Oregon man changes name to Captain Awesome

Ryan McPartlin

Oregonian Douglas Allen Smith has changed his name to Captain Awesome in honor of the character played by Ryan McPartlin on the TV show, "Chuck." Image: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Douglas Allen Smith Jr. has changed his identity to become Captain Awesome. The 27-year-old Oregonian decided a change in his legal name was needed and he needed something with panache. So, he legally changed his name to Captain Awesome.

Douglas Allen Smith is now Captain Awesome

Unemployed cabinet maker Douglas Allen Smith Jr., 27, of Eugene, Ore., decided he needed to make a change.  He changed his name to Captain Awesome to honor a character on “Chuck,” his favorite TV show, according to the Eugene Register Guard. The character, Devon Woodcomb, played by Ryan McPartlin, was given the nickname because “a bad nickname builds character,” which appealed to Smith, and he set about changing his name to Captain Awesome. However, he had to face an incredibly skeptical judge who wasn’t initially receptive.

Captain Awesome awesomely wins case

Smith researched name change cases at the University of Oregon law library and successfully represented himself in court. The judge granted the name change, and he allowed him to change his signature to left and right arrows, which point inward toward a smiley face. The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles accepted his new new signature and printed it on the back of his driver’s license. However, his bank wouldn’t have it, as the glyph would be too easily forged.

What’s in a name?

Despite the ease with which some people can change their legal names, some odd names go just a bit too far. Several years ago, a judge in New Zealand made a 9-year-old girl a ward of the court during a custody dispute between her parents, who had named her Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. The judge was not amused and ordered a change of name. Other names, according to CBC News, blocked in New Zealand included Yeah Detroit, Sex Fruit and Keenan Got Lucy, but the names Violence and Number 9 Bus Stop were allowed.


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