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Barnes and Noble Nook Competes with Kindle

E-book reader market expands We all saw it coming. Well, at least people who are even mildly interested in e-book readers saw it coming. The Barnes and Noble Nook has entered the scene as the next big contender in the market for devices used to electronically read books. A few other companies have or will

A small loan can create big returns with the right business

Financing is available for those who qualify A small loan can be the beginning of something big. For those who have dreamt of creating their own business, it is a great time to start the process. Though it may be contrary to logic since the economy has been labored, experts are saying that isn’t true.
A happy man and woman are interviewing a prospective new female candidate for a job. Paychex makes it easy for such employers to know just how much tax credit they'll receive for that employee via the federal HIRE Act.

Paychex offers business owners info on HIRE Act

Paychex, Inc., a payroll, HR and employer benefits outsourcing firm that has been serving small- to medium-sized businesses since 1971, is now hosting a dedicated Web page that will enable business owners to learn about how the new federal HIRE Act works and receive credit counseling regarding applicable tax credits. Owners will also be able
Payday loans are heavily regulated in the Canadian province of Manitoba. This flies in the face of reason, as 310-LOAN's executive study indicates. (Photo:

Manitoba’s Judgment of Payday Loans Ignores Reason, Commerce

A Reasonable Argument, Rebuffed With Extreme Prejudice Governments both large and small often take it upon themselves to decide what consumers should or shouldn’t be able to do with their own money. Call this the “nanny state” mentality if you will. Regardless, it seems that a population is somewhat less than empowered if the ability
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Over-budget ARC tunnel commuter train project canceled

One of the key components of the Obama administration’s plan for America’s economic recovery is infrastructure projects that create jobs and bolster commerce. The potential influx of new jobs is particularly valuable in light of runaway unemployment. Unfortunately, not all public works projects get off the ground. reports that the New York to New
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Shawls by Hoda | Flexible, fashionable warmth

Shawls by Hoda are quickly becoming the ultimate in flexible, hand-knitted warmth and fashion. Featured on “The Today Show,” which Hoda co-hosts, Shawls by Hoda are selling like crazy, with some proceeds going to breast cancer research. If you want to order or make your own Shawls by Hoda style wrap, it can easily be
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iPhone MMS | Free Service Finally Launches Today

Much anticipated multimedia messaging service After AT&T delayed the launch of the iPhone multimedia messaging service (iPhone MMS) multiple times, the new, free feature will finally be available on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. If you have an iPhone 2G or iPhone 1G, the wait is not over for you. There’s no word on when
Parenthood is as sacred a thing as exists for human beings. What's fair is what the child needs, not that you keep up with Martha Jones' in number of vacation days. (Photo:

Paid Maternity for Childless Women

Is Paid Maternity a Privilege or a Right? I think that America has the wrong idea when it comes to work-life balance. The wheels of business have to turn for our economy to function, but do we honestly have to spend the vast majority of our waking lives (and sleeping lives, if you dream about
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Good news bad news for consumers as AT&T bids to buy T-mobile

In a deal valued at $39 billion, AT&T has made a bid to buy T-mobile. This deal must be approved by the Department of Justice and Federal Communication Commission, which may prove a challenge. If approved, this deal would prove to be both good and bad news for most consumers. The basics of the AT&T
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Selling credit reports to payday lenders gets Teletrack fined

Credit reporting agency Teletrack, which specializes in subprime credit reports, has been fined by the FTC for selling credit reports illegally. The agency was found to have sold credit reports to payday loan lenders and has to pay $1.8 million in fines to the Federal Trade Commission. Company cited for selling credit reports for marketing
Florida short term disaster assistance loans

Short Term Bridge Loans offered to Florida businesses

In Florida, businesses that have been affected by the oil spill can now qualify for a range of short term loans. The loans are a part of Florida’s emergency relief program. These interest-free loans are offered in conjunction with U.S. federal government installment loan programs intended to help businesses rebound from the oil spill. Qualifications
Cyber Monday online deals got your head in a bad place? Here are some useful tools to make it all a bit easier. (Photo:

Don’t Get Ripped Off With Cyber Monday Online Deals

You’ll Need More Payday Loans if You Don’t Plan Your Attack OK, I know. Cyber Monday online deals are a bit overcooked now that it’s 1:30 p.m. on the left coast, but somebody will be tripping the Web fantastic tonight (make that a few million somebodys). Thus, I bring you news you can use, courtesy
Pictured is Charlie Jones, Kroger grocery store manager in Worthington, Ohio, 1941. Jones is showcasing a variety of items in this black and white photo.

Recession survival tips for small businesses

For many small businesses, layoffs, hiring freezes and elimination of services have been business as usual during the recession. Survival during tight economics times can be difficult, but with some time-tested strategies in place, small business owners can still capitalize. From Smart Biz and Entrepreneurs, here are some small business tips for surviving a
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75 1/2 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village a Hot Property

75 1/2 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village carries a hefty price tag Only in New York City would a 9-and-a-half-foot-wide house go for $2.7 million. That’s exactly what’s happening, though, as the house at 75 1/2 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village is on the market. It’s the skinniest house in New York City, and though
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Colonial Bank Failure Shows State of Economy

Recession far from over The economy hasn’t been making headlines quite as much lately as it did during the economic stimulus package legislation or the official start of the recession. But recent activity in the banking industry shows that things have not turned around just yet. CNN Money reports: Troubled Colonial BancGroup will be bought
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Millions of Microsoft shares dumped by Bill Gates in 2010

Bill Gates has been dipping into his vast reservoir of Microsoft stock and dumping shares for cash. Gates has unloaded such a big chunk of his Microsoft holdings that other Microsoft shareholders could question the value of their investment. Gates no doubt would rather place his bets on a faster horse as Microsoft declines from
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Comcast NBC merger gets federal approval

In a move approved by the FCC, Comcast and NBC will likely be merging. This merger is being lauded by industry advocates. The Comcast/NBC merger is not all good, however. Consumer advocates are saying it may be a disaster. The Comcast NBC merger information Comcast made an announcement recently. About 51 percent of NBC will