Cash Loans Saved This Iced Deer Lover

I didn’t even get to chocolate-braise them

I’m a pretty bouncy kind of guy. OK, I’m round. Descriptive enough for you?

Crushed by deer meat

Nothing really gets me down. But I was nearly crushed by my deer meat adventure… that is, until cash loans saved me from feeling down.

My story

This happened to me a couple of winters ago, so I can look back at it now and laugh. However, since it’s the second time I’ve come here for help from cash loans (with nothing but great service to show for it, I would add), I felt inspired to tell you about what happened to me.

The stairs

You see, I love deer meat. Venison has the taste and texture that just feels right on my tongue. Yet it’s hard to keep enough of it on hand in my place, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I live in a third-floor apartment, and the stairwell leading up to my floor is a bit narrow. During the winter, those steps freeze over, and the landlord never gets up off his duff to salt them down. So if a cold snap comes in the afternoon while everyone’s at work, getting up those stairs at the end of the day can be an adventure.

My passion for deer meat endures

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Second, since I love venison so much, I always want more. In the past, I’ve even taken out cash loans from other lenders (I don’t talk about “them,” anymore) to help me finance my culinary passion when bills and everything else in life have tied up my cash flow. That’s why I need lots of freezer storage space. I do have it, at the expense of a kitchen counter. My landlord doesn’t pay it any mind, and I’m never going to leave. However, if I wanted to look elsewhere for a place, a buddy of mine has a studio around the bend. If I had any trouble coming up with the deposit he says he’d need, I could even go back to the lending company I’ve gotten cash loans from before. It would be very easy, and my experience with their service agents was pleasant. Maybe some day… but I’m attached to my current place now.

Those stairs are a deathtrap

Did I mention the icy stairs? Well, one night after work, I picked up a major haul of deer steaks. I could barely carry them all, but was determined to get them all up in one trip, because I don’t trust my neighbors not to filch my meat. And sure enough, I slipped on the stairs and sprained my ankle. Lucky me, I also got my nose broken by falling deer steaks.

I had money, but needed more

I had saved up enough emergency money to pay for the doctor bills, but I needed crutches for a while. That was definitely out of range of my budget. Cash loans were definitely in my future,  so I gave the company that helped me before a call. This time around, not only did they get me the money I needed, they did it in less than two hours! I hadn’t even gotten dressed to wheel myself over to the medical supplies store before the cash loans money was safe in my bank account! And I didn’t even have to hobble over to an office to get it done.

Landlord-tenant stuff

This here money lender helped me in my fantasy story when I was injured by ice and venison. Lord help my landlord once my lawsuit against him is over. We’re still exploring whether he’ll be a decent guy and let me live rent-free for a while, or I’ll be the angry tenant who pursues what he’s legally entitled to.

Did I say nothing tends to get me down earlier? I guess I was wrong. I’m actually a mangy old cuss.

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