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Financial Aid Helps Offset College Costs

Financial assistance is available from a variety of sources Each year, parents and students search for financial aid resources to help pay for college costs. While it can be overwhelming to think about, particularly when prior financial preparations have not been made, financial aid for college can be a life saver. Financial assistance for college
Michelle Rhee

Heavy controversy abounds as Michelle Rhee starts Students First

An education-reform celebrity, Michelle Rhee has announced the creation of a new advocacy group, Students First. Michelle Rhee plans on using Students First to “start a revolution … start a movement.” Rhee can’t escape deep controversy, however. Michelle Rhee starts Students First After three years as the head of Washington, D.C., public schools, Michelle Rhee

U.S. News and World Report College Rankings 2010

U.S. News names best universities Choosing a college is an important, expensive decision. Several publications every year come out with college rankings, and U.S. News and World Report has named the best colleges to attend in 2010. Just as you want to get the best auto financing you possibly can, you must pick a college
Drawing of the front of a swank private school. The in-drawing dialogue bubble reads "I'll see the ghetto dude now."

President Obama wants your kids to stay in school longer

Throwing money at America’s schools with the hope that the cash advance will instantly translate into a transcendent educational experience has always been short-sighted. Thus, it comes as no surprise that on “Today’s” “Education Nation” week, President Obama told Matt Lauer that education reform is the key. With millions of stay-at-home moms and dads watching
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Top 10 US college majors that lead to highest pay

The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of the average starting salaries from various career paths. In order to maximize your earning potential, forget majors like English and consider the top 10 highest paying college majors in the U.S., advises Salaries depicted here reflect annual pay for bachelor’s graduates without an advanced degree. Grease
Location of the Arunachal Pradesh state in northeastern India, where National Geographic discovered speakers of the "new" koro language.

Researchers discover koro, a previously unknown language

The discovery of language previously unknown to the world at large is a momentous occasion. The window of opportunity to record that expression of human culture is limited at best. National Geographic’s “Enduring Voices” project has opened the window for koro, a language spoken by about 800 people in India’s northeastern-most state, Arunachal Pradesh, reports
President Obama's school speech is meant to encourage, not indoctrinate. (Photo:

Obama School Speech | Dream Big, Kids

Are hard work and respect socialist agenda? It’s a ridiculous question, of course. Can’t we all appreciate that the president wants our youth to work hard and achieve a bright future for themselves and America as a whole? Because the more well-prepared, motivated young people who enter the adult world, the better this country will
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Texas student fined hundreds for one swear word

In one Texas classroom, there is a new punishment for swearing. A student who let loose one swear word has been charged $637. The 17-year old senior was technically ticketed for disorderly conduct and abusive language. Swearing student has to pay $637 in a fine On Oct. 6, 2010, Victoria Mullins swore in front of
Photo of a report card.

On Ultrinsic college students can gamble on their grades

Ultrinsic, a New York-based Web company, is helping college students to achieve better grades by giving them a platform where they can wager on their own good grades. From betting on top grades to delving into “grade insurance” against failure, Ultrinsic gives students the opportunity to put their money where their grades are. Ultrinsic CEO
A statue of the Greek titan Atlas, whose charge was to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders. Similarly, when one makes an accusation against another as Richard Eskow does against payday loans, the burden of proof can be just too difficult to shoulder.

Richard Eskow and the burden of proof re. payday loans (Pt. 1)

Richard Eskow, a private-sector consultant who works for corporations and organizations that include the World Bank, is rather miffed about what Lawrence Meyers had to say regarding Eskow’s payday loans argument. While Meyers is something less than professional in the manner in which he addresses Eskow (referring to him as a “simple child”), the exchange does
Harvard Hacked Page

Hackers plant pages on university websites

In an apparent exploitation of security holes, for-profit hackers have uploaded unauthorized pages to hundreds of universities’ websites. None of the schools knew of the pages’ existence. These pages were planted with the intent of making the hackers money, though it appears no personal information was compromised. Hacker pages on higher ed websites The attack

College fund for your child | Considering the 529 plan

If you have a child, no matter the age, today is the day to start planning for their college education. Even the smallest of starts can, over time, accumulate to a nice amount of extra cash when your child is ready to start college. “But where do I put the money?” There are so many
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U.S. News college rankings contain no surprises

The U.S. News college rankings were released Tuesday, and guess what: Harvard is number one … again. Princeton is in second place … once more. On a podium bearing a distinct Ivy League bias, Yale is number three. But those are the national college rankings: a predictable list of well-moneyed heavyweights that is often criticized

School closures and late start school days

Around the country, many students are hoping to hear the words “snow day.” Emergency school closures are usually called for the safety of students. School closures can be more complicated than many people realize, however. School closures for safety School districts usually make decisions about school closures for student safety. Heavy snow, cold temperatures, and

Changes to student loan programs make repayment easier for some

With the fall semester of 2010 coming up for many college students, recent changes to student loan programs are taking effect. Some of the biggest changes include an alteration of income based repayment standards. This help for graduates with student loan debt will reduce payments on this easy loan for some. New formulas and rules
Toomer's Corner

Toomer’s corner tree poisoning arrest made

Auburn University’s Toomer’s Corner has long been the location of celebration for the school. The Auburn trees were poisoned by a vandal, however. The Toomer’s corner tree poisoning arrest has been made, but even Dow Chemical isn’t sure it can save the giant, 130-year-old oak trees. Auburn trees poisoned Toomer’s corner on the Auburn campus

Colleges Looking for Fast Cash are Finding it with the Seniors

Senior citizens in the classroom Colleges are struggling to find fast cash these days and surprisingly, it’s coming to them via an odd client base. It seems that senior citizens are courting colleges looking for non-credited classes. That works well for colleges because they can charge anywhere between $25 to $500 per class and it