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California short term business loans are drying up

The San Diego Business Journal reports that the California Reinvestment Coalition has released a new report that fails to paint a rosy picture when it comes to California short term business loans. The report, entitled “Small Business Access to Credit,” points out that total number of small business loans issued in the state fell 63
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Treasury kicks off small business lending with $53.4 million

Three states have qualified to get big money from the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department has infused $53.4 million into lending programs in Connecticut, Vermont and Missouri. All three states have created programs that are intended to stimulate $10 worth of small business lending for every $1 invested. The Small Business Jobs Act Small businesses
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Not enough good borrowers for small business loans

A bill designed to help smaller banks make more loans to small businesses is about to be voted on by the U.S. Senate. This bill will help create $300 billion in available capital to help small businesses. Banks in the lending business, though, are saying the extra quick cash advance won’t actually create more small
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Federal Reserve sets swipe fee cap, delays implementation

The Federal Reserve has announced it will cap interchange fees, or swipe fees, at 21 cents per transaction. The fees are now half what merchants have been charged on average, but the nation’s central bank has also announced that the cap will not take effect until October. Swipe fee takes effect in October Last year,
A Chinese investor looks at an electronic board showing stock information.

China: Technological price for entry in the biggest market

In the news, allegations have surfaced accusing China of forcing various entities in the technology industry to give Chinese establishments technology. Allegedly, this is required as part of their cost to do business in China, although China denies this. China’s increasing integration with the global economy has contributed to sustained growth in international trade. The
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Securenext | Quality offshore software development

Finding the right software developer for your project can be an intimidating task, but Securenext is a United States based company that takes all the guesswork out of getting your project done right, on time and within budget. Securenext provides offshore development in PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails, iPhone OS, and more – allowing you
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Google Bing sting catches Microsoft copying search engine results

Google, having suspected Microsoft’s Bing of copying its search engine results, launched a sting operation. Google caught Microsoft red-handed by inserting artificial top results for certain search queries, which showed up on Bing. Bing didn’t deny the charges and spun an explanation, which included calling Google’s sting a stunt. Google smells a rat Google began
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Employer health care costs rising despite health care reform bill

Employer health care costs will continue to rise this year and next, but the rate of increasing costs for employer health insurance appears to be slowing down. Despite the health care reform bill, a nine percent employer health care cost increase is projected in 2011 compared to the 9.5 percent jump expected this year. To
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Parents can help college grads secure internships

Most colleges do not effectively prepare graduates to take on the job market, thanks to under-funded, under-staffed, under-motivated college career centers. Students must find motivation within themselves, but it never hurts to have parents who take an active role. According to Fox Business, parents can be instrumental in helping students obtain internships after college. Internships
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UPS Jobs | UPS Careers looking good

UPS Jobs are, all things considered, incredibly good jobs. The UPS system usually promotes from within, and getting a job in UPS Careers means starting as a package sorter and working your way up to delivery person training. However, over the next five years, UPS is expected to hire more than 25,000 individuals for UPS
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Big Lots recalls bed after death of young boy

Discount retailer Big Lots has voluntarily recalled a metal futon bunk bed they sold between January 2009 and April 2010. The recall comes following the death of a three-year-old boy who became tapped in the bed, leading to his death. 30,000 beds recalled The Columbus, Ohio-based firm, which sold the product exclusively, is recalling about
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City of San Francisco grants Twitter a payroll tax break

In an 8-to-3 vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has decided in favor of an ordinance that will grant local company Twitter and others a tax break from the city’s corporate payroll tax on new hires, reports the Los Angeles Times. The 1.5 percent tax shelter will be good for the next six years,
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Federal Trade Commission shuts down work-from-home companies

The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice have teamed up to shut down more than 90 companies. These work-at-home companies allegedly defrauded customers out of millions of dollars. Most of these companies also targeted unemployed individuals with their work-at-home promises. Work-at-home businesses targeted In a joint action, the Federal Trade Commission and and Department
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Work at home business opportunities facing stronger regulation

Work at home business opportunities can mean big money — but they can also be big scams. The Federal Trade Commission has released a 129-page report about these business opportunities. While not yet implemented, the FTC has recommended multiple changes to the rules governing work-at-home business opportunities. Rules governing work at home business opportunities Currently,
Viagra sets record for most expensive domain

Guinness World Records has officially announced that sets the record as most expensive domain ever purchased. The owner of the website, however, has said he “does not have immediate plans for commercialization.” Guinness recognizes most expensive domain Guinness World Records certified today that is “the most expensive internet address domain name.” The domain
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Missouri and Kansas farmers to get emergency loans from U.S.D.A.

The weather this summer has been detrimental to farmers in the lower Midwest. Areas in and around Kansas City were officially declared a disaster area after flash flood damage, and the U.S.D.A. has announced it will do all it can to help. Emergency loans will be made available for any farmers in certain areas that
Wisconsin Assembly

Wisconsin Assembly passes bill curtailing collective bargaining

The Wisconsin Assembly has passed the controversial bill diminishing collective bargaining rights of state employees who are union members. The Assembly is the lower house of the Wisconsin state legislature. Before the bill can go to  Gov. Scott Walker, it has to pass the Wisconsin Senate. Wisconsin State Senate lacks enough members to pass bill