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Soft drink tax Colorado

Soft drink tax: Colorado lawmakers may repeal after one year

In March of 2010, Colorado consumers began paying a tax on sugary products, commonly referred to as the soft drink tax. This soft drink tax, in Colorado, equaled an additional 2.9 percent cost. Now, some lawmakers are trying to repeal the Colorado soft drink tax. The soft drink tax in Colorado In March of 2010,
US Dollar

Flat consumer prices could make paydays worth less

Recent data was released that indicated that the consumer price index has barely moved for a long time. For months on end, prices of goods and services have remained essentially flat. It means that no one has needed instant cash to make a usual purchase, but that is not all. Part and parcel to the
Department of the Treasury

Three congressional bills trying to weaken the CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is set to launch in the next few months. Despite strong consumer support, three new House bills are attempting to weaken the CFPB. The House Financial Services Committee has approved these bills, but they have not yet become law. Current status of the CFPB The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was
Gene Sperling speaking in 2008 at a Center for American Progress Action Fund event.

Gene Sperling is new U.S. National Economic Council director

To fill the void left by controversial (and recently resigned) Lawrence Summers, President Obama has named Gene Sperling as the new director of the administration’s National Economic Council. The Huffington Post calls Sperling a “veteran policy and political player.” Considering the divided nature of the current Congress, experts predict Gene Sperling will have difficult economic
Gas prices on baord

Tips for better gas mileage

The rise in the price of gas may be slowing for the moment, but long gone are the days when fuel cost was a minor consideration in our driving habits. Here are several simple things to consider which may save you some green next time at the gas station. Drive calmly and sensibly Angry driving
The old version of U.S. food stamps, from 1980.

Welfare payments make up 35 percent of total US wages, study says

An independent study utilizing Bureau of Economic Analysis data indicates that more than one-third of total U.S. wages and salaries go toward government payouts like Social Security, Medicare and other social welfare benefits. This has shocked numerous economists. CNBC Fast Money Executive Producer John Melloy suggests that this record figure will continue to expand as
Tax Extension form

Can’t pay your taxes? What to do about extensions and interest

The IRS deadline for 2011 may be three days later than usual, but some people still need extra time. If you cannot pay your taxes or file on time, addressing the situation quickly is key. Ignoring the problem of late taxes will make the situation worse. Extending your filing deadline If you will not be

$15 billion jobs bill passes Senate 70-28

13 Republicans and two Independents cross the aisle Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) calls it “investing in America.”  After a 70-28 vote in the Senate, the $15 billion Democratic jobs bill to stimulate job creation has passed with 55 Democrats, 13 Republicans and two Independents saying yes. Considering just how far the American workforce and

Thousands of Nevada foreclosures halted by injunction

In Nevada, a judge has issued an order halting foreclosures by a Bank of America subsidiary. Approximately 8,900 foreclosures have been halted by this order. The bank is arguing against this order by citing “harm caused to the public interest.” Problems with Nevada foreclosures Recon Trust is a Bank of America subsidiary that operates in
Shopping list.

Holiday money saving ideas 2010 | Budget, bargain and shop

‘Tis the season to shop. Everyone can agree that the holidays are definitely the best time to go out and save a bunch of money on items you’ve always wanted. However, it is also a time of hardship, as most people are either unemployed or wait until the last minute to put together a holiday
bank of america mortgage lender

Fed wants its money back from bad B of A mortgage bonds

The foreclosure crisis could be coming home to roost on the banks that caused the housing crisis. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York joined a group of the largest bond investors in the U.S. Wednesday to demand that Bank of America buy back bad mortgage loans packaged into securities. Other mortgage bond investors are
John Paulson, surrounded by some of his amassed riches: money, mansion, luxury cars, etc.

Hedge fund manager John Paulson: Crook or guru?

Hedge fund manager John Paulson bet against the health of the U.S. housing market by funneling money into credit default swaps against subprime mortgages, which effectively ensured that as homeowners defaulted he would receive a massive cash advance on his investment in failure. Thanks to the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble and some shrewd
Davis Mansion

Mortgages becoming very low interest loans

If you’re looking at buying a home, right now is the time to do it. There are, unfortunately, a lot of foreclosed properties on the market at discounted prices. Not only that, but a lot of people are looking to sell. There is also a lot of inventory to move. As luck would have it,
A man and a woman caress a pile of money.

Learn how to find the unclaimed money waiting for you

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed money sitting in accounts in the U.S. Are you one of the rightful owners of unclaimed money sitting in savings bonds, misplaced pensions, apartment deposits, lost tax refunds and more? Try out some ideas from “Good Morning America” at Oprah endorses unclaimed money recovery General purpose websites
airfare pricing trends

Find cheap airline tickets with vigilance, technology and luck

To find cheap airline tickets, it’s best to study airfare pricing trends, do your homework and remain vigilant. Airlines offer a certain percentage of seats at a discount to fill planes, but they don’t want to make it too easy. Because airfares are in a constant state of flux, finding cheap airline tickets takes timing
A sign promoting the home buyer tax credit in front of a home

Tax credit extension depends on fate of unemployment extension

Another tax credit extension to keep the moribund U.S. housing market from getting even worse was being considered by Congress. The deadline for real estate closings to qualify for a federal home buyer tax credit worth up to $8,000 is 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. The House voted Tuesday to extend the tax credit closing deadline to
Two men in police uniforms are riding toy motorcycles down a sidewalk.

Recession makes civilian police jobs frighteningly necessary

When police budget cuts and layoffs make responding to fraud, burglary and theft calls impossible, some cities count on an infusion of quick cash to turn the tide. However, as USA Today reports, police agencies on the other side of the tracks are resorting to unconventional measures to fill vacancies. Paid and volunteer civilian police