Rent the Runway Offers High Fashion for a Low Price

Recession spawns Rent the Runway Rent the Runway, a web site that uses the Netflix mail-order model, would have been a good idea even when the economy wasn’t bad. However, it appears Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, the site’s creators, are destined for guaranteed success during a time when everyone is trying to save
Are get-paid-to-click Web sites worth the time investment? (Photo:

Get Paid To Click On Advertisements – Are these Sites Worth It?

Click and Get Paid I’ve tried quite a few get-paid-to-click (GPT) sites that will pay you to click on advertisements or read E-mails. They are typically free to join with the option to upgrade your membership for more privileges and more advertisements. Don’t get too excited. You would only be clicking for pennies. Most budding
jobs overseas

U.S. companies reap record profits by creating jobs overseas

U.S. companies are reaping record profits, yet the unemployment rate remains stuck at nearly 10 percent. These firms are prospering because overseas demand is growing, while U.S. demand remains stagnant. To meet that demand, U.S. companies are creating jobs overseas. Job creation overseas exceeds U.S. U.S. companies are creating more jobs overseas than here at
Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange: Pros and cons

Buffalo Exchange history I was pretty surprised when I saw Buffalo Exchange featured on the Today show because Buffalo Exchange has been around forever. I think the first time I went to Buffalo Exchange was about 10 years ago. It’s a cool place, and I have always liked it. However, if you’re trying to make
Social Media

Why some social media marketing strategies fail

There are many social media marketing strategies that can help you generate more income, but it does require work and research if you’re looking to get the best results. You need to find the right leverage that will not only save you valuable time and increase productivity, but also help you build a community of
Photo of a medicare card.

Ven-A-Care chases down Medicare defrauders, collects bounties

It’s not every day a small pharmacy generates $168.7 million in annual revenue., but the Los Angeles Times reports that the specialty pharmacy Ven-A-Care of Florida Keys, Inc., is no mere small pharmacy. The company acts as a whistle-blower that reports the misdeeds of pharmaceutical companies that overbill Medicare and Medicaid. While the company has
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Cash Keeps Flowing for World’s Most Valuable Brand

Find out who has the most liquid assets When’s the last time someone checked up on the soda wars? Maybe people finally gave up and decided that Pepsi would never be able to beat Coke as the world’s favorite soda. Pepsi is in good company when it comes to not being able to beat Coke.

Man dies in a tortilla mixing machine in Brooklyn

It was an accident that seems more like it belongs on “Bones.” A man in Brooklyn died in a tortilla mixing machine. The 22-year old was pronounced dead on the scene. Man dies in tortilla mixing machine In Brooklyn, N.Y., a young man died while at work at the Tortilleria Chinantla in Williamsburg. Police were
More creditors are agreeing to settlements on credit card debt before law changes make their rates illegal. (Photo:

Lenders Settling Debt on Credit Cards with Consumers

Settling Debt A new study is showing that many lending companies are settling debts on delinquent credit cards. As a new way of mitigating losses, many credit card companies are settling cards for notably less than the total amounts owed. Edward McClelland, a writer in Chicago, is a consumer who had an outstanding balance of

Walmart of Weed | weGrow warehouse expanding as a franchise

In California, the “Walmart of weed,” weGrow, is opening a second location. The warehouse-sized hydroponic store does not sell marijuana. The so-called “Walmart of weed” offers hydroponic supplies, growing classes and other gardening support. The Walmart of Weed store WeGrow stores, which started as iGrow in Sacramento, are warehouse stores dedicated to hydroponic growing. The
Video Gaming Group

OnLive & Instant Action : Take your gaming to the cloud

Gamers have long been very attached to their consoles, computers, and disks – but OnLive and competitor Instant Action are aiming to change that. Both video-gaming platforms based entirely on “cloud computing,” InstantAction and OnLive promise a video game experience comparable with console or disk games, but without the set-up expense that sometimes require installment
Ephren Taylor

Ephren Taylor Shares Tips on Starting a Business

Recession equals opportunity, Taylor says Recently CNN interviewed Ephren Taylor, 27, the youngest-ever African-American CEO of a publicly traded company in the U.S. He talked about starting his own business at age 12 and shared tips on being an entrepreneur and starting a business. One thing Ephren Taylor pointed out is that a recession can
Photo of the Apple logo.

iPhone competitors fight over scraps as Apple gorges on profits

The mobile industry has been looking for an answer to Apple’s iPhone, but it continues to suck all the air out of the room. Apple’s emphasis on brand and refusal to compete on price has resulted in the biggest chunk of mobile industry profits despite having the smallest market share. Apple’s iPhone is so popular
File photo of Juliette Brindak.

Juliette Brindak runs $15 million website,

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in America, thanks to motivated young women like Juliette Brindak. According to, Brindak’s online network for girls called Miss O and Friends is currently valued at $15 million. What began as a series of drawings of young female characters when Juliette Brindak was 10 years old
Natural Gas

Atlas Energy Chevron buyout under multiple investigations

Atlas Energy is a natural gas producer and developer in middle America and the Appalachian region. A publicly-held company, Atlas Energy has received a buyout offer from Chevron valued at $4.3 billion. Two shareholder-representative companies have launched investigations into the offer, however. Chevron’s offer for Atlas Energy Atlas Energy has been trading at around $30
A woman in a business suit is seated before a laptop computer. Her arms are in the air in celebration, and the in-photo text reads “I won!”

Master the metrics of small business success

With apologies to the late, great Broadway composer Frank Loesser, you can’t succeed in business without really trying. But how do you know if you’re really succeeding in business? According to Entrepreneur, you must benchmark your business against industry competition. Metrics like net profit, liquidity and turnover ratios are some of the key measurements for
Close-up of the statue of an American soldier pondering the dog tags of fallen comrades. The statue is part of a Korean War Memorial located in New Jersey.

The business of a New Korean War

According to some right-wing reports, there is speculation that President Obama – in light of falling approval numbers and pressure from Israel – may push for war with Iran. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen recently told “Meet the Press” that the Pentagon is in fact prepared to attack the nation bordering