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Housing prices decline, but home sales are rising

Nationwide home prices are declining, but home sales are beginning to rise. The past year has been volatile for real estate, but more people have been consulting with loan lenders to purchase a home. The low prices are thought to be the reason for the spike in purchases. Wealthy and investors buying houses again Figures
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U.S. auto sales up thanks to new models and pent-up demand

U.S. auto sales in 2011 will be strong if January is any indication. U.S. automakers usually expect a slow January, but this year, year-over-year sales for the month were strong. The U.S. auto industry finished 2010 with strong sales and industry experts forecast a sustained upward trend in U.S. auto sales for 2011. Back to
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Greek riots paralyze Athens

The city of Athens has been shocked by a violent outbreak of Greek riots in which three have been left dead as protesters and police clash.  The Greek riots are believed to be caused by recent economic measures meant by the Greek government to curb spending and gain a better grip on the country’s spending
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Senate tax cut bill passes by wide margin

The Senate passed the tax bill by a very wide margin after compromises by both sides of the aisle. The bill will extend the Bush tax cuts and make some other key changes. The bill still must pass the House of Representatives to become law. Senate tax bill pass with flying colors A lot of
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Choosing the certificate of deposit that is right for you

A certificate of deposit (CD) resembles a savings account, in that a consumer makes a federally insured, interest-accruing bank or credit union deposit. Unlike a savings account, however, a CD does not allow early withdrawal without penalty. For those who want to explore opening a CD, here’s a guide to the best CD options available.

FTC fines company $250,000 for sock puppet reviews

When shopping online, the reviews of a product often play an important role in decision-making. In a landmark case, the Federal Trade Commission has fined a company $250,000 for creating false online reviews. Legacy Learning Systems reportedly paid affiliates for false endorsements that resulted in $5 million in sales. FTC ruling on online reviews In
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Fed backs off on quantitative easing

Quantitative easing (QE) has been referred to by some economists as the last vestige of an empire in ruin. The idea is to create money, suppress rates, promote liquidity and watch inflation spread. It’s like a plumber who tries to fill a bathtub by pouring in massive amounts of water, without plugging the drain first.

Government shutdown in 2011 could result from deadlocked Congress

On March 4, the budget that runs the federal government will expire. There are rumors that there may be a 2011 government shutdown. A government shutdown 2011 is a possibility, but lawmakers are working to prevent the shutdown. The basics of a government shutdown 2011 Facing the possibility of a government shutdown in 2011, it
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Student Loan Bill | Cutting out the middleman

Tucked inside the health care reform bill that congress passed on Sunday was a bill that will reform the student loan system. Focused mainly on how student loans are administered, the student loan bill will create $61 billion in savings over 10 years. Of those savings, $30 billion will be put back into education, while
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Quadruple Witching: the stock market seasons change

Today is Quadruple Witching day on the stock market – the day where all four of the major linchpins of the stock market — market index futures, market index options, stock options, and stock futures — all expire. This “quadruple witching” happens the third Friday of every March, June, September, and December, and like the
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Gold futures hit record high, investors urged to jump in

There is a definite connection between currency values and the price of precious metals, and if today’s movement on gold futures is any indication, the world is experiencing a major shift. According to Marketwatch, Gold for December delivery went up $7.20 per ounce to an all-time high of $1,405 early Monday on the Comex of
Mortgage lenders are disqualifying pregnant women because tighter lending standards don't recognize maternity leave as income. Mahalie's photostream/Flicker.

Mortgage lending: Do not get pregnant if you want to buy a house

If you’re starting a family and would like to buy a house to raise your kids in, there’s something you should know. Women who are pregnant and plan to stay home to take care of the baby may not qualify for a mortgage loan. The economic meltdown, housing crisis and credit crunch have mortgage lenders
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Unemployment rate and jobs report signal a long, slow recovery

The U.S. unemployment rate rose in April along with job creation, in a bit of statistical hocus pocus that’s not as baffling as it looks. But the phenomenon shows how hard it’s going to be for the unemployment rate to climb out of the deep hole dug by the great recession. The U.S. unemployment rate
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7 easy ways to qualify for 2011 Energy Tax Credits

In 2009 and 2010, taxpayers could qualify for up to $1,500 for making home updates. The Energy Tax Credits for 2011, however, are being significantly reduced. Most homeowners can still qualify for up to $500 in energy tax credits, which can reduce the sting of home update costs. Basics of Energy Tax Credits The Energy

Wireless payment network to debut in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah, will soon begin experimenting with a wireless payment system in conjunction with three wireless networks. The system, called Isis, is set to debut in 2012 and will use cellular phones to wire payments from a person’s credit or debit line with a bank. Cell phone credit card technology takes another step
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Consumer spending report shows improved savings rate

Each month, the federal government releases a report on consumer saving and spending rates. These two rates are seen as indicators of consumer sentiment and economic growth. The January spending report is also being seen as a referendum on the payroll tax cut. January personal income The United States Commerce Department’s monthly report on personal