Low on Cash Now? More Budget Friendly New Year’s Ideas

Don’t Break the Bank to have Fun

Image from Flickr.

Image from Flickr.

If the holidays have made you low on cash now, but you still really want to ring in the New Year in style, you are going to need to get a little bit creative with your plans.

This is not to say that budget-friendly New Year’s Eve plans are impossible, just that they usually take an open mind. If you can see past the usual big, expensive parties with their champagne sipping and formal attire, you can create a fabulously enjoyable celebration that will start off your year on the right foot, both socially and financially.

Plan a Getaway for Less

If you have several friends that you want to celebrate with, and the idea of getting away for a night or two sounds appealing, look into renting a cabin or chalet just out of town. These rentals can sometimes be pricey, but split between several people they become quite affordable.

Have each person bring along a dinner and breakfast item, and you will have a meal for that night and the next morning. Alcohol can be whatever each person wants to bring, and no one has to worry about finding a designated driver or taxi as they are all staying over. Plan some outdoor sledding and bonfires or just enjoy the company inside around a cozy fireplace.

A Family-Friendly Affair – International Style

It can be difficult to spend extra money right after the holidays, especially if you have kids. Finding a babysitter for New Year’s Eve can also be quite a challenge. You should not have to miss out on the fun just because you are low on cash now, though.

You can make your celebration a family affair by hosting an international potluck. Plan a get-together with other families and have each family bring a dish from a different country. Alternately, you can choose one country and have each family bring a different part of the dinner all from the same theme. You may find that it is such an enjoyable way to spend time with friends that you carry it on throughout the rest of the year, choosing a new country each time.

Go Retro

Another idea that can work well for either single people or families is to plan a retro party. Choose an era; 80s can be a lot of fun because of the clothing, hairstyles and lighthearted music, but any favorite time period will do. Have guests come dressed appropriately for the chosen era and serve food favorites from that time (e.g. 50s – meatloaf, 60s – tuna melts, 70s – fondue). You can also have guests bring their favorite food from that time. Choose a popular drink from the time to serve and maybe a non-alcoholic version, too, if it’s a family event. Play party music from the era. If you have movies from that time you can have them playing on your TVs in the background.

Share the Cost, Share the Fun

Having not much cash now does not have to hinder your party plans. Take a little time to plan things out; invite some good friends and share the cost. It will be a great start to a New Year and maybe the beginning of a new tradition.

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