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Rising stocks behave out of character with positive jobs report

Stocks rose on the jobs report released by the Labor Department Friday. Job creation in the last two months is the strongest it has been since before the recession. But the market’s current response to a positive jobs report is unusual, and stocks could fall again if the labor market continues to improve. First quarter
law degree

Law school investment may not pay off for most law graduates

The value of an investment in law school is being seriously questioned. Law school tuition continues to rise and fewer jobs with good pay are available. Even so, law school enrollment has ballooned during the recession, and the market is flooded with young, starving lawyers. Law school debt overwhelms lawyer salaries The number of people
Silver coins

Plunging commodity prices leaving investors jittery

In the last few days, prices on of some of the most important commodities have plunged. The effect this plunge may have on some prices may not be immediately noticeable, but it will affect most consumers. Precipitous drop in commodity prices In the last seven days, prices of several commodity items have dropped by huge
climbing to retirement savings goals

Roth IRA conversions surge in 2010

Converting to Roth IRAs has significance for retirement savings goals in 2010. The prospect of higher taxes enacted by Congress after the mid-term elections is increasing Roth IRA conversions. Plus, the IRS removed income limits that prohibited richer people from setting up Roth IRAs, and taxpayers have a three-year window to pay taxes due on
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Falling gold price could mean the gold bubble is about to burst

Talk of a gold bubble burst is spreading. Investors have perceived gold as a safe haven during the global financial crisis. But after rising in value steadily since October 2008, the gold bubble may be reaching the bursting point as the global financial crisis fades. If the markets continue to rally, the demand for so-called

Most Americans still believe in real estate as an investment

A recent survey indicated that most Americans think real estate is a good investment. The value of the average house has dropped by nearly a third since the housing recession began in late 2007, and nearly a third of all homes are worth less than the amount that is owed on them. Housing prices will
Definitely not what Apple earnings look like.

Apple earnings boom for first quarter

Since the iPod renaissance that followed a reclusive streak in the 1990s, Apple has been a growing empire, and the Apple earnings for the most recent quarter have blossomed.  The company has been shipping huge volumes of the iPhone, and with the iPhone 4.0 and iPad beginning to take off, Apple is set to never

Jobs blasts RIM and Android at Apple earnings meeting

Steve Jobs recently participated in an Apple earnings press conference. During the discussion of how well Apple Inc. stock is doing, Jobs took time to let loose on RIM (Blackberry) and Android platforms. He touted the fact that Apple sells more units of the iPhone than either platform and has better software to boot. An
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Low retail sales, rising consumer confidence calm volatile stocks

Retail sales dropped in May, and the stock market dropped in step with data delivered by the Commerce Department retail sales report. Stock market volatility has become the new normal. The stock market rose at the end of the day Thursday before reversing direction early Friday when the May retail sales report was released. A
Front view of a Chinese one yuan note. The late Communist leader Mao Tse Tung is depicted on the currency.

Global yuan exchange under way for first time in history

China has played its hand very close to the vest when it comes to controlling its currency, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, the time has come to spread the wealth. The yuan, which Beijing once prohibited from being bought or sold outside China’s borders, has been released into global currency trading for the
Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Sara Liming scrubs the walls of the Nagad School in Djibouti’s Atta Region on March 26, 2011.

Home remodeling projects worth the money today

Remodeling to increase the value of a home has traditionally been a good idea. However, the housing market collapse has made big home renovation projects a calculated risk. In parts of the U.S. where the real estate market is more favorable, remodeling projects can still provide good value for the cost. SmartMoney has a few
Boxtop for a boardgame called “The Stock Market Game.”

How to buy and sell stocks

Ever wanted to learn how to buy stock? You’re in the right place. Learn what a stock is, how to choose good stocks and some of the basics of buying stock with this “stocks for dummies”- style guide. What is a stock? Essentially, buying stocks means buying partial ownership in a company. If the financial
Lily Allen on EMI

Investment firm Terra Firma loses lawsuit over EMI

In 2007, investment firm Terra Firma purchased control of music giant Electric and Musical Industries Ltd. After losing more than $2.5 billion on the investment, Guy Hands of Terra Firma’s decided to sue Citibank. A jury has found, however, that Citibank did not defraud Terra Firma in the purchase of EMI, as was accused. Terra
executive pay

New Say on Pay rule gives shareholders vote on CEO compensation

Shareholders can now vote on the salaries of executives leading publicly traded companies. The “Say on Pay” provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill was approved by the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday. The Say on Pay vote is nonbinding, but analysts expect the rule may have a profound effect on the behavior and performance