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Federal budget passes; fewer troops need military payday loans

The United States Congress recently passed the federal budget for fiscal year 2011 after a long standoff. Among concerns about a possible government shutdown were that military service personnel would have to resort to payday loans and other financial means if a deal could not be made. Thankfully, the shutdown was avoided. Shutdown could have
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Surprise China rate hike reveals country worried about inflation

The first China interest rate hike since 2007 caught analysts by surprise and knocked  world markets off-kilter. The Chinese government offered no explanation, but consensus among experts is China has recognized the need to stem inflation in its economy. Fears that the China rate hike could drag on global recovery sent stock markets in Europe
Protestor waving a sign that reads, "Financial reform now!"

Big businesses present wish list for consumer finance regulation

On July 21, 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is scheduled to officially begin living up to its mandate as the United States’ regulatory body for consumer finance companies. The impending change recently prompted business groups to send the Obama administration a “wish list” letter that expresses what they think the CFPB should do first,
Cocoa Beans

Chocolate more costly after £658 million cocoa purchase

“Not for all the tea in China” is the expression used when something is so valuable to an individual that it isn’t up for sale (although tea in China is a huge staple of exchange or barter). Yet cocoa is a different story, as British financier Anthony Ward has proven. Mr. Ward set down £658
Walamrt in China

Walmart combats lower sales with coupons and samples

Walmart, the world’s leading box store, has been steadily losing customers in the United States. To lure shopper back, the store is using heavy coupon promotions and free samples on its website. US sales on the decline Though it is the largest retailer worldwide, Walmart’s revenue has been on the decline in the U.S. for
A pile of gold bars

Gold prices and cash for gold scams rise, stock market tanks

The gold market has been where the action is for investors lately. As a neurotic stock market and the European debt crisis spur predictions of a global financial meltdown, a vault full of gold is like a dose of Valium for stressed out investors. The spot gold price started at more than $1,200 dollars an
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Tax extension form | Find the IRS Extension form you need

Tax day is quickly approaching, and if you need extra time to complete your 2009 federal taxes, you will need to submit a tax extension form 2010 to the IRS. There are two types of an IRS extension form – one that extends your filing deadline, and one that extends your tax resolution deadline. Make
Bike To Work Week.

Gear yourself up for Bike To Work Week

Quick, how can you start to get in shape and save yourself $50 in just a week? Bike To Work Week. Bike To Work Month is May, and Bike To Work Week this year is May 17-21. Biking to work may seem like a crazy idea, but if you sit down to do the math,
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Will Goldman-triggered commodity rout lower US gas prices?

Commodity prices, which have been rising since December, fell sharply Tuesday. Inflation is beginning to curb demand and slow economic growth. A note from Goldman Sachs that it was time to cash in on crude oil, copper, cotton and platinum triggered a sell-off that signaled a possible end to a historic commodities rally. The commodities
fed qe2 commodity price spike raises grocery bill

Fed QE2 imposes tax on consumers as it raises commodity prices

When the Federal Reserve pumped billions of dollars into the economy with quantitative easing last week, investors rejoiced. But for consumers, the Fed’s monetary stimulus is a tax that has caused the price of oil, food and clothing to rise. QE2 made the stock market rise, but the Fed’s bond buy has also sent commodity

Rhode Island teachers fired as school feels government heat

All 88 teachers at Central Falls High School are gone Central Falls, Rhode Island is reeling from a firestorm of student, parent and teacher protest. Central Falls High School wasn’t making the grade with its standardized test scores and graduation rates, so the school board voted to fire the entire teaching staff. The 88 teachers
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Low inflation means no Social Security COLA in 2011

Since Congress established the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security payments in 1975, only twice have Social Security payments actually failed to rise. According to the Associated Press, 2010 was the first year without a COLA for Social Security, and 2011 will be the second. The Social Security Administration blames the lack
Cash coming to your pocket? Find the answer to the question "Where's my refund?"

Where is my refund | Find out where your money is

It’s the ides of March, which means that if you still haven’t done your taxes, you’ve got one month left. If you have already done your taxes, you’re probably wondering “Where’s my refund?” possibly with bad credit installment loans waiting in the wings. If you are asking “Where’s my refund?” here’s how you can find
bank reposessions

Record foreclosure drop in November credited to robo-signers

Foreclosures dropped in the U.S. at a record pace in November. But these days a positive housing market news item has a dark foreclosure shadow lurking behind it. Foreclosures dropped because of robo-signing moratoriums, similar to a recent drop in underwater mortgages due to increasing foreclosures. What the foreclosure drop means Foreclosure notices in the
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Expect tougher FHA mortgage loans due to rising risk of default

Federal Housing Administration mortgages saved the housing market from total collapse when the housing crisis emerged in 2007. The FHA virtually eliminated barriers to entry into the housing market to keep mortgage lending from completely drying up. FHA mortgages became so popular that today they make up nearly a third of the mortgage market. But
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Personal finance savvy rising, but high credit card debt persists

Americans are more educated about credit than they were before the recession, however, their knowledge about personal finance isn’t resulting in better decisions about credit and lending. A survey indicates that most Americans know the interest rates they are paying on their credit card and they know their credit rating. Even so, they continue to
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Lobbyists fight to weaken new mortgage rules in financial reform

The U.S. House and Senate will start on refining mortgage legislation Tuesday. The legislation would enforce the biggest overhaul to mortgage lending rules in decades. The mortgage legislation, part of the financial reform bill, is intended to end the risky lending practices blamed for causing the financial crisis. Mortgage industry lobbyists are working overtime to