Money Management
It is very common for people to overspend, and before they realize what is happening they end up with a mountain of debt. While there are good and proper uses for loans of all varieties, even short term loans such as payday loans, borrowing to buy consumer items will leave you in financial stress due to the monthly payments gradually exceeding your income. We can help you avoid that debt trap, build savings, and create a bright financial future for yourself by paying yourself first and investing in your retirement.Wouldn’t you like to hang on to a little more of that money? Our money management articles will give you a few pointers on handling your own money better. You do not have to get a raise to get more out of your money. Taking control of your finances is an essential step toward lifetime happiness. We provide important information and advice that will aid you in setting financial goals, budgets, and in maximizing what you can get out of your money.

Beezid: Auction excitement, but it will cost you

Most everyone who shops on the internet is looking for a deal. There are many auction and low-price websites out there that are very popular, though offers a rather unique action-style experience. You can get a good deal on Beezid items, though, like most online shopping, the “ticket price” of Beezid products isn’t the
A man in a buisness suit working at a computer.

Haven Homes does good business in a bad economy

Haven Homes — manufacturer of custom modular homes, otherwise known as prefab homes — is currently experiencing a rare phenomenon in today’s housing market: Haven Homes is selling houses. Haven Homes makes customized mansions that cost less and are completed in a fraction of the time it takes to finish a traditional home. Here’s a

MN appliance rebate helps consumers go green and save

Tax time doesn’t have to be painful. New rebates like the MN appliance rebate enable consumers to take advantage of the state’s $5 million-plus in tax breaks while getting rid of old, energy-hogging technology. Other states have similar appliance rebate programs in place to give you a cash advance at tax time. Thanks to the

Don’t forget these top 10 overlooked tax deductions

Because you deserve a bigger tax refund Whether your tax return is a piece of cake or you have a lot of balls to juggle in order to get the numbers to work, there are always tips and tricks that can make things better. They don’t require online loans, and they most certainly do not
Jobs bill, Harry Reid

Jobs bill undergoes big cuts, despite bipartisan support

Reid does hack job on bill By all accounts, the jobs bill was on the path to victory. However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced yesterday that he would be making massive cuts to the bill, cutting the $85 billion price tag down to $15 billion. How did he do it? According to Fox News,

Go to for Cash for Appliances info

Don’t let that old fridge suck up your cash! The Cash for Clunkers program doesn’t just deal with automobiles. President Obama wants to see a greener, more energy-efficient America, and you and I want to see more money in our pockets for the things that matter. Sure, a personal loan can pick up the slack

Don’t trust banks? Move Your Money!

Anti-big bank movement is gaining steam You’ve seen it in the news and you’ve experienced it firsthand. Banks have cried to the government for bailout money to continue operating, they received billions of taxpayer dollars and what did they do with that money? High salaries and executive bonuses are still common in America’s big banks,

Wedding Cans:The Story of Andrea, Pete & How it All Started

Before Wedding Cans I think it was that castle that really got the wheels turning and drove Andrea Parrish to create the Wedding Cans project. She had always planned on keeping the costs as low as possible, and at first she set out to find people who’d let them have it in their backyard for