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Surprise China rate hike reveals country worried about inflation

The first China interest rate hike since 2007 caught analysts by surprise and knocked  world markets off-kilter. The Chinese government offered no explanation, but consensus among experts is China has recognized the need to stem inflation in its economy. Fears that the China rate hike could drag on global recovery sent stock markets in Europe
Cutting Shears

Personal loans rise as credit cards fall

During economic recessions, you expect people to tighten their belts and cut down on their use of credit, of any form.  It is certainly true that some tightening has happened, but it isn’t as much as you’d think.  It is instead the case that some forms of consumer credit are being used more, while others

Facebook Sells, Set Up Your Network Now

First things first: Get Facebook friends I am sure everyone has noticed all of the Facebook profiles popping up that are solely for the purpose of selling something. As you can probably imagine, people see through those pretty quickly. When a company poses as a person and tries to get Twitter followers and Facebook friends
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Are payday loan debt trap impossible to prove?

It is almost impossible to prove that such a thing exists as a payday loan debt trap. Like many social issues, the truth is a lot more complex than many would like to admit. For instance, it is true that a lot of people who borrow money from payday lenders take out multiple loans. However,
Unemployment money

Federal government might defer interest on unemployment loans

Though it still needs to go several rounds through Congress, the president has submitted his budget. One line-item has many states taking a second look at their budgets. States that took out federal loans to pay for unemployment may be able to defer interest for another few years. Unemployment insurance loans In order to pay

Chase Sapphire Seeks Contracts with High-Income Consumers

Chase Sapphire card targets big spenders JP Morgan Chase, after losing $1.59 billion from its credit card operation, is going after more affluent customers with its Chase Sapphire card, which has no credit limit. The card is meant for households with incomes higher than $120,000 per year. The card offers bonus rewards of one point
2010 gulf oil spill

Transocean execs donate safety bonus after firestorm of criticism

Transocean, the owner of the oil rig that exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, doled out big “safety bonuses” over the weekend. Transocean, which investigators determined was complicit in the 2010 Gulf oil spill, said 2010 was the safest year in the company’s history. After a firestorm of criticism, Transocean announced that the
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Gold prices and cash for gold scams rise, stock market tanks

The gold market has been where the action is for investors lately. As a neurotic stock market and the European debt crisis spur predictions of a global financial meltdown, a vault full of gold is like a dose of Valium for stressed out investors. The spot gold price started at more than $1,200 dollars an
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Tax extension form | Find the IRS Extension form you need

Tax day is quickly approaching, and if you need extra time to complete your 2009 federal taxes, you will need to submit a tax extension form 2010 to the IRS. There are two types of an IRS extension form – one that extends your filing deadline, and one that extends your tax resolution deadline. Make

Consumers sick of giving banks a cash advance through fees

Americans are getting fed up with having to give a cash advance to banks to use their own money. In order to get a quick payday out of customers, major banks are stepping up account fees, ATM and overdraft fees. Account holders are not amused. Anger over giving a cash advance to banks grows Most American
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Will Goldman-triggered commodity rout lower US gas prices?

Commodity prices, which have been rising since December, fell sharply Tuesday. Inflation is beginning to curb demand and slow economic growth. A note from Goldman Sachs that it was time to cash in on crude oil, copper, cotton and platinum triggered a sell-off that signaled a possible end to a historic commodities rally. The commodities
The recession credit freeze is thawing. Will banks who deigned to borrow money repay those bailouts?

After the Bank Bailout, What’s Next?

Obama’s Landmark Initiative A year ago, most of the banking industry was knocking on the doors of the federal government for a bailout to allow them stay afloat. As we know, the government obliged, pumping in billions of dollars of taxpayer money into these banks. Now that the situation seems to be improving and banks
What's a government small dollar loan worth? Nothing more than eagle food, apparently… (Photo:

Payday Loans Beat FDIC Small-Dollar Loans Hands Down

Payday Loans Profit With Lower Overhead The payday loan industry continues to fulfill the needs of consumers, particularly during the tight times of the recession. On volume, payday lenders are able to make profits that allow them to continue to operate in the majority of states. Thus, the relationship between consumers and payday loan businesses
fed qe2 commodity price spike raises grocery bill

Fed QE2 imposes tax on consumers as it raises commodity prices

When the Federal Reserve pumped billions of dollars into the economy with quantitative easing last week, investors rejoiced. But for consumers, the Fed’s monetary stimulus is a tax that has caused the price of oil, food and clothing to rise. QE2 made the stock market rise, but the Fed’s bond buy has also sent commodity
Credit cards

Credit Cards Newest Area of Potential Problems for Banks

Banks and credit cards Banks have suffered through the recession with huge mortgage industry defaults, but a new fear that credit cards will do the same is looming. Ken Lewis, Bank of America CEO, stated he believes that despite the government’s $700 billion rescue program, it will be “an awful year” for credit cards and

Installment Loans and How They Operate

Installment loans If you are one of the many people who are experiencing an unexpected financial emergency, an installment loan maybe just the right thing for you.  Installment loans are a simple way to get cash on hand quickly.  What exactly is an installment loan?  It is a short term loan. When you take out
Cash coming to your pocket? Find the answer to the question "Where's my refund?"

Where is my refund | Find out where your money is

It’s the ides of March, which means that if you still haven’t done your taxes, you’ve got one month left. If you have already done your taxes, you’re probably wondering “Where’s my refund?” possibly with bad credit installment loans waiting in the wings. If you are asking “Where’s my refund?” here’s how you can find