Ephren Taylor

Ephren Taylor Shares Tips on Starting a Business

Recession equals opportunity, Taylor says Recently CNN interviewed Ephren Taylor, 27, the youngest-ever African-American CEO of a publicly traded company in the U.S. He talked about starting his own business at age 12 and shared tips on being an entrepreneur and starting a business. One thing Ephren Taylor pointed out is that a recession can
Photo of the Apple logo.

iPhone competitors fight over scraps as Apple gorges on profits

The mobile industry has been looking for an answer to Apple’s iPhone, but it continues to suck all the air out of the room. Apple’s emphasis on brand and refusal to compete on price has resulted in the biggest chunk of mobile industry profits despite having the smallest market share. Apple’s iPhone is so popular
File photo of Juliette Brindak.

Juliette Brindak runs $15 million website,

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in America, thanks to motivated young women like Juliette Brindak. According to, Brindak’s online network for girls called Miss O and Friends is currently valued at $15 million. What began as a series of drawings of young female characters when Juliette Brindak was 10 years old
Natural Gas

Atlas Energy Chevron buyout under multiple investigations

Atlas Energy is a natural gas producer and developer in middle America and the Appalachian region. A publicly-held company, Atlas Energy has received a buyout offer from Chevron valued at $4.3 billion. Two shareholder-representative companies have launched investigations into the offer, however. Chevron’s offer for Atlas Energy Atlas Energy has been trading at around $30
A woman in a business suit is seated before a laptop computer. Her arms are in the air in celebration, and the in-photo text reads “I won!”

Master the metrics of small business success

With apologies to the late, great Broadway composer Frank Loesser, you can’t succeed in business without really trying. But how do you know if you’re really succeeding in business? According to Entrepreneur, you must benchmark your business against industry competition. Metrics like net profit, liquidity and turnover ratios are some of the key measurements for
Close-up of the statue of an American soldier pondering the dog tags of fallen comrades. The statue is part of a Korean War Memorial located in New Jersey.

The business of a New Korean War

According to some right-wing reports, there is speculation that President Obama – in light of falling approval numbers and pressure from Israel – may push for war with Iran. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen recently told “Meet the Press” that the Pentagon is in fact prepared to attack the nation bordering
Google Local

Google offers Groupon $5.3 billion for local search domination

Local-business giant Groupon has seen meteoric growth. Search giant Google has not only noticed, it has made a $5.3 billion offer for the company. If the deal goes through, Google would be expanding its local-search dominance while expanding its small and medium business market. Groupon’s local business Started in Chicago, local business marketer Groupon has

Workers try to find payday cash with a good boss to match

Getting the job is just the beginning More and more workers are concerned about their payday cash. It’s not just a matter of money, though; they are also worried about moving into a new job position and their new boss. With the number of unemployed in America reaching the millions, that leaves people in a
Why not get it right the first time when you try payday lending, credit unions? (Photo:

Payday Lending Catching On at Credit Unions

Give the people what they want Payday lending has been consistently bashed by banks and credit unions that have been eager to capitalize on a legitimate market where there is real demand. The overriding desire has been to get people away from small loans and lock them into longer-term (read: longer period to compound interest),
Income tax form 1040

Loss of tax loan funding causes Jackson Hewitt bankruptcy

Tax preparer Jackson Hewitt recently filed for Chapter 11 protection for a short bankruptcy. Hewitt and other tax preparation firms were dealt a heavy blow when changing regulations made it impossible for tax firms to secure funding for tax refund loans. Refund anticipation loans are often vilified alongside payday loans as preying on the poor.
Solar Panels

Kiva expands P2P loans to green ideas and student loans

In 2008, a small person-to-person lending company called Kiva launched. The person-to-person lending company has now added green loans and student loans to the financing portfolio. With these new products, Kiva hopes to hit $1 billion in microloans lent by 2015. The basics of Kiva Kiva was the first major online microloan site. The nonprofit
Think this represents the average payday loan company CEO? Think again. Profitability is hardly out of sight, even if it has allowed the industry to grow. (Photo:

Vanderbilt/Oxford Study: Payday Loan Firm Profits Not Excessive

Profits are in Line With Traditional Lenders, Says Study Infinite profits earned off the backs of the infinite suffering masses. If you take your news from the multi-colored, sugar-laden toothpaste tube that is the mainstream media, then you believe that the payday loan industry is reaping massive profits while those who crawl about on their
Example of a tailor-made cover letter, pasted onto posterboard for visual effect.

How to write a customized cover letter

In order to taste victory in the job market, you must convince a hiring manager that you can financially benefit the company and that you are likable, too. Before securing an interview, stating your case begins with a cover letter. Learn how to write a customized cover letter that emphasizes your unique qualifications to stay
The best liars aren't crossing their fingers behind their backs as this man is doing.

Don’t be taken – Understanding the top 10 secrets of liars

Don’t be taken for a ride! We are living through a recession that was built by people who make a practice of using deception for personal gain. What happened at Goldman Sachs is a classic example. Convincing investors, under false pretenses, that a portfolio of mortgage investments would be profitable made the company a lot
Grand Canyon

The Arizona ban and the financial reform bill

The state of Arizona recently allowed the licenses of payday lenders for the entire state to lapse. Payday loan stores are in the process of closing their doors all over the state and are moving on to different pastures. Currently, the financial reform bill is awaiting the president’s signature. Part of the bill will create
Definitely not what Apple earnings look like.

Apple earnings boom for first quarter

Since the iPod renaissance that followed a reclusive streak in the 1990s, Apple has been a growing empire, and the Apple earnings for the most recent quarter have blossomed.  The company has been shipping huge volumes of the iPhone, and with the iPhone 4.0 and iPad beginning to take off, Apple is set to never
A crushed can of Four Loko resting on the ground.

Four Loko being used to create ethanol fuel

Four Loko may be on the FDA’s blacklist because it leaves drinkers in a wide-awake, yet drunken stupor, but the drink apparently does have other uses. The Associated Press reports that Four Loko and similar alcohol-infused energy drinks are being recycled into ethanol fuel. Cases of the caffeinated malt beverage have been being sent by wholesalers to