money management
Money management is vital in today’s economy. Learn some down to earth tips that may get you ahead.

Never Worry About Late Payments Again

Dealing with Creditors One late payment and you’ll get bombed with a late fee and your interest rate goes through the roof. You can’t call these creditors and say, “Oh, I take it back – please forgive me”. The creditor will laugh and will want their money then and there. Sometimes, you don’t have the

Can going green bring consumers the fast cash they need?

Going green doesn’t have to be life-changing Fast cash is hard to come by, and people looking to go green may think they won’t be able to save themselves and the environment simultaneously. The environment is a top concern these days with the focus on global warming and recycling. Many consumers are laboring under the

Paying Down Unsecured Loans is Critical to Financial Health

The Federal Reserve reports the state of the debt Consumers are worried about their unsecured loans. According to the Federal Reserve, Americans currently owe $917 billion on revolving credit loans. Almost all of the debt is the result of credit card and about $70 billion of the total is currently past due. That is bad
Start being responsible with your money now. Youll thank yourself later.

Preparing for Parents to Cut You Off | What to do When It Happens

Can’t stay lucky forever Most college students get financial help from their parents. It’s perfectly normal and widely accepted, but it can give people a false sense of security and a skewed vision of financial responsibility. If you’re one of those people who is lucky enough to get help from your parents, be grateful and

Sweeten Your Next Car Deal

Overcoming car dealership pressure Cars, like people, don’t last forever. Everyone finds themselves in the scary position of sitting in front of the sales manager at the local dealership sweating out a deal. The office is hectic and there seems to be information coming from everywhere. That atmosphere is part of the strategy, to distract
Man using a computer and holding up a past due bill.

Don’t sabotage your credit score! Make a budget and stick to it

Your credit score is affected by many factors, including missed bill payments. In fact, missed payments can hurt you more than other bad financial moves. To prevent late bill payments, plan how you will spend your money carefully by creating a personal budget. Protect your credit score Your credit score follows you wherever you go.
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Do your homework and think hard about a debt consolidation loan

If you’ve ever considered a consolidation loan to facilitate credit card debt reduction, now is a good time. Banks are reported to be loosening credit standards and interest rates are very low. However, make sure you’re consolidating debt for the right reasons, and do your homework to get the best deal. Be aware of debt
Be wise when seeking a good debt management company.

Debt management: Getting started

Debt Management has become a huge business, and the fact, you don’t need a middleman to negotiate interest rates and repayment plans with your creditors. However, if you decide to choose this particular resolution to your debt problems, there are many legitimate debt consolidation companies providing help to financially distressed consumers. But as with any

#1 Mistake Most Payday Loan Companies Make

The payday loan industry is making common business mistakes Payday lenders spend an outrageous amount of money to find one qualified borrower. The costs per repeat borrower is astronomically higher for payday lead buyers. Most lenders do not monetize their consumers when the customer does not qualify for their loans. They spend anywhere from $50

Homebuyers Look for Quick Cash by Working with a Good Agent

Finding quick cash can be found with a good agent Potential homebuyers are looking for ways to find quick cash, and having a good real estate agent is the number one way to save. It’s a great time to buy a home, but every first-time homebuyer needs the careful direction of a good real estate

Avoiding budget myths can help create emergency money

Budgeting can eliminate emergency money needs Everyone is in search of emergency money. No one wants to get caught with a sudden hospital, automobile or appliance bill and have no way to pay for the expense. In today’s precarious financial climate, it’s crucial for everyone to find a way to bulk up their emergency funds.
Surround yourself with successful people.

Nine Powerful Keys to Financial Freedom

Step by Step Success Strategies Success Key Number One Accept that financial freedom is possible. Many cannot imagine going through debt repair, being debt free or possessing the freedom to design one’s own lifestyle by having access to a healthy cash flow. Therefore, the first step in achieving financial freedom involves believing that such a
You can save money on groceries by switching from name brands to store brands. Image from Flikr.

How to Reduce Monthly Variable Expenses

Don’t get caught off guard Everyone has some variable expenses in their budgets, and if you are not careful, an unexpectedly large electricity or gas bill can really break your budget. Payday loans can help in this situation, but the secret to staying on top of your budget is to reduce your variable expenses wherever

Save Cash Now That Your Retirement Is Funded

Maxing out retirement-fund contributions Many thrifty people are searching for investment options for cash now that they’ve made the maximum allowed retirement-fund contributions. Financial experts have been saying it for years — “invest your money for retirement” — and a new survey shows that a growing number of people are listening. These people are now

Avoid Personal Loans and Debt by Staying Healthy

Healthcare Insurance Costs Sky High Healthcare insurance was never cheap to begin with and has always been a strain on personal finances. With the cost of living now on the rise, many people are forced to take out personal loans to meet their expenses, including healthcare insurance. Rather than taking a loan to add to

The Right Insurance can Provide Emergency Money in Times of Loss

Insurance provides protection Some consumers try to save emergency money by cutting back on insurance. Though it may be a seemingly logical way to bulk up savings, it is not always a good idea. The purpose of insurance is to protect you. It’s one of the few things you buy and hope you’ll never use.