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Kinsman, IL | Scene of FBI raid

Minuscule town raided by FBI Kinsman, Illinois is a sleepy little town with a population just over 100.  It’s about 50 miles southwest of Chicago, and there isn’t much there, not even a gas station or a single cash advance store.  All that’s in the town is a church, a Post Office, and a bar. 
A mock Uncle Sam sign that reads, “I'm counting on you! Don't ask, Don't tell.”

DADT military gay ban upheld by Supreme Court

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) has been upheld without dissent by the Supreme Court of the United States, according to the SCOTUS blog. Justice Elena Kagan, a noted anti-DADT activist during her previous tenure at Harvard University, was recused from the decision. The 1993 law that bars homosexuals from serving openly in the armed forces
no social security cola next year

House rejects bill for $250 payment to Social Security recipients

A House bill that would have authorized a one-time $250 check to seniors, veterans and the disabled who collect Social Security was defeated in the House Wednesday. The bill was proposed to give citizens on the dole a boost because no cost-of-living increase, or Social Security COLA, was enacted for 2011. Republicans argued that the
Outdoor photo of one of JPMorgan Chase & Co's offices, taken in the late afternoon/early evening.

Trustee Irving Picard sues JPMorgan Chase for Madoff fraud

The latest chapter in the Bernie Madoff financial scandal involves one of the United State’s largest banking and investment companies, reports PR Newswire. It has been announced via press release that Irving Picard, the trustee for liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS), is filing a complaint in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the

Kansas Payday Loan Store Employee Foils Robbers

Payday loan store not robbed Kansas seems to be a pretty popular place for payday loan store robberies. However, the workers at payday loan stores are getting wise. Check out this story from The Wichita Eagle: WICHITA — Two men attempted to rob a payday loan business Monday, but were foiled when an employee was
Rickey Chekevdia has been found by Illinois State Police after two years of being hiding in the walls of his maternal grandparents' home. (Photo:

Boy Found in Wall | Mother Hid Him From the Sun

Parents must stop running, settle differences like adults Michael Chekevdia and Shannon Wilfong of Illinois appear to have had a difficult marriage. But the moment they had their son Ricky Chekevdia in 2003, the responsibility landed upon both their shoulders to ensure that Ricky had a safe, nurturing home. If Michael and Shannon had difficulties
A sign in red light bulbs indicating the presence of an ATM machine.

Strip club ATMs banned from TANF use in California

California is in the middle of a titanic budget crisis, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken it upon himself to pummel any source of wasted funds into submission – including strip club ATMs. The Los Angeles Times reports that more than $12,000 designated for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, which is intended
A comic photograph of a “Bad Santa.” He's wearing brass knuckles and brandishing a baseball bat.

Recessionomics: Santa Claus robs yacht club

As Christmas 2010 approaches, it appears that Santa’s sleigh is somewhat lighter than it has been in years past. Retail numbers have improved from those of Christmas 2009, but Santa is nervous; the Rhode Island newspaper headline “Santa Claus robs yacht club” is just another sign of the times, reports The Providence Journal. Bad Santa

Credit score can affect insurance rates, court rules

In a Michigan Supreme Court ruling yesterday, insurance companies were given the green light to use one’s credit score as a determining factor for insurance rates. The ruling does not change current insurance company practices. What the ruling does change, though, is the legality of the company pulling a credit report to determine rates. The
Evening photograph of Big Ben and the houses of British Parliament

LGBT group lobbies UK Parliament for heterosexual equality

Currently, domestic partnership laws in the U.K. apply only to homosexual couples, which doesn’t suit Stephanie Munro and Andrew O’Neill at all. According to Jezebel, the straight couple has drawn the support of the British LGBT organization OutRage!, which is currently campaigning the British government for heterosexual equality in domestic partnerships. According to spokesmen for
Pedro Espada

Pedro Espada charged with stealing from nonprofit foundation

Pedro Espada Jr., an outgoing member of the New York State Senate, has been indicted by a grand jury. His son, Pedro Gautier Espada, was also indicted. Both are being charged with embezzling from a nonprofit foundation. Pedro Espada, elder and younger, charged Pedro Espada Jr., and his son Pedro Gautier Espada, are both indicted
A T-shirt parody of the "Enjoy Coke" logo. This shirt reads "Enjoy Capitalism." Part of capitalism is a free market economy that would not restrict the payday loan with unnecessary (or even harmful) rate caps.

UK Office of Fair Trading says no to payday loan rate cap

Payday loan rate cap laws have circulated in various forms through the halls of state-level politics in the U.S. for years. However, not all countries that allow payday lending to serve consumers in need of easy loans are so eager to institute a rate cap that could stifle the natural price controls present within a
Oceans of time have passed. Oh, to feel that joy of reunion. It is indescribable joy. (Photo:

Jaycee Lee Dugard, 29, Found After 18 Years

Abducted at 11, Reappeared at 29 When a child or children are abducted, life for a parent comes to a halt. Intense worry and thoughts of horror invade the senses, leaving you wondering why someone would do such a horrible thing to little ones so young and trusting. Innocence is a child’s right, and no

Montana I-164 | Payday lending on the ballot

The debate about payday lending and allowable interest rates has reached Montana. Initiative 164, a citizen’s initiative, will be on the ballots that start going out today. If the ballot measure passes, many short-term lenders say it will put them out of business. How lending in Montana is currently regulated The way payday lending and
A Bank of America branch logo.

Banks under SEC antitrust investigation for rate manipulation

The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission are examining whether a group of the world’s largest banks – led by Bank of America Corp, Citigroup Inc. and UBS – colluded to manipulate the London Interbank Offered Rate of interest (LIBOR) on trillions of dollars in loans and
Example of Harvard University architecture. These classical columns hold up the roof for a place of learning; Adam Wheeler's Harvard scam held up an entire administration to the flames of their own burning ignorance.

Intercollegiate faker Adam Wheeler scams Ivy League schools

Ivy League college administrators no doubt viewed 23-year-old Adam Wheeler as a young go-getter. He had the grades, the references and more extracurricular activities than Batman. But as stories go, Mr. Wheeler’s tale was a bedtime fairy tale for our cynical age. The prince charming Adam Wheeler faked his entire educational career, according to ABC

Houston teacher beats student and gets caught on tape

Houston, Texas, students thought they were seeing a joke, at first – but when a teacher beats a student, it’s no joke. The teacher beating a student was caught on tape with a student’s cell phone, and it has caused outrage as well as school district and police department investigations. The teacher has been fired