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Analysis: New data on pending home sales and consumer spending

An increase in pending home sales in February was not enough to offset the big slide in contract signings reported in January. A February gain in consumer spending was also neutralized after being adjusted for inflation driven by rising food and energy prices. But the minutely positive data on pending home sales and consumer spending

Inflation Exceeding Consumers’ Payday Cash

Inflation-adjusted wages Payday cash is being threatened yet again by the economy. This time it’s the wage average that’s wreaking havoc on the economy. A new government survey showed that consumer’s economic rebound is being hampered by an inflation-adjusted wage fall. Since last year, it has fallen 1.6%, which is the biggest drop its seen
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Prepaid benefit cards exploit the unemployed, says study

Prepaid debit cards can work well as a gift, but monthly maintenance fees, withdrawal and ATM fees can take some of the usefulness out of them. According to the National Consumer Law Center, prepaid cards may not be the best way of distributing benefits to more than 13 million unemployed in the U.S., as is
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March Madness: the NCAA billion-dollar money-making machine

The economic impacts of March Madness, the annual Division 1 NCAA basketball tournament, add up to billions of dollars in costs and revenues. From the cost of TV advertising to the money bet in office pools, March Madness money has effects that permeate multiple levels of the economy. For the schools of college basketball teams
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Three congressional bills trying to weaken the CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is set to launch in the next few months. Despite strong consumer support, three new House bills are attempting to weaken the CFPB. The House Financial Services Committee has approved these bills, but they have not yet become law. Current status of the CFPB The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was

Finding Emergency Money Can Be Simplified by Using Tax Credits

Minimizing tax liability Finding emergency money isn’t easy, but with the vast amount of tax credits available the government is trying to make it a little simpler. Once you get your income tax liability down, you then can start looking at tax credits. There are a wide variety of them available, but it’s important to
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Can’t pay your taxes? What to do about extensions and interest

The IRS deadline for 2011 may be three days later than usual, but some people still need extra time. If you cannot pay your taxes or file on time, addressing the situation quickly is key. Ignoring the problem of late taxes will make the situation worse. Extending your filing deadline If you will not be
Itching to live in a big city? You'll probably spend more time in your car than you do in your dramatically overpriced home.

Comparing Cost of Living | Use CNN Money Calculator

Sticking to my story A few weeks ago I wrote an article called “I’m Sorry I Don’t Want to Live in the Big City.” Yet another couple of my friends are moving across the state this weekend, further aggravating my condition. My condition is one of mild irritation. It gets inflamed when people who live
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Tips for staying on budget when the urge gets to be too much

The economic crisis affects most of us every day as we tighten our belts and keep our wallets in check. But like a dieter craving sweets, temptation is always there to consume beyond our means. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do when the cravings get to be too much. Think ahead Thinking long

Thousands of Nevada foreclosures halted by injunction

In Nevada, a judge has issued an order halting foreclosures by a Bank of America subsidiary. Approximately 8,900 foreclosures have been halted by this order. The bank is arguing against this order by citing “harm caused to the public interest.” Problems with Nevada foreclosures Recon Trust is a Bank of America subsidiary that operates in
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Fed wants its money back from bad B of A mortgage bonds

The foreclosure crisis could be coming home to roost on the banks that caused the housing crisis. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York joined a group of the largest bond investors in the U.S. Wednesday to demand that Bank of America buy back bad mortgage loans packaged into securities. Other mortgage bond investors are
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Demand for consumer installment loans declines

Economic data is indicating that demand for large consumer loans, like installment loans and credit card loans, has declined. The Federal Reserve has reported that there is actually plenty of available instant cash for lending, but no one wants to borrow. Americans are tightening their belts, as fewer people are seeing debt as an asset.
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Mortgages becoming very low interest loans

If you’re looking at buying a home, right now is the time to do it. There are, unfortunately, a lot of foreclosed properties on the market at discounted prices. Not only that, but a lot of people are looking to sell. There is also a lot of inventory to move. As luck would have it,
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Learn how to find the unclaimed money waiting for you

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed money sitting in accounts in the U.S. Are you one of the rightful owners of unclaimed money sitting in savings bonds, misplaced pensions, apartment deposits, lost tax refunds and more? Try out some ideas from “Good Morning America” at Oprah endorses unclaimed money recovery General purpose websites
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Kelley Blue Book Launches Car-Buying Web Site

Trusted Marketplace pulls it all together For as long as I can remember, Kelley Blue Book has been the leading — and as far as I know, the only — source for giving quotes on the value of a vehicle. So the regular car-purchasing scenario started something like this: Use preferred search method to find
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Ten money-saving tax reminders

If you haven’t already filed, it’s time to get started on your 2009 tax return. These 10 money-saving tips might save you so much on taxes that you can hold off applying for short term installment loans or payday cash advances. 1. Homebuyers First-time homebuyers may be entitled to a credit of 10 percent of
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Mikhail Prokhorov to Buy Nets, Team to Move to Brooklyn

Russian billionaire takes over basketball team What would you do if you had billions of dollars? If you were Mikhail Prokhorov, you’d buy a basketball team — or at least most of one. New York Daily News confirms that Mikhail Prokhorov, who is worth more than $9 billion, will become the new majority owner of