Why Worry About Bank Failures?

Depositors Must Retain Confidence Depositor confidence in the banking system is vital to the working of the modern economy. Banks lend out money assuming that they are not going to face a situation where all their depositors demand to withdraw funds simultaneously. At the same time, depositors entrust their money to the bank, believing they
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Cheap O Air: A New Choice for Buying Plane Tickets

Cheap O Air finds cheap tickets There are plenty of sites out there that will find the best deals on plane tickets for you. Airfare Watchdog, Cheap Tickets, Orbitz and Expedia are just a few of these services, and we can add Cheap O Air to that list. Cheap O Air works the same way
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Blippy credit card info exposed to identity theft on Google

The Blippy credit card info exposed on Google is way too much information.  Blippy invites users use the social networking service to tell their friends about what they buy online. Venturebeat reported Friday that at least one person figured out how to find Blippy members’ credit card numbers on Google. A search VentureBeat calls “fairly
When dealing with customers, don't lose yourself. Customer service is important, but don't let it drive you to needing a personal loan to pay a doctor. (Photo:

5 Wise Tips to Avoid a Debt of Trouble with Bad Customers

Good Advice for Solo Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs Long-time solo professional business owners have always experienced ups and downs with their business. They’ve all had debts to pay like most business owners do, and most have received a personal loan to help out. Aside from financial obstacles, they’ve also likely come across every type of
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Blue Shield of California wants 59 percent rate hike

Health insurance premiums have been out of control for years, but apparently someone forgot to send Blue Shield of California the memo. The Los Angeles Times reports that Blue Shield has shocked California policyholders with a proposal to institute insurance premium hikes as high as 59 percent on March 1. The change would affect tens
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Virtual Assistant Jobs are Not Easy Money

Virtual assistant jobs are all the rage Are you in the market for virtual assistant jobs? Perhaps you’ve already checked out the International Virtual Assistants Association. If not, it might be worth a look. Use the link to the IVAA web site at the end of this article. I went to the International Virtual Assistants

Payday cash won’t make up for dealing with a bad boss

Back on payroll For millions of Americans wanting to earn payday cash again, it’s great news to finally find employment. According to the US Labor Department statistics, today the average unemployed person searches for work between 7 to 14 months, depending on experience and education. That’s a long time for hopeful workers to be without
US Treasury gets money back from General Motors.

General Motors pays back US Treasury

It was recently announced that General Motors has paid the U.S. Treasury back on a portion of the  loans it received in the auto bailout.  General Motors entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, then set about getting back on track.  It paid off portions of the loans with interest far ahead of schedule, so apparently they
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British home secretary slams door on cargo from Yemen, Somalia

Printer toner cartridges have Yemen and Somalia on the U.K.’s cargo blacklist. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Cheon Fong Liew/Flickr) Authorities have determined that the suspicious package from Yemen that was found on board a UPS cargo flight in the U.K. was an operable bomb. While the Yemeni student believed to be responsible has been arrested, the
What this woman says can transform a business from rags to riches.

Centerville Pie Company Newest Beneficiary of the Oprah Effect

TV queen confirms Cape Cod pie purchase It looks like the Centerville Pie Company will be the next business to receive the flood of business – and profits – that comes with being associated with Oprah. Apparently, Oprah didn’t even mention the Centerville Pie Company on her show. She simply confirmed for a small newspaper,

Blackpad | Seven inches of Blackberry rumors

Rumors have been swirling around the Blackberry Blackpad. The keynote speech at Blackberry’s DevCon today may very well officially announce the Blackpad. There are still conflicting reports about when the device will be released, or if it will even be announced today. Either way, the Blackpad is sure to make some waves. Why Blackberry needs
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Google seeks to overpower Groupon with Google Offers

Google tried to convince Groupon to accept a $6 billion buyout in December, but Groupon chose not to bite. Now Google is taking the booming online coupon business into its own hands, reports Mashable. Google Offers, a Groupon-like product that offers online discounts at local businesses for consumers, will soon enter the fray. Google Offers
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Acción promotes success for Chicago microentrepreneurs

When individuals in the Chicago area need fast cash to cover for an accidental budget shortfall, they can apply for Chicago installment loans and Chicago short term loans. However, if a small business needs money to get off the ground or perform the renovations needed to expand, consumer short term loans and installment loans aren’t
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Why Google One Pass may be no real threat to Apple subscriptions

Google one-upped Apple Wednesday by announcing its One Pass content subscription service. Google unveiled One Pass one day after Apple announced its subscription service on the Apple App Store. Media companies will pay less to sell subscriptions on One Pass, but Apple subscriptions give customers more control. Google’s One Pass subscription service Google’s One Pass
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Official Holidays | Stock Market, Banks, USPS, Federal Government

The new official list of 2011 bank, stock market, and federal holidays is now available. Today is Good Friday, the day many Catholics and Christians around the world spend at church and preparing for Easter. Good Friday is not, however, on the list of federal holidays, USPS holidays or post office holidays. Good Friday does,
How long will we have to wait for the Droid?

Do ‘iDroid’ Searches Show Droid Commercial Backfire?

Consumers seeking ‘iDroid’ Verizon has made no bones about it: The Droid is its answer to the iPhone, and the company is doing everything it can to point out the superiority of its product, most notably in the Droid commercial that recently came out. However, this Droid commercial has created a strange phenomenon. The commercial
Billboards may become a thing of the past (photo by

Installment Loans and Free Advertising for Small Businesses

Survival of small businesses in a tight economy Small business owners are looking to installment loans to make it through the rough economy. With industry giants like GM and Chrysler falling into bankruptcy, it’s easy to see how smaller businesses are in precarious financial situations. Part of the problem is cyclical. As business owner Terry