, presided over a total of 153 executions, making his state the leader in carrying out the death penalty. The
A law stamped “Unconstitutional” in large letters.

Illinois payday lender sues, calling reforms unconstitutional

Beginning March 21, Illinois consumers may not have the option to choose installment loans for their emergency short term credit needs. At least one payday lender in the state is not taking what it calls unconstitutional changes lying down, reports Crain’s Chicago Business. Illinois Lending Corp., which operates six Chicago-area payday loans outlets, has filed

Open carry states | Have gun, will buy frappuccino

“I don’t carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed.” From “Why I Carry a Gun,” author unknown Gun control is a controversial issue in America, and the current legal case over whether Chicagoans should have the right to carry handguns in public has fanned the flames for
Robert Kennedy

Sirhan Sirhan claims to not remember Robert Kennedy shooting

Sirhan Sirhan, the man who was convicted for the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, claims that he does not remember killing Kennedy. Sirhan, a Palestinian immigrant, claims not to remember shooting Kennedy, though he was apprehended at the scene while firing a pistol. His attorney claims he was brainwashed into committing the crime. Attorney says
The Muskegon Heights Police Department is under investigation by Michigan State Police for allegedly stealing missing money from a property room.

Muskegon Heights Police investigated over missing money

Missing money or unclaimed money that comes into the possession of a police department during criminal investigations is typically kept safely in the police department’s property/evidence room. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about that. However, if that missing money disappears for no good reason, the winds of suspicion begin to blow. In this case,