National Sandwich Day

Celebrating National Sandwich Day in properly stacked style

On top of being the day we find out election results, Nov. 3 is National Sandwich Day. An incredibly versatile foodstuff, a good sandwich can be everything from a hearty Reuben to the vegan-friendly cucumber stack. However you usually eat a sandwich, National Sandwich Day may be the perfect day to try something new. Why
Jack in the Box

Free tacos at Jack in the Box locations on November 16

Today, Nov. 16, Jack in the Box is offering two free tacos per customer. This particular Taco Tuesday deal is good between 2 p.m. and midnight today or until supplies run out. This is not the first time Jack in the Box has offered free tacos, and it likely will not be the last. Jack
Cocoa Beans

Chocolate more costly after £658 million cocoa purchase

“Not for all the tea in China” is the expression used when something is so valuable to an individual that it isn’t up for sale (although tea in China is a huge staple of exchange or barter). Yet cocoa is a different story, as British financier Anthony Ward has proven. Mr. Ward set down £658
Should salt be regulated?

Should the FDA regulate sodium in food?

The Food and Drug Administration has received a call to begin a study concerning whether it should regulate or limit the amount of sodium that food items contain.  Such a study would cost more than a few payday advances, to say the least, but many advisory groups, including the American Medical Association, are in favor
Bottle of wine.

The label on a bottle of wine — breaking it down

Options to put in your wine glass have always existed,  but in the last few years, the options seem to have been expanding. You can find thousands of dollars worth of wine in one bottle, or pick up a bottle for a few dollars at the gas station store. Sorting through the vocabulary on a
Close-up of a coffee cup. The world "coffee" is spelled out in bold relief.

Take a shot on National Coffee Day today

Wednesday, Sept. 29, is National Coffee Day, and across the U.S. various establishments are offering a free cup of Joe to get you going. That singular roasted aroma, rich flavor and welcome shot of morning electricity to tired brain cells is welcomed by all who can handle the rush. CBS News reminds us that we
Halloween pumpkins

Halloween 2010: 10 fun pumpkin facts

It is that time of year again, when we all get excited for the Halloween festivities. One thing’s for sure: one of the best parts of Halloween is the traditional pumpkin. But have you ever wondered why we carve pumpkins or who first thought of eating the seeds? A pumpkin serves more purposes than just
result of chocolate shortage

Chocolate shortage imminent as consumption outpaces production

A chocolate shortage is looming on the horizon, which could make it as expensive as caviar. Worldwide cultivation of cocoa trees is diminishing as demand for chocolate is increasing. To prevent a collapse of the chocolate industry, scientists have sequenced the cocoa genome in an effort to genetically engineer tougher, more productive cocoa trees. Chocolate

Omaha Steaks | Expensive mail-order quality can be had at home

It’s the holiday season, and foodies around the world are starting to receive Omaha Steaks. These mail-order steaks are incredibly popular — and incredibly expensive. You can get the dry-aged quality of Omaha Steaks at home, with just a day or two’s wait. Omaha Steaks on order for the holidays The majority of Omaha Steaks

Lion meat tacos removed from Arizona restaurant after threats

A restaurant in Tuscon, Ariz., announced recently that it would offer lion meat tacos for one day as a promotional event. The restaurant offers tacos made from various exotic game meats every Wednesday night and planned to offer lion. However, the restaurant canceled the lion tacos after receiving threats. Death threats get lion meat tacos
Ground Beef

Taco Bell launches ad campaign striking back at beef lawsuit

After a lawsuit was filed against restaurant chain Taco Bell, the company has launched a retaliatory ad campaign. The company is being sued over the beef content of its ground beef mixture. Taco Bell responded with a full page ad in major newspapers denouncing the claims. Taco Bell responds with ‘Thank you for suing us’
Happy Meal Ban

Happy Meal Ban | San Fransisco limits fast food meal toys

In a measure that was first introduced in October and voted on today, the so-called “Happy Meal ban” has been passed. This San Fransisco measure limits which meals can include a free toy. Santa Clara County has enacted a similar Happy Meal Ban, despite heavy lobbying of several restaurant associations. Happy Meal Ban focuses on
A lunch made with Hello Kitty branding

Hello Kitty Wine | Drinking in the obsession

The obsession with Hello Kitty has lasted years – and now, the Japanese bubble-head cat will now appear on the Hello Kitty Wine label. Hello kitty wine has certainly launched controversy across the world. Hello Kitty wine is produced and bottled by Italian winemaker Tenimenti Castelrotto in Lombardy. So will Hello Kitty wine show up

Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts celebrate free doughnut day

June 4, 2010 is National Doughnut Day, and some Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Doughnuts Locations will be celebrating by handing out free doughnuts. Not all Krispy Kreme locations or Dunkin Doughnuts locations are participating in free doughnut day – so check before you go in to claim your confection. Free doughnut day Krispy Kreme locations

Serious carnivores love the Bacon of the Month Club

Serious meat maniacs may want to look into joining a Bacon of the Month club. The cultural fixation with bacon is still in full swing, as bacon flavored soda and vodka are both available. Gourmet food is expensive, but people are willing to pay to eat high on the hog. Bacon of the Month clubs
coffee prices

Climate change in Columbia driving US coffee prices sky high

Coffee prices are skyrocketing, and U.S. coffee lovers are starting to get the jitters. Coffee production worldwide is under stress from climate change, global coffee demand is rising and speculators are driving the price of coffee futures higher than they’ve been in more than 30 years. But the CEO of Starbucks spread some sunshine on

May is National Egg Month – Here’s how to celebrate

May is National Egg Month, a time to celebrate and appreciate the protein far too many of us take for granted. Baked, boiled, fried or even decorated, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients available. Here is why May is National Egg Month and how to celebrate properly. Why is May National Egg Month?