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Wall Street

Wall Street reform bill passes the Senate

The United States Senate has officially passed the Wall Street reform bill.  The Senate voted to quash debate and discussion earlier today, in order to move it to a vote.  It was expected to pass, as 50 of the required 51 votes were already pledged.  The final tally was a sweeping victory for the bill,
Bonnie and Clyde

Fugitives John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch taken into custody

Two of the most wanted fugitives in the nation, John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch, have been taken into custody. People have been making comparisons between the two and Bonnie and Clyde. They escaped less than a month ago from Arizona State Prison, and have been on the run since. They were believed to be in

Woman Dressed as Man Robs Utah Payday Loan Store

Not your average payday loan store robbery I have read a lot of stories about payday loan stores being robbed. A striking majority follow exactly the same plot: One or two men with a gun go into payday loan store, demand money, flee with an undisclosed amount of cash, police seek suspects. Because of changing
Police Handcuffs

Joran van der Sloot booked for murder again

Apparently some people don’t get the concept that maybe it’s better to just have a quiet night at home.  For the second time, Joran van der Sloot is under arrest for murder, only this time in Peru.  He was last seen leaving a bar with the victim, Stephany Flores Ramirez, who was found beaten to
Cragislist corporate offices

Craigslist | Legal questions about sex ads, kids and crime

Craigslist — the central hub for free online classified advertisements, auto financing and personals ads — is once again finding itself at the center of multiple Craig’s List controversies. Connecticut’s attorney general has lambasted Craigslist for allowing sexually explicit advertising on the website and keeping the profits from that advertising. At the same time, a
A promotional photo of various POM beverage products.

FTC suing POM Wonderful for unsubstantiated health claims

Savvy individuals know that the concept of truth in advertising is largely a misnomer. However, a company can only go so far without proof to back up claims made about a product or service. According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has sued POM Wonderful LLC of Los Angeles, makers of
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Unemployment Extension Made Official November 5, 2009

Unemployment benefits extended 13 weeks The unemployment extension, passed November 5, 2009, was included in a bill with the homebuyer tax credit, and now millions of Americans can continue to collect benefits. The homebuyer tax credit was extended to 2010 in April. The unemployment extension means workers whose unemployment insurance was set to run out
Ernst & Young building in New York's Time Square.

State of New York sues Ernst & Young for civil fraud

The questionable practices of U.S. investment and accounting houses continue to be exposed, thanks to the vigilance of officials like New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. According to the Wall Street Journal, Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against Ernst & Young for alleged civil fraud. Ernst & Young is being accused of helping Lehman Brothers

Walmart of Weed | weGrow warehouse expanding as a franchise

In California, the “Walmart of weed,” weGrow, is opening a second location. The warehouse-sized hydroponic store does not sell marijuana. The so-called “Walmart of weed” offers hydroponic supplies, growing classes and other gardening support. The Walmart of Weed store WeGrow stores, which started as iGrow in Sacramento, are warehouse stores dedicated to hydroponic growing. The
Front view of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

Ohio public workers protest collective bargaining reform

According to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, reform of the state’s collective bargaining agreement is necessary. Yet this opinion has proven unpopular with the state’s public workers, reports At the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, 1,800 workers were out in force Thursday to protest Senate Bill 5, which would take away state workers’ collective bargaining rights
No more doctors note needed in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Breckenridge, Colorado, Legalizes Pot | Can They Do That?

Penalties for possession removed The federal government still states that possession of marijuana is illegal, as does the state of Colorado. However, in the city of Breckenridge, Colorado, people who possess less than an ounce of pot will not face any criminal or civil charges. Yes, on election day 2009, Breckenridge, Colorado, voters made marijuana

Scientists unable to find source of anthrax used in 2001 attacks

Scientists and investigators have been unable to determine the source of the anthrax used in the 2001 anthrax attacks. The anthrax spores used in the attacks are similar to a strain grown in the laboratory of Bruce Ivins but not completely identical. Ivins committed suicide before he could be prosecuted. National Academy of Sciences contradicts

Parents are Using Small Loans to Fund Childcare, But There is Help

The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit It may take a small loan to fund child care these days, but there are ways to manage. The Child and Dependent Care tax credit is a new credit the government has initiated to help consumers cut their tax liabilities. There are some eligibility requirements, but overall it
Tom Cruise, famous Scientologist. Image from Flickr.

French Court Finds Church of Scientology Guilty of Fraud

France fines for fraud The French government has never recognized the Church of Scientology as a religion. It has always viewed it as a “sect” or simply a commercial operation. Now, after two women filed complaints against the Church of Scientology, the French court has said the Church of Scientology is guilty of fraud. Now,
Silvio Berlusconi

Rome and Moscow plagued by protests and riots

Over the past few weeks, Rome and Moscow became the latest world capitals to experience protests leading to riots. Protests and riots broke out in Rome as Silvio Berlusconi survived a vote of no confidence. Riots broke out in Moscow as soccer fans and nationalists clashed with minority ethnic groups. Rome erupts in violence as
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Kinsman, IL | Scene of FBI raid

Minuscule town raided by FBI Kinsman, Illinois is a sleepy little town with a population just over 100.  It’s about 50 miles southwest of Chicago, and there isn’t much there, not even a gas station or a single cash advance store.  All that’s in the town is a church, a Post Office, and a bar. 
A mock Uncle Sam sign that reads, “I'm counting on you! Don't ask, Don't tell.”

DADT military gay ban upheld by Supreme Court

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) has been upheld without dissent by the Supreme Court of the United States, according to the SCOTUS blog. Justice Elena Kagan, a noted anti-DADT activist during her previous tenure at Harvard University, was recused from the decision. The 1993 law that bars homosexuals from serving openly in the armed forces