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Taco Bell class action suit says its taco meat is not really beef

Taco Bell taco meat looks like meat, and some people think it tastes like meat, but technically, it isn’t beef. In Taco Bell advertising, food products are described as filled with ground beef, yet Taco Bell taco meat is only about 35 percent beef. Such a description violates USDA rules, and an Alabama law firm
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New Say on Pay rule gives shareholders vote on CEO compensation

Shareholders can now vote on the salaries of executives leading publicly traded companies. The “Say on Pay” provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill was approved by the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday. The Say on Pay vote is nonbinding, but analysts expect the rule may have a profound effect on the behavior and performance
Credit Cards

Small businesses relying more on credit cards

Contrary to popular belief, there is still credit for small businesses to obtain. Unfortunately, the credit they can obtain isn’t in the form of a business loan from a bank or the Small Business Administration as much anymore.  These days, more small businesses are having to rely on credit cards.  A lot of funding that
Nighttime photo of the federal building in Birmingham, Ala.

Funding for Birmingham construction jobs has dried up

According to Alabama Live, approximately 30 percent of all Birmingham area construction jobs have dried up over the past three years. It isn’t because contracts are few and far between, report experts like Henry Hagood of Alabama Associated General Contractors. Corporate boards and CEOs simply haven’t had the confidence to sign off. Birmingham construction jobs
Xerox products have gotten smaller, but its business is getting bigger. Image from Flikr.

Affiliated Computer Services Sells to Xerox Corp.

Xerox makes largest-ever purchase Xerox has seen a decline in demand for its services, and now it has decided to buy Affiliated Computer Services Inc. for $6.4 billion and shift the focus of its business. Xerox will pay $18.60 a share in cash and 4.935 Xerox shares for each Affiliated Computer Services share. reports
Making serious CPA affiliate cash depends upon your ability to focus and not give up. (Photo:

5 Fabulous Strategies to Make Serious CPA Cash

Are You Ready to Join the Masses? It is no surprise that hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to the Internet in order to acquire a cash advance, but what’s more interesting is that many more people are seeking the “gold mine” that Internet marketers are speaking about. But you have to have a
china censors linkedin

Chinese censorship of LinkedIn could affect proposed IPO

China has blocked access to LinkedIn amid a wave of calls for a Chinese “Jasmine Revolution.” LinkedIn became inaccessible in China after a user on the the career networking site posted messages inspired by protests in Tunisia and Egypt that toppled authoritarian regimes. Chinese censorship comes at a bad time for LinkedIn because its plans

EA Madden Monopoly Bleeds Gamers For Nearly $1 Trillion

So claims a lawsuit by gamers I enjoy playing video games. I’ve gone through stages in my life where I’ve alternated between being an avid player who couldn’t wait to get his hands on the latest and the greatest of any genre of game and the specialist who will only touch certain game types. I’ve
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Free Car Media Says You Could Get Paid to Drive

Everyone’s gone Free Car Media crazy Want to get paid to drive your car? Get in line. Free Car Media is the latest craze for people seeking extra cash — and that’s 98 percent of the population. It’s a fabulous idea. Free Car Media says people can get paid to drive cars that have large
Steve Jobs Apple iPad announcement

Steve Jobs announces Apple iPad, world freaks out

How ’bout them Apples From the looks of Twitter, Facebook and Google trends, the Apple press conference, including the release of the iPad, is the only thing going on in the world today. Google news says something about a Toyota recall and Holocaust Remembrance Day, but it’s pretty clear that everyone in the world is
File photo composite of ESPN sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards (left) and ESPN announcer Ron Franklin (right).

Ron Franklin loses bowl job over remarks to Jeannine Edwards

Ron Franklin may be highly esteemed for his work as a college football announcer for ESPN, but his workplace acumen when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex clearly leaves a great deal to be desired. According to Sports By Brooks, Franklin was pulled from his announcing duties on Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl radio broadcast

Rogue Burger | Rogue States Burgers forced to move out of DuPont

In a legal debate that has pitted burgers against lawyers, Washington, D.C., burger shop Rogue States Burgers has been forced to shut down. While the debate sounds a bit crazy, the law firm that sued had a case a judge found legitimate. Burger lovers aren’t at a loss, though, as Rogue States Burgers is already
Mikhail Prokhorov image from Wikimedia.

Mikhail Prokhorov to Buy Nets, Team to Move to Brooklyn

Russian billionaire takes over basketball team What would you do if you had billions of dollars? If you were Mikhail Prokhorov, you’d buy a basketball team — or at least most of one. New York Daily News confirms that Mikhail Prokhorov, who is worth more than $9 billion, will become the new majority owner of
Another private label Seven Eleven beer.

7-Eleven beer | Private label alcohol at 7-Eleven

The corner 7-Eleven store may be ubiquitous, but Seven Eleven will soon be adding 7-11 beer to the long list of offerings. After the fairly successful release of Yosemite Road Seven Eleven wine, the chain is capitalizing on the growing popularity of “budget” alcohol. Priced between $1.49 for a 24-ounce single and $8.99 for a
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Dendreon and Provenge make good with FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Provenge, a anti-cancer vaccine made by Dendreon, for use in treating prostate cancer.  The drug is the first anti-cancer vaccine to get FDA approval.  The drug was found to extend the life of cancer patients by a median of four months.  That said, the process behind the vaccine
Fountain Pen nib

Wisconsin passes payday lending regulations

After deliberations of some time, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed the bill that put further regulations on payday lending in Wisconsin.  There are a bevy of new rules regarding Wisconsin payday lenders, but most significant is the outlawing of title loans in the state.  The bill also contained regulatory statutes for other industries, including dairy
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Black Friday 2009: Sears Black Friday Now

Sears – Black Friday Deals Before Black Friday 2009! I am so looking forward to Black Friday 2009. I’ve been waiting all year for this day to come and boy, with all the hot deals I’ve discovered, I’m afraid I might need an installment loan if I don’t reach my Black Friday budget goal. One