What this woman says can transform a business from rags to riches.

Centerville Pie Company Newest Beneficiary of the Oprah Effect

TV queen confirms Cape Cod pie purchase It looks like the Centerville Pie Company will be the next business to receive the flood of business – and profits – that comes with being associated with Oprah. Apparently, Oprah didn’t even mention the Centerville Pie Company on her show. She simply confirmed for a small newspaper,

Blackpad | Seven inches of Blackberry rumors

Rumors have been swirling around the Blackberry Blackpad. The keynote speech at Blackberry’s DevCon today may very well officially announce the Blackpad. There are still conflicting reports about when the device will be released, or if it will even be announced today. Either way, the Blackpad is sure to make some waves. Why Blackberry needs
Animated GIF of the Google logo that includes a cat chasing a mouse.

Google seeks to overpower Groupon with Google Offers

Google tried to convince Groupon to accept a $6 billion buyout in December, but Groupon chose not to bite. Now Google is taking the booming online coupon business into its own hands, reports Mashable. Google Offers, a Groupon-like product that offers online discounts at local businesses for consumers, will soon enter the fray. Google Offers
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Acción promotes success for Chicago microentrepreneurs

When individuals in the Chicago area need fast cash to cover for an accidental budget shortfall, they can apply for Chicago installment loans and Chicago short term loans. However, if a small business needs money to get off the ground or perform the renovations needed to expand, consumer short term loans and installment loans aren’t
Apple subscriptions

Why Google One Pass may be no real threat to Apple subscriptions

Google one-upped Apple Wednesday by announcing its One Pass content subscription service. Google unveiled One Pass one day after Apple announced its subscription service on the Apple App Store. Media companies will pay less to sell subscriptions on One Pass, but Apple subscriptions give customers more control. Google’s One Pass subscription service Google’s One Pass
USPS Truck

Official Holidays | Stock Market, Banks, USPS, Federal Government

The new official list of 2011 bank, stock market, and federal holidays is now available. Today is Good Friday, the day many Catholics and Christians around the world spend at church and preparing for Easter. Good Friday is not, however, on the list of federal holidays, USPS holidays or post office holidays. Good Friday does,
How long will we have to wait for the Droid?

Do ‘iDroid’ Searches Show Droid Commercial Backfire?

Consumers seeking ‘iDroid’ Verizon has made no bones about it: The Droid is its answer to the iPhone, and the company is doing everything it can to point out the superiority of its product, most notably in the Droid commercial that recently came out. However, this Droid commercial has created a strange phenomenon. The commercial
Billboards may become a thing of the past (photo by

Installment Loans and Free Advertising for Small Businesses

Survival of small businesses in a tight economy Small business owners are looking to installment loans to make it through the rough economy. With industry giants like GM and Chrysler falling into bankruptcy, it’s easy to see how smaller businesses are in precarious financial situations. Part of the problem is cyclical. As business owner Terry
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The best summer jobs for teens

The recession has made getting a job more difficult for everyone, but if you’re a teenager looking for summer jobs, the competition can be overwhelming. Nothing ventured, nothing gained still applies, however – even at minimum wage. Here are some hot summer jobs that typically employ younger, less experienced workers. The kids are alright, thanks
Solar Panel

Baltimore, Maryland, to get short term loans for solar panels

In Baltimore, Maryland, using solar power at a home or business is about to get easier. A California-based company is going to offer zero-down and bad credit loans of photovoltaic equipment. These solar power leases are set to last 20 years or more. Getting solar power to Maryland In Baltimore, a California-based company is stepping

iPhone Security Flaw in PKI handling exploited by hackers

Enterprise business could be vulnerable to malicious code The iPhone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly big enough to take its place alongside the iPod as a cultural phenomenon. I have one, and I know numerous other owners. Some go so far as to jailbreak the phone to open up certain features that
Fish Fork

Credit card cash advance fees go up after CARD Act passes

After the CARD Act, or the so-called Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights, passed Congress, credit card companies started to think of new ways to increase revenue. Credit card companies now are figuring out ways to legally charge more for using the credit they extend. There are greater interest rates being assessed. Late payment penalties
Ghost town

Advance America stock tumbles after store closures

After the Arizona ban on payday lending went into effect, and new legislation is being passed in Colorado, Advance America announced it was closing more than 100 store locations nationwide.  One of the nation’s largest payday lenders, and one of the few that grew large enough to be publicly traded, is shutting down 122 stores
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Big businesses present wish list for consumer finance regulation

On July 21, 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is scheduled to officially begin living up to its mandate as the United States’ regulatory body for consumer finance companies. The impending change recently prompted business groups to send the Obama administration a “wish list” letter that expresses what they think the CFPB should do first,
Cocoa Beans

Chocolate more costly after £658 million cocoa purchase

“Not for all the tea in China” is the expression used when something is so valuable to an individual that it isn’t up for sale (although tea in China is a huge staple of exchange or barter). Yet cocoa is a different story, as British financier Anthony Ward has proven. Mr. Ward set down £658
Walamrt in China

Walmart combats lower sales with coupons and samples

Walmart, the world’s leading box store, has been steadily losing customers in the United States. To lure shopper back, the store is using heavy coupon promotions and free samples on its website. US sales on the decline Though it is the largest retailer worldwide, Walmart’s revenue has been on the decline in the U.S. for

Android selling more smartphones than Research in Motion

In the war for supremacy in the market for smartphones, the Android operating system has finally toppled Research in Motion and the Blackberry line. Google’s popular Android line has spread quickly, overtaking Apple and Microsoft products within months of the the first launch of an Android phone. More than types of 170 devices use the