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History of the Credit Card in America

How the First Credit Card Came to Be In America, credit card history isn’t something most people think about. This is because credit and credit cards appear to be a timeless method of payment. However, the use of plastic payments is, for the most part, a twentieth century luxury. At the turn of that century,

To Avoid Having to Borrow Money, Homeowners Need to Be Smart

Homeowners need to be aware of all costs Many new homeowners end up having to borrow money when trying to set up their new purchase. They already have a hefty mortgage to contend with, but failed to plan for additional costs associated with owning a new home. If you are in the market for a

I Have Bad Credit, Can I Still Secure a Loan

Can I Still Secure a Loan In years past there was a certain stigma that went with having a bad credit report. Lenders were often at an advantage, being able to pick and choose borrowers with the best credit scores, and simply avoiding bad credit risk borrowers. The world economy has changed. The number of

More Invasive Credit Card Applications on the Way

Less Privacy, Fewer Options Credit card applications have always been a bit tedious and sometimes intrusive, but as reported on the Wall Street Journal site, new products are making it possible for credit card companies to look even further into your personal information before making a determination about credit. If you have applied for a

2010 Mortgage Outlook is Encouraging in a Tight Market

Dawn on the horizon Interest rates remain low to start the New Year and the economy is beginning to show signs of stabilization in the mortgage sector. These elements add up to a promising outlook for those people interested in buying a home in the coming year. Some areas of concern remain, however, causing the
This debt relief has a sting to it? Try $39 million for a gallon of scorpion venom!

Debt Relief | It’s Not About Picking Your Poison

Get Active After Those Carbs! So if you’ll recall from last time, you’d chugged a gallon of eggs. Now you simply must maintain your figure and do the dirty work. Latex house paint goes for $16.50 per gallon, and you’ve been putting that off for too long, haven’t you? When you’re done, why not clean
Do mortgage brokers profit excessively from yield spread premium charges? Will borrowers ever discover credit repair?

Subprime Mortgage Study Exposes Yield Spread Premium Money Trap

Collegiate Study Analyzes Mortgage Broker Profits The subprime mortgage crisis helped make a mess of America’s economy, to the point where credit repair has become a questionably attainable goal at best. The path toward more house than Joe Consumer can handle financially was paved by upside down transactions with mortgage brokers. When compared with direct

Credit Takes Back the Reins from Payday Loans

In recession, payday loans replaced credit During the recession, payday loans replaced credit card spending. Consumers have always used credit and have become growingly dependent on it for purchases. In particular big-ticket items were always bought with credit. In late 2007, credit problems began. Lenders pushed more and more credit onto the consumer and paid
Is it safe to shop online with credit cards? Much safer than running into a credit card ninja at night! (Photo:

Trust In Your Instincts When Shopping Online with Credit Cards

Money is on the Web Credit cards lead to the many success stories when traveling around the Web, uncovering the answer to an often taboo question: Is the Web really making money? 2009 offline and online retailers expect to see a 1.8 percent increase in 2009 sales, according to the Retail Compass Survey of 100

What Consumers Should Do if Their Credit Limits are Cut

Limits on credit cards cut being cut Studies done by Consumer Action, a consumer advocacy group, are showing that almost one in five consumers have had limits on their credit cards cut. Almost 20 percent of these customers are showing they have nearly maxed out their cards as a result. Experts are predicting that limiting
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Free & Effective Online Book Marketing: Get Traffic & Cash Today

Get Cash Today! Create an Author Web Site and Begin to Market After you have penned your latest manuscript, edited it and polished it, you might say, “I want my book to bring in cash today!” But first, you should create an author Web site with your book cover, blurb and an excerpt. You want
Stop playing tug-of-war with your credit card company.

Debt Consolidation Is Not for Everyone

Let’s keep it real You are overwhelmed with debt. You have eight credit cards that are all maxed out. Making the minimum payments is causing much financial stress, and you are not making any headway on getting out of debt. What can you do? Get help, get debt counseling, find someone who can help you
Credit card interest rates are going up. Has your bank dropped the bomb on you? (Photo:

Frustrated Over Credit Card Hikes?

Paid on Time? Too Bad! If you have been relying on credit cards to get by each month, you may need to borrow money just to pay the minimum payment these days. Credit card companies are raising interest rates dramatically in an effort to stay ahead of the declining economy. But the problem is that
What goes on behind the glossy facade? (photo:

Investment Banking: The Power behind the Scene

Behind the plush image When you think of an investment bank, the image that probably comes to mind first is a well-dressed banker sitting in a plush office on the top floor of a skyscraper. He or she leisurely sorts through a stack of papers on the desk, or takes an important phone call, and
John Herbert Dillinger was an Midwestern American bank robber in the early 1930s

Are Internet Bank Accounts Safe?

Internet banking offers benefits to customers and banks The rapid rise of internet banking has been a key feature of the financial world over the last decade and a half. There are now banks that only operate online, and traditional brick and mortar banks have websites that allow customers to access information on their accounts
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Credit Card Offers Are Back. Is That a Good Thing?

A troubled market Lenders are starting to offer credit cards to consumers again. It’s no secret that lending to troubled borrowers was the beginning of the credit-industry downfall. Have credit card companies learned a lesson? Or are they headed down the same road again? Brenda Jerez, who recently overcame credit problems by slowing paying off