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New health care bill summary | Health Care Reform basics Part 1

Yesterday evening in congress, the health care reform bill, HR 4872, passed the house of representatives on a 219-212 vote. An incredibly sweeping change, the new health care bill has many pros and cons. With more than 2,000 pages in HR 4872, the basics of the new health care reform bill are extensive. In short,
Assange protests

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange freed on bail as appeal fails

The controversial head of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is out on bail. A recent court hearing granted him the right to post bail and get out of jail, but an appeal was immediately filed against bail on behalf of the Swedish government. The appeal was denied, and Assange is out. Julian Assange allowed to post bail
Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano (Photo:

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano and Rabbis Arrested

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… A mayor and some rabbis walk into a bar. They launder lots of money on an international scale while they’re there, so they are arrested. That’s exactly what happened to Peter Cammarano and the rabbis arrested in a huge money laundering scheme that the New York Daily
The State of Mississippi as depicted on a U.S. Department of the Interior map.

Mississippi votes for two and a half more years of payday loans

Payday lending in Mississippi has been extended for two and a half years thanks to House Bill 455, reports The Clarion-Ledger. In a compromise with opponents, the new law  lowers the maximum allowable APR to 572 percent, but that still doesn’t sit well with religious and consumer advocates who railed against the bill. Payday lending

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down malpractice cap

Got a doctor problem, Chicagolanders? The cap is off! “I was last in my class Barely passed at the institute Now I’m trying to avoid, yah I’m trying to avoid A malpractice suit” “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Like a Surgeon” Medical malpractice has made many medical professionals gun shy over the years. Even though Wikipedia claims

SNL TSA skit | More and more opting out of feeling up

The debate over the security procedures of the Transportation Security Administration is reaching fever pitch. The SNL TSA skit Saturday night brought even more attention to the issue, as well as some humor. The humor of the SNL TSA skit is hitting a little too close to home for some travelers, though. SNL TSA skit
A rolled-up dollar bill sitting upright on a table.

Missouri House Bill 132 stifles free market competition

In her campaign speeches, Missouri Rep. Mary Still claims that she supports a free market economy. However, as Payday Pundit points out, Rep. Still’s stance on Missouri House Bill 132 – yet another state piece of legislation that would place an industry-killing cap on payday loans – is inconsistent with free market competition. Rep. Still
Bomb disposal

Spokane bomb interrupts Martin Luther King Day parade

A Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Wash. was interrupted as authorities found a suspicious backpack that was found to contain a bomb. Before the parade began, city employees for Spokane discovered a backpack which had wiring, and the police were alerted. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is pursuing the matter. Spokane police defuse
smoking methamphetamine, perhaps derived from CVS products

CVS Pharmacy fined $75 million for being key meth lab supplier

CVS Pharmacy Inc., the nation’s largest drug store chain, was fined $75 million dollars by the federal government for failing to control its sales of cold medicines that can be used to make methamphetamine. Prosecutors said that CVS became the largest supplier of meth lab ingredients in Southern California. CVS was accused of violating the
Texas statehouse

Texas legislature passing new payday lending regulation

In the Texas legislature, three new bills intended to limit payday lending are under consideration. One, House Bill 2592, has passed easily. Another is expected to come up for vote today and pass, and a third may or may not make it to the House floor. Agreed upon legislation Two of the three pieces of
A Homeland Security officer going about his border security duties. President Obama is calling for a $600 emergency fund to immediately hire 1,000 more Border Patrol agents.

Obama calls for $600 million border security fund

As controversy over the new Arizona immigration law SB 1070 rages on, the call for immigration reform and added border security is boiling over and can no longer be pushed to the back burner. The Los Angeles Times reports that President Obama has asked Congress for a $600 million emergency fund with which the U.S.
Chevy Malibu

Post office shooting in Henning, Tennessee

In Henning, Tenn., there has been a post office shooting. The post office shooting reportedly killed two employees, but details are still trickling in. The U.S. Postal Service has not confirmed anything other than that there was an incident. Henning post office shooting As reported by WMCTV, there was a post office shooting about 9
Walter Nixon

Senate removes Federal Judge Porteous from the bench

Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous has been removed from office by the United States Senate. Porteous was convicted on four impeachment counts by the Senate related to corruption charges. He cannot serve in public office ever again. Senate convicts Federal Judge Porteous Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous has been found guilty on four different impeachment
supreme court campaign finance

Supreme Court campaign finance ruling lifts corporate limits

Supreme Court campaign finance ruling Today, the Supreme Court’s campaign finance ruling lifted limits on how much corporations can spend to support political candidates. Supporters of Supreme Court’s campaign finance ruling say that The First Amendment protects the rights of private corporations, including payday loan companies, to donate as they see fit. “The text and
Wall Street

Wall Street reform bill passes the Senate

The United States Senate has officially passed the Wall Street reform bill.  The Senate voted to quash debate and discussion earlier today, in order to move it to a vote.  It was expected to pass, as 50 of the required 51 votes were already pledged.  The final tally was a sweeping victory for the bill,
Bonnie and Clyde

Fugitives John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch taken into custody

Two of the most wanted fugitives in the nation, John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch, have been taken into custody. People have been making comparisons between the two and Bonnie and Clyde. They escaped less than a month ago from Arizona State Prison, and have been on the run since. They were believed to be in

Woman Dressed as Man Robs Utah Payday Loan Store

Not your average payday loan store robbery I have read a lot of stories about payday loan stores being robbed. A striking majority follow exactly the same plot: One or two men with a gun go into payday loan store, demand money, flee with an undisclosed amount of cash, police seek suspects. Because of changing