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The best and worst organic grocery buys

Organic produce can be very expensive. With recent reports showing that groceries are getting even more expensive, many are wondering whether organic produce is worth the cost. U.S. Department of Agriculture tests show that some produce is worth it and some not so much. Understanding the cost of organic There are several different organic certifications
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Stimulate your economy: Spend that payroll tax holiday

The payroll tax holiday is giving everyone with a paycheck a 2 percent raise for the next two years. Personal finance advisers suggest using that extra money to pay down debt, but the government hopes you will spend it to stimulate the economy. If you’re like most people, you will spend it, so spend it

Tough choices in a tough job and housing market

Finally, businesses are starting to hire again. Many people will be faced with the choice of whether they should move in order to take on a new job. Before you accept a job and a salary offer, be sure to take into consideration the cost of living in the location you’re moving to. Also, if
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Why the Alternative Minimum Tax should be changed by Congress

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was concocted in 1969 to eliminate tax loopholes for wealthy taxpayers. Since the AMT was created, it has only been adjusted for inflation twice. Each year more middle class taxpayers fall victim to the AMT, but Congress can’t agree on how to keep that from happening. The AMT no longer
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Fannie Mae wants to defer strategic default with consequences

Fannie Mae upped the ante on strategic default of home mortgages Wednesday, saying that borrowers who default despite having ability to pay or do not seek alternatives in good faith won’t be eligible for a new Fannie Mae-backed mortgage for seven years from the date of foreclosure. Strategic defaults are increasing along with home foreclosures.
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As more Americans rent, buying a home has become cheaper

U.S. home ownership rates have fallen back to 1998 levels as more Americans are choosing to rent rather than buy a home. The drop in home ownership and rise in rental activity has made buying a home cheaper than renting in most major U.S. This unusual scenario could mean that buying a home now will
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Study: Unemployment dragging down student test scores

According to a new interdisciplinary academic study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the stress of unemployment hits children hard. The study, entitled “Children Left Behind: The Effect of Statewide Job Loss On Student Achievement,” finds a correlation between community job loss and decreased performance on math and reading scores, reports the Huffington Post.

Experian adding renter history to credit scores calculations

Credit score bureau Experian is now including renter history in its formula for adding up credit scores. Previously, only negative marks on a renter’s history, like evictions from non-payment, were added. Now positive marks will be added. Pay the rent on time and do some credit repair Credit bureaus typically do not factor renter’s history
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Google to unveil its own near-field mobile payment system

Google has announced it will unveil its own mobile payment system that will allow people to use their cell phones in lieu of a wallet. Google is launching its own near-field communication technology, which uses a chip mounted in a phone that is read by a sensor and linked to a bank account. Google is
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Mortgage loan closing costs on the rise

One of the costs of a mortgage loan is the closing costs, or the fee you pay when you finally pay your mortgage off or sell your home. The costs can be considerable, and the average closing cost nationally is several times more than the average payday loan. The average amount of a closing cost
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Goldman Sachs Facebook deal sets bank up to manage possible IPO

A Goldman Sachs Facebook investment of $450 million was the biggest news on Wall Street Monday. The Goldman Sachs Facebook deal, plus an additional $50 million investment from a Russian firm, has given Facebook an implied market value of $50 billion. Goldman’s investment makes it a front runner to manage a Facebook IPO that most
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Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae stocks delisted from NYSE, losses grow

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the key sources of funding that have kept lending to home buyers from completely drying up, were ordered by the government to cease trading their shares on the New York Stock Exchange to abide by NYSE delisting rules. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae stocks, which have already lost nearly all

Nevada students organizing to fight budget cuts

In Reno, Nevada, college students are gearing up for a fight. These students, however, are armed with statistics, numbers and suggestions. As the legislature considers cutting education funding yet again, some students are fighting back. Proposed cuts to Nevada education Nevada, like most other states, is facing huge budget deficits that it must balance. Nevada’s
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A double dip recession is possible

Some economists look for the most positive signs, and others look for the most negative signs. Recent economic data has given some experts reason to think that a double dip recession, where economic activity plunges, ticks up slightly, then plunges again before stabilizing, is beginning to look more likely. The forecast for doom and gloom
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FCIC report on financial crisis sparks routine partisan bickering

When the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report was issued Wednesday, partisan bickering was the big story. The FCIC report concluded that the financial crisis was ultimately the federal government’s fault, and it could have been avoided. The FCIC report was endorsed by six Democratic members of the commission, while the four Republicans disagreed with its