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Advance America stock tumbles after store closures

After the Arizona ban on payday lending went into effect, and new legislation is being passed in Colorado, Advance America announced it was closing more than 100 store locations nationwide.  One of the nation’s largest payday lenders, and one of the few that grew large enough to be publicly traded, is shutting down 122 stores
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Big businesses present wish list for consumer finance regulation

On July 21, 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is scheduled to officially begin living up to its mandate as the United States’ regulatory body for consumer finance companies. The impending change recently prompted business groups to send the Obama administration a “wish list” letter that expresses what they think the CFPB should do first,
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Chocolate more costly after £658 million cocoa purchase

“Not for all the tea in China” is the expression used when something is so valuable to an individual that it isn’t up for sale (although tea in China is a huge staple of exchange or barter). Yet cocoa is a different story, as British financier Anthony Ward has proven. Mr. Ward set down £658
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Walmart combats lower sales with coupons and samples

Walmart, the world’s leading box store, has been steadily losing customers in the United States. To lure shopper back, the store is using heavy coupon promotions and free samples on its website. US sales on the decline Though it is the largest retailer worldwide, Walmart’s revenue has been on the decline in the U.S. for

Android selling more smartphones than Research in Motion

In the war for supremacy in the market for smartphones, the Android operating system has finally toppled Research in Motion and the Blackberry line. Google’s popular Android line has spread quickly, overtaking Apple and Microsoft products within months of the the first launch of an Android phone. More than types of 170 devices use the
A “Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots” game. The robot boxer in the blue corner represents Facebook, while the red robot represents Google.

Google slams Facebook over contact data inflexibility

The Google vs. Facebook online data war rages on, reports the Guardian. The latest exchange of blows centers on Google’s view that Facebook leaves users in a “data dead end” that is inconsistent with a “world of true data liberation.” In short, Google has criticized Facebook because users of the social network cannot export their
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Yahoo to unveil tablet-based news service later this year

Tablet-based publishing appears to be the future of journalism, and Yahoo wants its piece of the pie. Mercury News reports that Yahoo plans to launch Livestand, an online news and magazine service that will allow publishers to direct their content specifically to tablet device users, whether they be iPad 3, Android-based or Hewlett-Packard’s webOS. Yahoo
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How to protect yourself from unwanted spam

Everyone who does business online needs to know how to keep e-mail inboxes from filling up with unwanted junk. Here are a few practical tips that can help. Have more than one e-mail Don’t use the e-mail you give out to friends and family for business. Keeping your business and personal affairs separate will save
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FCC working to keep Comcast from stifling video competition

The merger of Comcast and NBC Universal has drawn criticism from numerous sources, centered on the potential threat that the mega-company could become a monopolistic gatekeeper of televised and online media. In theory, Julius Genachowski and the Federal Communications Commission support open competition, where no one company controls the flow of information. Thus, the FCC
Making ends meet can be tough during a recession. Working multiple jobs, using payday advance loans – these are realities for many people. (Photo:

Get a Payday Advance or Work a Second Job – What to Do?

Sometimes, You Have No Choice People hate working eight hours a day and coming up short on their bills. Luckily, a payday advance loan can help. Unfortunately, a second job is the only answer for many families trying to get by from week to week. Imagine those individuals who go to their full-time jobs, then
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4 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy in spite of Installment Loans

Everyone Has a Story We are living in a difficult time, and everyone has their own sob story, which also includes businesses, regardless of their size. While the larger ones get bailouts from the federal government, small business owners have no such options available to them. Instead, they use installment loans to stay in business,

Rent the Runway Offers High Fashion for a Low Price

Recession spawns Rent the Runway Rent the Runway, a web site that uses the Netflix mail-order model, would have been a good idea even when the economy wasn’t bad. However, it appears Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, the site’s creators, are destined for guaranteed success during a time when everyone is trying to save
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Get Paid To Click On Advertisements – Are these Sites Worth It?

Click and Get Paid I’ve tried quite a few get-paid-to-click (GPT) sites that will pay you to click on advertisements or read E-mails. They are typically free to join with the option to upgrade your membership for more privileges and more advertisements. Don’t get too excited. You would only be clicking for pennies. Most budding
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U.S. companies reap record profits by creating jobs overseas

U.S. companies are reaping record profits, yet the unemployment rate remains stuck at nearly 10 percent. These firms are prospering because overseas demand is growing, while U.S. demand remains stagnant. To meet that demand, U.S. companies are creating jobs overseas. Job creation overseas exceeds U.S. U.S. companies are creating more jobs overseas than here at
Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange: Pros and cons

Buffalo Exchange history I was pretty surprised when I saw Buffalo Exchange featured on the Today show because Buffalo Exchange has been around forever. I think the first time I went to Buffalo Exchange was about 10 years ago. It’s a cool place, and I have always liked it. However, if you’re trying to make
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Why some social media marketing strategies fail

There are many social media marketing strategies that can help you generate more income, but it does require work and research if you’re looking to get the best results. You need to find the right leverage that will not only save you valuable time and increase productivity, but also help you build a community of
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Ven-A-Care chases down Medicare defrauders, collects bounties

It’s not every day a small pharmacy generates $168.7 million in annual revenue., but the Los Angeles Times reports that the specialty pharmacy Ven-A-Care of Florida Keys, Inc., is no mere small pharmacy. The company acts as a whistle-blower that reports the misdeeds of pharmaceutical companies that overbill Medicare and Medicaid. While the company has