Photo of Bill Gates

Millions of Microsoft shares dumped by Bill Gates in 2010

Bill Gates has been dipping into his vast reservoir of Microsoft stock and dumping shares for cash. Gates has unloaded such a big chunk of his Microsoft holdings that other Microsoft shareholders could question the value of their investment. Gates no doubt would rather place his bets on a faster horse as Microsoft declines from
Photo of a Comcast/NBC logo.

Comcast NBC merger gets federal approval

In a move approved by the FCC, Comcast and NBC will likely be merging. This merger is being lauded by industry advocates. The Comcast/NBC merger is not all good, however. Consumer advocates are saying it may be a disaster. The Comcast NBC merger information Comcast made an announcement recently. About 51 percent of NBC will
Mac App Store

Mac App Store poised to disrupt the software universe on Jan. 6

Apple’s groundbreaking Mac App Store will open for business on Jan. 6, the company announced Thursday. The Mac App Store, patterned after the Apple App Store, will allow Mac users to buy, download and install software just like iPhone users do with mobile apps. Analysts say the Mac App Store will disrupt the software market
JP Morgan Chase building

JPMorgan Chase pays $27 million in Treasury probe

JPMorgan Chase bank has agreed to pay a $2 million fine to settle claims that it used false statements and high-pressure sales tactics in some of its auto loan products. The company has also previously paid out about $25 million to reimburse customers who bought the loans. Fines levied by the OCC The $2 million
Area of the Sonora Desert in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Small business lending drought has hurt Scottsdale, Arizona

Convincing banks to write short term loans for any size business has been difficult lately. Large-scale operations with multiple sources of capital can subsist, but small businesses like those in Scottsdale, Ariz., need short term loans in order to operate and expand. The Arizona Republic reports that banks and businesses have very different views of
Bank of America

Miami hostage situation at Coral Gables Bank | Bomb remains

In Florida this morning, a robber walked into Coral Gables Bank of America and took hostages. The Miami hostage situation may have started with a kidnapping earlier in the day, though investigations will be ongoing. At approximately 11:42 this morning, Coral Gables police confirmed that the last person was out of the bank and the

Costco adjusting offerings amid strong sales and dropping stock

Among publicly owned retail stores, Costco is in a unique place. The store makes much of its income from membership fees. Though stock prices are dropping, quarterly sales results are strong — and Costco is making some adjustments to its offerings. Costco’s quarterly results Costco, publicly traded on Wall Street, recently released its quarterly results.
The Monopoly Man is out of money. His demotivational poster reads: “College Tuition: Start saving now so you can retire by age 100.”

Eight percent UC tuition hike approved for fall 2011

Higher education is an expensive proposition, and thanks to the UC Board of Regents, it’s going to become more expensive for students to obtain a University of California education. According to the Associated Press, a plan was approved today that will raise student tuition by 8 percent in fall 2011. Financial aid offerings will be
iPad update

iPad update | Countdown to new features and functionality

Sometime in the next few weeks, an iPad update will be made available. This iOS 4.2 update will change minor things on iPod and iPhone. iOS 4 will bring big changes to the iPad slate computer, however. iPad update will include new features When the iPad was released, it shipped with iOS 4.1. While iOS
Sony Playstation controller

Sony sued over Playstation Network hack that exposed millions

The data breach of the Sony Playstation Network has exposed millions of users to possible identity theft. Experts call it one of the biggest data hacks in recorded history, possibly opening 77 million people up to identity theft, and Sony is scrambling to fix the problem. The company has been slapped with a class action
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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Picks Safest Vehicles

27 vehicles make Top Safety Picks list The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has come out with its annual list of Top Safety Picks. Eight SUVs and 19 cars have been given Top Safety Pick awards for 2010. People who want to make sure they’re getting the safest cars before filling out a personal loan

Market Response, Impulse, Emergency Money and Bad Investing

Mistakes in the recession Responses to the market collapse, investing impulsively, emergency money, and bad investing make up the top regrets of the recession. Consumers are weighing in on how well they fared throughout the recession on each one and learning lessons from their responses. Now that the recession is considered to be over, it’s

One to grow on: Top 5 ways to spend your lunch hour

Make it a positive space for self-enrichment What’s it going to be for lunch? You do have a lunch hour, don’t you? Or at least a lunch period? Some people use their lunch time at work to catch up on errands and E-mails. Others actually eat their lunch. I find myself surfing the Net more

Installment Loans, Planning and Vendors are Just the Beginning

The rigors of business ownership In the midst of installment loans, business plans and day-to-day management, business owners can be swamped with decisions. A lot can fall through the cracks when it comes to owning a business and keeping it safe from thieves. With the growing amount of internet business activity, more owners are falling
A nurse using health information technology to serve a patient.

Independa Inc. nominated for San Diego EvoNexus assistance

While assistance with operating capital is an essential part of cultivating a new business, there are other means through which a community can foster startup incubation. According to the San Diego Business Journal, a health information technology startup called Independa Inc. has been nominated for San Diego’s EvoNexus business incubator program. The facility, technology and