Car salesman fired for Packers tie offered a new job


A car salesman in Chicago was fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie, though he had dressed to impress. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The legendary rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers cost a Chicago area car salesman his job. John Stone wore a Green Bay Packers tie to work to honor his grandmother, a lifelong Packers fan, and his boss fired him for it. He was offered a new job a day later.

Green Bay Packers tie gets car salesman driven out of work

On Monday, Jan. 24, John Stone went to work at Webb Chevrolet, a car dealership in the Oak Lawn area of Chicago where he was employed as a car salesman. He wore a Green Bay Packers tie, as a tribute to his grandmother, who had been a lifelong fan of Green Bay, according to The News Tribune. Her funeral had been held that Friday and Stone wore the tie to commemorate her. The general manager of Webb Chevrolet, Jerry Roberts, called Stone into his office and told him to remove the tie. Stone laughed it off and went back to work. Roberts went to the floor of the dealership to demand he remove the tie. When Stone refused, believing that Roberts wasn’t serious, Roberts fired him on the spot.

Offered new job

News traveled fast of the car salesman, who was a father of two, getting fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie, according to the Chicago Tribune. Stone was interviewed on “The Dan Patrick Show,” a nationally syndicated radio show on Jan. 25 about the incident. During the interview, Guy Cesario, the general manager of another Chicago area Chevrolet dealership, called in and offered him a job at Chevrolet at Homewood. Cesario said that firing someone “because of a tie is just idiotic.” Stone said that the national attention he received and the job offer showed who “has my back.”

Smarted sponsor

Roberts said he didn’t know that Stone was wearing the tie out of tribute to the grandmother who had recently died. Roberts defended his actions, saying Webb Chevrolet had taken on considerable expense to sponsor the Bears, whom the Packers beat in the NFC Championship game the day before he fired Stone.


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