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New Say on Pay rule gives shareholders vote on CEO compensation

Shareholders can now vote on the salaries of executives leading publicly traded companies. The “Say on Pay” provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill was approved by the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday. The Say on Pay vote is nonbinding, but analysts expect the rule may have a profound effect on the behavior and performance
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The Knot | Wedded bliss marries stock bliss

The Knot is one of the web’s biggest wedding destinations. The Knot’s website and other media are all about The Big Day,  and today The Knot as a company is having a Big Day of its own. The Knot’s stock has been upgraded to a “buy” rating. So should you include purchase of The Knot
Bill Gates on stage at a conference

Gates and Buffett urge billionaires to give away half their money

Billionaires giving money away isn’t so unusual. When the billionaires giving money away are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, it’s good, but old, news. But when billionaires Gates and Buffett call out their fellow billionaires to pledge 50 percent of their fortunes to charity, people notice. The billionaire philanthropists announced a campaign Wednesday to persuade
John Paulson, surrounded by some of his amassed riches: money, mansion, luxury cars, etc.

Hedge fund manager John Paulson: Crook or guru?

Hedge fund manager John Paulson bet against the health of the U.S. housing market by funneling money into credit default swaps against subprime mortgages, which effectively ensured that as homeowners defaulted he would receive a massive cash advance on his investment in failure. Thanks to the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble and some shrewd
Photo of the madness on wall street.

Volatile stock market driven by impulsive investor fears

The stock market forged ahead last week on news that the consumer confidence index rose. The markets went into reverse a short time later when the Fed released minutes from its latest meeting. The markets rose again on Wednesday, this time on data showing growth in American and Chinese manufacturing output.  This late burst of
Close-up of a checkbook register that reflects multiple credit card payments, including one marked “payoff.”

Low CD rates prompt consumers to pay off credit cards

A certificate of deposit is traditionally a worthwhile, low-risk investment. However, CD rates have been so low lately that many consumers have moved their money into more productive financial ventures, reports Bankrate. Paying down debt – particularly credit card debt – has taken center stage. One-year CD rates scraping the bottom According to Bankrate, the
There's always one cupcake in the bunch that doesn't quite meet expectation. In this case, the frosting has boiled over and it’s a hot, sticky mess.

Worst venture capitalist moves in U.S. history

Almost any startup business needs advance loans in order to get off the ground, which is why venture capitalists (VCs) are vitally important. For every venture capitalist with money to lend that has tasted the sweet success of funding such giants as Google, many others have not been so lucky. Thanks to Focus Research, here
insider trading this way

Insider trading probe affects cross section of financial industry

The first shot in what could be the largest insider trading case in history may have been fired Monday. The FBI raided the offices of two hedge funds in Greenwhich, Conn., as part of a massive insider trading probe. Last fall the Securities and Exchange Commission issued subpoenas to more than 30 hedge funds and
santa claus rallies wall street

Santa Claus rally hits markets in countries celebrating Christmas

The Santa Claus rally in the stock market, if it has arrived on schedule, will begin Monday, Dec. 27. Historically the Santa Claus rally is the last five trading days of the year in countries that celebrate Christmas. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, already enjoying a strong December, hit a two-year high on Dec. 22.
A smiling young woman hunts for values at her local Family Dollar store.

Family Dollar share price surges on NASDAQ

Thanks to billionaire investor Nelson Peltz’s big stock buy, shares of Family Dollar Stores Inc., a discount retailer chain, shot up by 11 percent Wednesday on the NASDAQ, reports Reuters. The investment by Peltz’s Trian Group underscores a current investment trend toward supporting retailers that appeal to low-income families, as rival chains like Dollar Tree
College Graduates

Value of college questioned with high loans and unemployment

The past few months have featured a lot of coverage about the booming levels of student loans. Unlike other installment loans, there’s no way to discharge the debt, and many students are left holding the bag with fewer opportunities for decent employment. Many are questioning whether college is worth it. College not worth it, says
looking for dividend paying stocks

Why more investors are buying dividend-paying stocks, not bonds

Investors are shopping for dividend-paying stocks in an unusual market environment. Record-low interest rates make putting money in bank accounts illogical. Despite a sputtering economic recovery, companies sitting on huge piles of cash can afford generous dividend payouts. The number of companies paying more in dividends than the average bond yield is at a 15-year
Steve Jobs

Apple stock declines as Steve Jobs takes medical leave

Apple stock tumbled slightly as Steve Jobs announced he was taking another leave of absence. Jobs announced at a recent Apple press conference that he was taking time off for health related reasons. Many fear he is struggling with cancer again. Steve Jobs takes medical leave of absence Recently, CEO of Apple Steve Jobs announced
A montage of finance and retirement-related terms is pictured. With the blizzard of choices out there for finding unclaimed money, makes it easy for retirees to collect forgotten pensions. is protecting pensions across the United States

During a recession, websites like are priceless, particularly for experienced workers and retirees. Leave it to “The Early Show” to clue America in to how to find lost, missing or otherwise unclaimed money. The show recently pointed out to viewers that there is $33 billion in missing money out there, and sites like
NYSE on Wall Street

Former GM financial wing Ally may have its own IPO

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of buzz about an upcoming GM IPO. The related company, Ally Financial Inc., is now looking at an Initial Public Offering all its own next year. Ally Financial used to be GMAC, or General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the loan company formerly part of General Motors.
Statue of the Euro Symbol

Euro dollar values move on the market

After an aggressive plan was put into place to stabilize the value of the Euro, the Euro dollar values began to move on the market. The plan was unveiled by the IMF and European Central Bank to put a massive reserve in place to head off a European debt crisis and aid in the Greece