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You can get a major payday just by recycling, Northwesterns!

Recycling in the Northwest | Major payday for some!

We have all heard of the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. The reason recycling is so important is because we are depleting our world of its precious natural resources. So much, in fact, that it takes the earth 100,000 years to create what we use roughly in one day. That’s insane by anyone’s measure!
Will Porche be coming out with the new Hybrid 78 MPG 918 Spyder?

Hybrid 78 MPG 918 Spyder Debuts

In the past 20 years, Porsche has not released many concept cars. The Porsche Boxster and Carrera GT are the only models that have been displayed, states blogger Brandon Hill of the last two decades. The German car manufacturers have proved today that when they put their minds to it, they can lead the way

Unsecured Loans Can be Negotiated by Borrowers

Unsecured loans are difficult to get these days. Before the recession, lenders were handing out credit left and right to subprime borrowers. Almost anyone could get a loan and credit with relatively little thought of how they were going to pay the funds back. The changing face of credit Once the recession happened, however, things

In need of a secured loan?

There are many reasons as to why you would want or need to get a secured loan for yourself. A reason would be if you were a parent or if you were pregnant and needed cash for medical needs – then you would need money instantly. But what if you had no one to turn

An online installment loan offers easy support in hard times

Bad economic times can leave hardworking people either without cash to spare for an emergency or with a bad credit score that has made it nearly impossible for them to get another loan in the future. Are you one of those people who are living on the brink? Are people you know suffering, too, or

Get a Low-Interest Rate on Your Personal Loan

When it comes to getting a personal loan, such as a mortgage, the advantages are high compared to other options for people who need a loan because they offer longer payment terms with lower interest rates. Qualifying for a low-interest personal loan can be difficult, though, since qualifying for one is not and those with

Find the Right Mortgage Loan

Mortgages today In the world of mortgages there is a lot to learn. If you are a first time home buyer and are in need of a loan, do some research to find out what types of loan products are out there for you. There are pros and cons to each type and there is

Same day loans – quick help for any emergency

Same day loans When I went to jail, I found myself in quite a pickle. I had to work the next day, so it was a must that I post bail in time. Thank goodness for installment loans for bad credit through Personal Money Store. I had my husband request a payday loan or a

February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day

The salt, the crunch – load ’em up! Today is National Tortilla Chip Day, and I’m feeling fine. Once I start crunching those crunchy chips, strips, rounds and triangles, I get on the salt flow and thunder ahead. Just like pretzels at a bar, I can never eat just one. Thankfully, I don’t suffer from

The Decision to Consolidate Student Loans

Consolidating student loans can improve the bottom line Consolidating student loans may be a helpful alternative for someone struggling to pay off multiple loans, particularly if some have high variable interest rates. Although college loans are considered to be good debt because they are financing a person’s future, they can nonetheless be a burden to

Student Loans Can Be Good Debts

Student loans are in investment in success The word debt often carries negative connotations, but there are times when debt is considered a good thing. Student loans, for instance, can be considered good debts. It would, of course, be preferable not to have to borrow money to pay for college, but not everyone can finance

Garbage Island brews a toxic chemical soup

And it’s out there in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, world! For those of you who have never heard of this, it definitely bears repeating. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (aka “Garbage Island“) will eventually destroy the Pacific Ocean. That damper upon our vast ecosystem will be yet another thing that will eventually kill us,

Don’t forget these top 10 overlooked tax deductions

Because you deserve a bigger tax refund Whether your tax return is a piece of cake or you have a lot of balls to juggle in order to get the numbers to work, there are always tips and tricks that can make things better. They don’t require online loans, and they most certainly do not

Go to for Cash for Appliances info

Don’t let that old fridge suck up your cash! The Cash for Clunkers program doesn’t just deal with automobiles. President Obama wants to see a greener, more energy-efficient America, and you and I want to see more money in our pockets for the things that matter. Sure, a personal loan can pick up the slack

Government Grants Help Defray College Expenses

College students need all the financial help they can get If you’re in college or have a child who is, you know all too well how expensive it is to get a degree or diploma these days. Tuition, books, computers, housing, food, transportation – it all adds up to a boatload of money. If you’re

Payday loans can be received in short order without a fax machine

Sometimes payday doesn’t come soon enough When you have to have immediate funds, it really is quite normal to depend on internet payday loans. A negative credit rating will by no means stand in the way of you and the cash you so desperately need. Web based programs for same day cash advance and payday

When You Need a Loan, Choose the Right Type

Getting extra cash – fast There are thousands of reasons that you may need a loan. Unexpected bills, large expenses, or even just a quick shot of help when you’ve got bad credit, it is possible to get a loan quickly. Bad credit can happen even if you are careful with money – unexpected events