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Great Value

Woman bites into razor in Walmart ice cream, but won’t sue

In East Texas, reports indicate that a woman bit into a razor in her Walmart ice cream. Stephanie Granger says that her Peanut Butter Stars cup “tasted funny” when she first started eating it. Rather than suing Walmart, however, Granger says she just hopes the company “reviews safety procedures.” Woman bites into razor in her
Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole recipe | Updated and improved

Green bean casserole has been a standard on the Thanksgiving table for about 50 years. Since first introduced by Campbell’s Soup company, the green bean casserole recipe hasn’t changed much. If you want a green bean casserole recipe with more flavor this year, it can be done easily. The basics of a green bean casserole
Eggs ready for a whisk

Whipped Beaten Culinary Works | Cooking, with expletives added

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke — Whipped Beaten Culinary Works has come out with a cookbook that will definitely make your eyes pop. Billing itself as “The Most Hilarious cookbook ever published,” the Whipped Beaten Culinary Works cookbook is the result of a few alcohol-laden evenings of three friends in Chicago. The pictures

Chocomize | Custom chocolate with a charitable twist

Chocomize, a company based in Cherry Hill, N.J., is the latest in build-your-own tastyness. Chocomizing will let you choose your chocolate and up to 100 add-ins, and deliver it right to your door in just a few days. The chocolate from Chocomize can be ordered one-at-a-time or in bulk — however you prefer. The appeal
Get ready for the Double Down, KFC fans (Photo:

KFC New Sandwich | Double Down, Weight Watchers

Don’t be a chicken… admit it looks good When it comes to food, who doesn’t want a taste explosion in their mouth? Good food is one of life’s great pleasures. However, the definition of good food varies wildly from one person to the next. The KFC new sandwich called the “Double Down” may be tasty

Pop Tart Store | Building your own Pop-Tarts

In Times Square, the Pop Tart store, called Pop-Tarts World, opened up to huge fanfare. The brand store offers everything from Pop-Tarts cuisine to build-your-own Pop-Tarts. At $1,000 per square foot, Times Square rent is a huge investment for the company, which hasn’t yet decided whether the Pop-Tart store is going to be a permanent

May is National Egg Month – Here’s how to celebrate

May is National Egg Month, a time to celebrate and appreciate the protein far too many of us take for granted. Baked, boiled, fried or even decorated, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients available. Here is why May is National Egg Month and how to celebrate properly. Why is May National Egg Month?
Dickeys BBQ

Dickey’s BBQ offering $1 sandwiches on October 19

Dickey’s BBQ, a nationwide chain based in Texas, is having a big day. Today only, Dickey’s BBQ is offering its Pulled Pork Big BBQ Sandwiches for $1. There is a limit of two per customer, but that’s enough to fill up just about anyone. Dickey’s BBQ $1 sandwiches In celebration of its 69th anniversary, Dickey’s
A Tasty Strawberry

Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida : The Taste of Summer

The Strawberry Festival in Florida starts this week and runs March 4th – 14th. While most areas of the country are still cold, wet, and chilly, Plant City Florida is already celebrating one of the tastiest of summer fruits, the strawberry. Floridians, bundled up against the 50-degree weather, were lining up at the gates this
Pringles Chip

Pringles recalled for salmonella danger

Pringles fans beware – two of the more popular flavors of your favorite baked chip have been added to the HVP Salmonella recall. The Pringles recall includes two flavors – “Cravers Cheeseburger” and “Taco Night”. The flavors are being pulled from shelves – and if you have any sitting in your cupboard, you should just
Iced Coffee

Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee Day 2010 | Not so fast

For years, fans of Dunkin Donuts have looked forward to free iced coffee, and many were excited about Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee Day 2010. It was a surprise, then, when the Dunkin Donuts Free Iced Coffee Day 2010 Facebook page lit up with complaints. At about $1.95 for a small, a Dunkin Donuts iced
You can save money on groceries by switching from name brands to store brands. Image from Flikr.

How to Reduce Monthly Variable Expenses

Don’t get caught off guard Everyone has some variable expenses in their budgets, and if you are not careful, an unexpectedly large electricity or gas bill can really break your budget. Payday loans can help in this situation, but the secret to staying on top of your budget is to reduce your variable expenses wherever
Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies | Tracing money from the fund-raising

Girl Scout Cookies are going on sale soon, and there are millions of people waiting with excitement. Girl Scout Cookies season differs slightly for every region of the country. The amount of money each troop gets from Girl Scout Cookies is a relatively small portion of each box. The Girl Scout Cookies season Girl Scout

O salmonella! FDA recalls hydrolyzed vegetable protein

According to Wikipedia, salmonella is a form of bacteria that can cause serious illness in those with suppressed immune systems. Symptoms of infection include diarrhea and typhoid fever, and resulting dehydration can lead to death if left untreated. Thankfully, only 30 Americans die due to salmonella infection each year, although that is 30 too many.
taco bell advertising

Taco Bell class action suit says its taco meat is not really beef

Taco Bell taco meat looks like meat, and some people think it tastes like meat, but technically, it isn’t beef. In Taco Bell advertising, food products are described as filled with ground beef, yet Taco Bell taco meat is only about 35 percent beef. Such a description violates USDA rules, and an Alabama law firm
Subway breakfast subs and wraps are good for healthy and nutritional eating.

Subway breakfast subs and wraps now available at Subway

Have you heard? One of the largest restaurant chains in the world is now going breakfast. Boasting more than 32,600 restaurants in 91 countries, Subway will be bringing its healthy eating to mornings in the forms of Subway Breakfast Subs and Wraps. So if you need a little cash until payday, now is the time

March 3 is National Cupcake Day 2010!

Some people may wonder why there are so many food holidays. National Cupcake Day 2010 is the most recent confection celebration, and I say, “Why not?” I cannot understand people who have a problem with food. Having a balanced relationship with what you eat is good, but not having the time or desire for food