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Seven banks cannot meet capital requirements in Euro stress tests

After the Greek debt crisis began to wreak havoc in European financial markets, a series of stress tests were devised to see whether European banks could handle any further shocks. After the tests were administered, it was determined that seven major European banks could not handle further strains as they did not have sufficient reserves
Catalytic Converter

Precious metal and gasoline theft increasing nationwide

Incidents of theft of precious metals and gasoline have started to increase nationwide. Gasoline theft has been observed during previous periods of high gas prices, and people are stealing precious metals such as platinum and copper at an increasing pace. Precious metals will always have a market. Keep an eye on the catalytic converter One
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Top 10 US college majors that lead to highest pay

The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of the average starting salaries from various career paths. In order to maximize your earning potential, forget majors like English and consider the top 10 highest paying college majors in the U.S., advises Salaries depicted here reflect annual pay for bachelor’s graduates without an advanced degree. Grease
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Volatile stock market driven by impulsive investor fears

The stock market forged ahead last week on news that the consumer confidence index rose. The markets went into reverse a short time later when the Fed released minutes from its latest meeting. The markets rose again on Wednesday, this time on data showing growth in American and Chinese manufacturing output.  This late burst of
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Unemployed refuse offers for jobs filled by illegal immigration

Illegal immigration and immigration reform are bubbling to the top of the media cauldron. The Obama administration sued to block the Arizona immigration law. Polls show most Americans agree with the law, and Utah wants to pass one just like it. Meanwhile, the United Farm Workers Union is getting a tepid response after offering the
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Treasury kicks off small business lending with $53.4 million

Three states have qualified to get big money from the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department has infused $53.4 million into lending programs in Connecticut, Vermont and Missouri. All three states have created programs that are intended to stimulate $10 worth of small business lending for every $1 invested. The Small Business Jobs Act Small businesses

iPad sale and other Apple Black Friday deals

In a move that was not unexpected, but highly anticipated, Apple has announced Black Friday deals. The iPad sale cuts $41 off the price of all iPad devices. MacBooks, iMac, and even iPods are also on sale. iPad sale officially on For Black Friday only, Apple has announced an iPad sale. A full $41 has
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Federal Reserve sets swipe fee cap, delays implementation

The Federal Reserve has announced it will cap interchange fees, or swipe fees, at 21 cents per transaction. The fees are now half what merchants have been charged on average, but the nation’s central bank has also announced that the cap will not take effect until October. Swipe fee takes effect in October Last year,
rising oil and gas prices

Rising oil prices driven by global weather, markets and politics

Crude oil prices soared on Tuesday to pass $90 a barrel, a 26-month high. A weaker dollar and cold weather were cited as primary factors for rising oil and gas prices. A compromise with Republicans by the Obama administration that involved extending the Bush tax cuts, and traders hedging against the weaker dollar are also
fukushima disaster

Fukushima disaster lays bare the cost of nuclear power

Before the Fukushima disaster, nuclear power appeared on the verge of a comeback. But in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, nuclear reactors worldwide have been shut down and construction of nuclear plants has been put on hold. Expensive new safety measures that may be required as a result of the Fukushima disaster
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Million-dollar home sales increase as prices continue to slide

Sales of homes that cost millions rose dramatically in major U.S. cities last year. Wealthy Americans prospering from a rebound on Wall Street are taking advantage of low interest rates on jumbo loans and falling home prices to land unprecedented bargains. Meanwhile, home sales overall are stalling, and analysts expect home prices to decline another

Americans losing faith in mortgage loans and real estate

Americans are becoming less convinced that getting mortgage loans to buy real estate is a good idea. A recent survey found that the number of people who believe owning a home is a worthy investment has dwindled to the lowest level in years. Home sales have been sluggish to recover from the housing crash. Fewer
airline baggage

Little extras equal billions for airlines

The baggage fees and the other little extras charged by modern airlines can be expensive and annoying for the traveler. But they are gravy for the airlines. A new report suggests they add up to billions for the industry. New report adds up the extras A newly released report, the Amadeus Review of Ancillary Revenue
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Walmart electric heater recall affects 2.2 million units

Cold winter winds have sent many people scrambling indoors for the holidays, where the warmth of humming electric heaters make Jack Frost a distant memory. Unfortunately, electric space heaters are not infallible, as more than 2 million Walmart customers have discovered. According to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission press release, a Walmart heater recall
rental vacancy rates

Falling vacancy rates signal sharply rising rents in near future

After about a decade of very low rent inflation, rising rents are emerging as a consequence of economic recovery. Rental vacancy rates have been dropping sharply, and rental market analysts are warning that double-digit rate increases are on the horizon. Further economic recovery may be at stake as rising rents feed inflation and subtract further

Case-Shiller index indicates home prices still falling

Should homeowners brace for more financial pain? So America has recovered from the housing bubble and things are looking better for Real Estate… right? Not so fast. Marketwatch reports that the most recent Case-Shiller home price index indicates a “not-seasonally adjusted” .2 percent drop for 20 major American cities for December 2009. Prices did rise